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  1. Hey all, I was wondering what the most affordable WDW sit-down restaurant is. I was looking into the $10-$20 range, and I DON'T mean a burger & fries or a salad. Thanks.
  2. Lucky . I used to run 3 miles in under 18 minutes. I only get to swim now. Take care of those knees, my friend .
  3. Okay, here's my first attempt at one of these. I don't know why, but this is the first thing I thought about . King Phish?
  4. Yay, more Universal Orlando goodness. Thanks for the awesome photos, Erik. Who knows when I'll finally make it out to Orlando. Until then, your photo TRs make a decent alternative.
  5. I live less than an hour away from all major SoCal parks (except the San Diego parks, about 2 hours away). As a kid, my family would visit Disneyland the most, along with Knott's. Now, I really just visit Disneyland, as the quality in all the surrounding parks has greatly declined .
  6. Ahhh, good stuff. King of Swamp Castle: You only killed the bride's father, you know. Sir Lancelot: Well, I didn't mean to. King of Swamp Castle: Didn't mean to? You put your sword right through his head. Sir Lancelot: Oh dear... is he all right?
  7. Whoop! Whoop! An American in the streets of London, that's always exciting. Great TR!
  8. I hope everyone has a great time tomorrow . Wish I could be there, but I'm flat broke . I agree with Elissa, it's more the company you'll be with than the actual event. I went earlier this month and was extremely underwhelmed. Oh well, there's always Halloween Horror Nights..... someday :? .
  9. For some reason, my grilled chicken melt was better with provolone than with cheddar, even though I prefer cheddar.
  10. Kennywood's former Steel Phantom, one coaster I never got to ride . Awesome photo TR, BTW. Any word on what that mound of dirt will be?
  11. Ooooo, a Retro Photo Contest. I'm definitely down for that. It'll give me an excuse to finally post something worthwhile, since I always seem to lack in that department :? .
  12. Mine was the Corkscrew at Knott's back in September 1987, followed by the Revolution at SFMM the following year. Wow, an Arrow followed by a Schwarzkopf, what a combination 8) . Surprisingly, I didn't ride Monty at Knott's unitl 5 years later (September 1992) :? .
  13. There are two good things that come out of long hours at work while meeting a deadline.... free dinner every night and a hefty paycheck at the end from all the overtime. 8)
  14. I'm actually liking this scenario. It shows both extremes. One group of survivors were able to put aside their differences (well, for the most part), help each other out and really function as a civilized society. The other group fell more into a pattern of savagery and "survival of the fittest." It'll be interesting to see where this goes now that both societies have clashed. About a week ago, I was getting disillusioned with the direction of the show, especially the whole re-cap (did we really have to see that hatch episode twice?!). I can honestly say that my interest in the show has peaked once again. And just to reverberate on what Gregg pointed out.... Jin speaks ENGLISH!! I'm definitely there next week.
  15. Once again, you've managed to impress us with your delicious random TRs. It's good to see you smiling again!
  16. Mexico beat Brazil at the FIFA World Championships 3-0.... Whoop! Whoop!
  17. I have double-jointed thumbs and I can purr like a tiger. :?
  18. Hey all, just saw this online. I couldn't stop laughing! Enjoy! http://www.ps260.com/molly/SHINING%20FINAL.mov
  19. Great! I'll be wearing my red Ozomatli shirt, kinda looks like the Tabasco logo. Are you going to do the Pre-Scare Dinner?
  20. Well, apparently I'm going to Haunt tomorrow, Saturday the first. I wasn't planning on going this year as I have to save for something more important, but my awesome brother decided to buy me a ticket. So if anyone wants to meet up tomorrow night, let me know.
  21. Marge: Homer! There's someone here who can help you... Homer: Is it Batman? Marge: No, he's a scientist. Homer: Batman's a scientist?! Marge: It's not Batman!
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