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  1. None of the above. I tend to stick with good ol' H2O.
  2. Psyclone at SFMM, without a doubt. That thing is a torture machine. And last time I rode Ghostrider at Knott's, it really beat me up. So sad when a once-great coaster starts to deteriorate.
  3. Wow, when did you meet my sister? Anyway, work sucks right now... enough said!
  4. I still want to know what the hell is up with those polar bears!
  5. Awww, you look so sad . I think this is the first of your photo TR's where you weren't smiling in ANY of your pics, and with good reason. Hope you feel better soon, as I prefer the smiling Soren .
  6. Wow, the best concert I've ever been to is Ozomatli at the House of Blues in Anaheim (sometime in 2004). In case no one has heard of them, they are a culturally-eclectic band with a culturally-eclectic sound based in LA. They mix a number of styles in their music, ranging from Tribal African, Arabic, to Mariachi, Salsa, & Hip Hop. Anyway, they stayed pumped throughout their show and kept the crowd on their feet. The best part was right before they closed their show. They came down into the audience with their instruments and make a conga line. I've been to five of their concerts, and they've done this everytime. At the end of the show they always mingle with the fans.
  7. Well, it seems that the meet was, once again, a huge success!! Glad to hear everyone had a great time (especially on X :shock: ).
  8. I hope everyone has a good time tomorrow. We're in the middle of meeting a deadline at work, so once again, my Saturday has been taken away from me . But I promise to make it to a meet one of these days .
  9. I know Ralph's usually has some kind of promotion for Knott's. Check this website for more info: http://www.ralphs.com/ralphsclub/ralphscard_savings_southern.htm
  10. Ahhh, it's so funny how true this is. I actually have a friend who is very proud of being "white-washed," as she calls it . White Mexicans are silly.
  11. Aaack!! I definitely feel your pain, as I absolutely hate needles. I would have kicked that nurse (not really). Anyway, hang in there, man.
  12. I'll have to refrain from answering since I'm only familiar with DLR. If all goes well, I'll be visiting WDW at the end of 2006 and TDR sometime in 2007, so I'll post my answer then .
  13. Nomas queria decearles a todos mis paisanos Mexicanos un Feliz Dia de la Independencia. Que Viva!!
  14. Wow, those pictures really hurt. It's always sad to see something like this. How was SFNO doing financially before the disaster struck?
  15. ^That would kick a**!! I'm definitely down for that!! The theme I would LOVE to see exploited more would be where people are miniaturized in a normal setting such as the Littles (I know... totally lame, but it could be fun). The best examples I can think of are the Disney play areas at DCA (Flik's Fun Fair) and MGM (Honey I Shrunk the Kids), but those are geared for kids. It would be great to see something geared more for adults, I'm not sure what exactly, but something that would remind us of how a child perceives the world.
  16. Well now that I've finally uploaded my photos, it's time for the unveiling. Enjoy! BTW, I'm the one wearing black.
  17. I'm sorry to hear that. It's always hard losing a pet, but at least there's the peace of mind that she'll still be around somewhere else. Hang in there.
  18. The three I'm really looking forward to are Black Mamba, Expedition Everest, and The Voyage. All three seem to be an excellent mix of both thrills and theme, something that I always appreciate.
  19. I am suddenly craving a chocolate-glazed donut...... mmmmmm.
  20. Today I am happy because I am the first one to make it to work. It's always nice to have the office to yourself in the morning.
  21. I drive a 2005 Toyota Corolla LE, and I know I'll be driving her into the ground. I got her in April and I've already put 11,000 miles on her, and that's just going to work and back. Here is my Sexy.
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