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  1. My first car was a 93 Aerostar, the sexiest and (surprisingly) most economical car ever... soccer-mom-vans rule!!!
  2. I realize this is your first post, but for future reference, it's not good to speak for everyone. I actually do miss Windjammer. I thought it was a lot of fun. -kip- you're right, my mistake.... I should have posted "missed by no one I KNEW."
  3. Can I have mine changed to either one of the following: "It's all about the Me-hi-cans" "I love being Me-hi-can" I really like them both, so I'll leave the choice up to you. Thanks!
  4. Just drove by my neighborhood gas station this afternoon and it was $2.47... it was $2.49 two days ago (could this be a sign, or are they just toying with us again!)
  5. Soon - My Bloody Valentine... amazing fusion of vocals and instrumentals!
  6. Hi everyone, I'm a SoCal baby, born and raised, and a poor college grad paying off my student loans and still living at home (maybe that's a Mexican thing :? ). Anyhoo, I've been an avid reader of TPR for many years now (Robb & Elissa, you guys ROCK!) along with numerous other coaster sites, but have yet to try a message board of any sort.... until now (muahahahaha).
  7. My first coasters were the ones at Disneyland (oldies but goodies), and just like Robb I was around 3 or 4. I guess my first REAL coaster was the Corkscrew at KBF when I was 6. I remember riding with my aunt from Mexico and she gave me the sign of the cross right before the drop. Growing up in SoCal, I've been surrounded by coasters all my life (YAY!).
  8. HI EVERYONE! First time posting, wish me luck! My vote would have to go to Windjammer at KBF (missed by NO ONE!). That ride was just brutally evil, and replaced a much loved childhood attraction (grrrrrrr!). And while not nearly as painful, I found American Eagle at SFGAm to be very anti-climactic after being overhyped by my local cousins.
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