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  1. Happy anniversary, you two !! And thanks for sharing your zany life with us here on TPR. Hope you have fun in Vegas. 8)
  2. Congrats, Sören! Glad to hear you made it . Another reason for me to get to Florida next year.
  3. I couldn't get tickets for tonight's Ozomatli concert at the House of Blues . Oh well, they're playing again next month, so I'll have to jump on it sooner.
  4. Because it seems that theme park owners are against the GP having a good time at their parks, therefore stripping away every last quality product. Case in point: Knott's . Awesome TR, BTW. Thanks for posting. That Screaming Swing looks amazing, I just don't see myself riding one if it's an upcharge ride.
  5. OK, here's another pic of me, for all you Non-Urkel fans. Being my "silly" self at a Dodger game this summer.
  6. I know I'm going to get a lot of heat for this, but one of the most underrated IMHO is also one of the most hated: Flashback. I LOVED it! I never experienced head banging ONCE due to a trick my cousin taught me right before riding my first time. The hairpin dives were awesome and that helix of doom at the end was the perfect ending. It was a great way to start your day at the Mountain.
  7. ^Awww.... . I'll give you a clue at least. It starts with a G, ends with Z, and is very common in Mexico.
  8. ^How 'bout I trade you my last name for a pic of you? And the picture is very deceiving. I'm not all that tall, only 5'3". :shock: Ok, not really, I'm 5'10" but I happen to be a shorty in my family.
  9. That tattoo is amazing, really kickass. And I'm not one to like tattoos. Not a fan of body mutilation.
  10. I'm currently a computer-aided drafter, model-maker and design consultant for a small architectural firm in Santa Monica. Hope to be a licensed architect in 2-3 years.
  11. Normally I'd be more excited for something like Everest, since I love a good themed thrill ride. But my vote goes for Voyage, that thing looks amazing, and they've only constructed the first two hills :shock: . Plus, I always look forward to riding me some good wood, considering the extreme shortage here in Cali .
  12. Awww, nobody has any loving for Urkel . Oh well, neither do I . Al "that Urkel pic was taken 11 years ago anyway" Gonzalez
  13. Wow, where do I begin... -Got a rare stomach virus when I was 2. Jumped from hospital to hospital for two weeks before someone finally knew what was wrong with me. -Fell off high chair at 3. My front tooth was knocked out and went through my chin (yes, through). -Broke my ankle at 9 on a merry-go-round. -Chipped tooth at 10 from falling head-first into a concrete driveway. -Hyper-extended my right arm at 11. -Broke my left ring finger at 19 while playing tackleball (I refuse to call it football ) in the park. -A collapsed lung for reasons beyond me at 23, and -Back and shoulder injuries from a car accident at 24. I'm sure there have been more, as I am very accident-prone. Those are the ones that stand out.
  14. ^LOL, cute dog. He looks a bit possessed in the second pic. :shock: When I came into work today, I found this sign hanging on the restroom door. Those who read my post in the "Rant" thread a couple nights ago will know what it means. Enough said...
  15. Actually, we could say that Splash Mountain is a rip-off of Knott's Log Ride. Some would say a better rip-off, but I prefer the original, which opened 20 years before Disney's version.
  16. Here is a recent pic of me taken in front of DCA, taken about a week ago. I guess it never really is too early for Christmas . Oh well, bring on the giant candy canes!
  17. Don't worry about it, some people are meant to win the lottery. Others, not so much. My parents belong to the latter (at least I believe so). Back in the early 80s, they purchased a lottery ticket while in the San Diego area. They accidentally threw it away, but thought nothing off it. Well, the winning ticket was never claimed, AND it had been purchased in the San Diego area around the same time they purchased theirs :shock: . I guess some things aren't meant to be. :?
  18. That drop is just insane!!! :shock: And the first drop ain't bad either . Anyway, Holiday World is definitely in my itinerary for next year. Santa Claus, Indiana, here I come.
  19. Personally, I've never been a fan of a carnivals. I don't like the pay-per-ride format, and the ride count usually isn't worth buying an all-day ride pass (from personal experience, anyway). And I'm not a fan of the dirt and cheap feel of a traveling carnival, much too chaotic for my tastes. I prefer the clean atmosphere and the controlled (and permanent) layout of a theme park. You get a much better experience for your money.
  20. No, I've broken more than one. Is it time to go home yet?
  21. Your finger is looking a lot better, Wally. Glad to see your progress.
  22. I just want to personally congratulate USRoadTripper on her win. You deserve it! It was a fair fight 'til the end.... yeah right, you totally kicked our asses!
  23. Wow, Wally. I have to admit, you have me sold on wanting to go beer-tasting now. And I can't stand the stuff . Awesome photo TR. That last picture is classic! 8)
  24. My favorite flat no longer exists in its former state. As much as I enjoy a good scrambler, I LOVED when the Knott's scrambler was enclosed and themed to being under the sea. Whirlpool was a simple, yet awesome ride, and it seemed so much faster and out of control inside with blues and greens flashing all over. And who could forget that cheesy dance music during the ride (Dragnet by Art of Noise).
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