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  1. ^Ace Young? Hmm.... don't know, don't care. Evertime I visit my family in Chicago I try to help out as best I can, be it hauling groceries, mowing the lawn, or helping out in my uncle's shop. After all, they are feeding me and lodging me for free. Well, I wasn't very helpful this time around because I was deadly sick! I had a nasty sinus infection and had to stay bed-ridden for most of the weekend, except the day of my cousin's wedding when I toughed it out in 35 degrees outside (needless to say, I got worse). So I catch one of my cousins talking about me behind close doors, how I'm such a bum for avoiding the family and using my sickness as an excuse to not help out. That really offended me beyond belief. I could have easily canceled this trip altogether, but I felt it was important to be there for his sister and support her on her wedding day. This is ONE time out of many that I don't help out, and for good reason. They couldn't see the fact that it was a struggle for me to be there. The only thing that mattered was that they were short one handy man. It's always nice to know how your family really feels about you. And to make matters worse, my family and I come home to find out that our 6-month old poodle was attacked by rottweilers (don't worry, she'll live ).
  2. OMG!!! This thread is pure genious!! It's just what I needed right now since life decided to kick me in the "whoa!" My favorites are Atheist Encounter, Holy Roller: Stand Up And Praise (brilliant!), and Adventures in Blasphemy. And to all the nay-sayers, I like to believe that our Lord has a sense of humor about these things.
  3. Welcome back, Alveys! Awesome PTRs, as always. I really enjoyed this fusion of people's different TRs all on the same thread. It was great to get that different perspective. When's the next Florida trip? There seem to be so many throughout the year.
  4. I totally feel your pain right now. Some people would feel somewhat satisfied knowing that others are sick as well, but not me. It sucks being sick. It sucks when others are sick, whether with you or on their own. It SUCKS missing work for being sick. It SUCKS MORE when you have to fly out to Chicago where it's in the 30s in the sun WHILE being sick..... I hope you guys feel better soon (or have already ). I've had this stupid infection for 4 days now, and it's not slowing down, and my cousin's wedding is THIS Saturday!! I usually enjoy my trips to Chicago, but given the circumstances, I know it's gonna suck.
  5. Wow, I blink once and Sören is in the United States! Glad to see you safe and well. Hope you enjoy your stay on this side of the planet.
  6. I finally saw Brokeback Mountain the other night and I honestly don't see what all the hype is about. The two main characters weren't emotionally engaging for me. I thought the women were FAR more intriguing, yet we barely get any screen time with them. I found the movie's pace to be very inconsistent, moving at a slower-than-slow pace at times and suddenly jumping through 5 years within a few seconds. And I could BARELY understand Heath Legger (Legher?) with his slurred "rugged" western accent. Not the worst movie I've ever seen but definitely NOT the greatest thing everyone is making it out to be. 5.5/10.
  7. Sheesh, I seem to be missing these milestone threads lately. Anyhoo, Happy Belated Birthday. Glad to hear you enjoyed some Taco Bell to bring in the quarter-century mark.
  8. That was too cool! So when can we expect a live-action opener for Family Guy?
  9. Awesome PTR, Yankee. Good to know you enjoyed your short time here in Cali. It's too bad I didn't really get to meet you at the party, but I'll definitely make it out to the East Coast someday.
  10. I can't believe I JUST caught this thread! Sheesh, where the hell have I been?! Would have loved to join you guys. Hope everyone has a blast! Take lot's of photos, especially of the Brewery tour.
  11. You can all call me Al... no really, you can. I'll let you.
  12. Hey Alveys, your party was totally lame... I LOVED IT! Glad to have finally met the two of you. I wasn't as social as I usually am (I tend to mingle a lot more) due to personal problems beating me inside and out, but it was definitely what I needed. Thanks for hosting and looking forward to the next one.
  13. You know what..... I..... don't..... know . She was wearing glitter that night so maybe her glitter roll fell down her cleavage? I'll definitely have to ask her. Overall, it was an amazing weekend, one that I really need just about now (family drama sucks ass!).
  14. OK, so we all know how popular the Mini-Uk TR has been the last few days, so there is definitely an audience for that kind of "kink" here at TPR. I decided to fulfill my civic duty and deliver the goods of another TR (and for those of you out there who have similar TRs, don't hold back!). Towards the end January, a group of friends and I decided to "let loose" in beautiful and (not quite) exotic Rosarito. I'll let the photos do the talking. Enjoy! And we close this PTR with the sunset over Baja California. Here we are doing our best Jeebus impersonation. This be the swimming poo. The girls by the beach... Ana, you don't want to know what you missed. Swimming poo? The hotel sure had some weird signage. You go, girls! pouncing on Marina, of course. She wants to be nice and limber before... Evelyn preparing for the day's events. The next morning we woke up to this beautiful ocean view, but don't think that things slowed down for us. Getting down with our bad selves! While partying hardy, we ran into a crew from our neck of the woods. WHITTIER'S IN DA HOUSE!! Rrrarrrr! the tables turn. She gets higher and higher, when suddenly... First, Marina tries to strip me and fondle me... Sure, they look innocent now, but you have no idea what evil schemes these temptresses have with me tonight! Seems like she got snatched up by some random guy for the night. Oh well... good luck to ya, sis. Here are the three of us at the beginning of the night.... Wait, three? Where's Ana?
  15. Wow, I leave for a few days and come back to some hot lesbo action! Awesome update, Alveys, I can only imagine what Sunday night will bring along. However, the pic below is just wrong! Please none of that on Sunday. I guess Robb really knows what he wants.
  16. I think BelizeIt makes some very valid points. Here is a company that has decades of experience towards theme park design and it seems to many that they took several steps backwards with DCA. Personally, I LOVE DCA, it's such an inviting and relaxing change of pace from its much-developed older sister. Plus, there is so much potential with the park, we've only begun to see it grow. I think that the Placemaking projects are definitely a move in the right direction.
  17. ^I found that movie highly disturbing. A bunch of inbreds killing for killing's sake (shudders). I finally saw Saw II last night and was pleasantly surprised. The movie was much better than I expected, and I didn't expect the twist at the end. 7.5/10
  18. Not yet, but I definitely want some little people of my own. I tend to favor boys, especially after seeing what my sisters have put my parents through. I can't wait to be a father, but first I gotta work on finding the right woman.
  19. It's really heartbreaking to see a ride of this nature just rotting away in some random field. Where is the love for the old Log Flume?
  20. I may be able to meet up late afternoon/early evening, depending on my work schedule. I'll let you know for sure later this week.
  21. Wow, that Wild Train looks absolutely INSANE! Would love to see one installed here in the States. As for the Starflyer, I don't know about that one. I'd have to wait and see until there's one physically in front of me before deciding whether to ride it or not.
  22. Currently reading The DaVinci Code. Great book, so far. I hope to read A Painted House by John Grisham next.
  23. I gotta admit, those pics threw me off at first, before I finally realized it's in the UK. Gotta love driving on the wrong side of the road. Quick question: Has the Big One aged gracefully or is it as rough as most decade-old Arrow hypers out there? Awesome photos, can't wait for the second set.
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