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  1. Thanks for the explanation, really helps a lot. Knott's is all I know and has felt a bit dated these past few years. I don't even watch the hanging anymore. Hope you are "blown away" yet again at this year's HHN.
  2. For those that have been to both Halloween Haunt at Knott's and Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando, what are the similarities? Differences? Which one do you prefer?
  3. I saw Rebel Without a Cause for the first time several months ago on a Spanish channel and I loved it. I just recently bought the special edition DVD, but I have to admit that I prefer the Spanish-dubbed version (which isn't an option on the DVD). Hearing James Dean's real voice is almost comical compared to his deep, rugged Spanish voice.
  4. oops, sorry. double post. my 'puter has been very temperamental lately .
  5. Glad to hear you feel better today. I've had days when everything everyone says or does just seems to crack me up :shock: . A. "a serious case of the giggles" G.
  6. I had 3 fish tacos from Baja Fresh (mmmmm..... best wannabe-Mexican food!)
  7. Dead? Grafiti room? Have I really been away that long?
  8. Awesome photo TR!!! Love the Old Spanish-style architecture (not too keen on contemporary styles). My family and I will be up there this weekend, I'll try and get some pics.
  9. How has RatTums been doing as of late? He is still in my prayers.
  10. Time to breathe new life into this thread.... I know it's hard to believe, but my earliest memory is when I was less than a year old :shock: !! I remember sitting on my father's lap at this mini-golf course not far from my house, sucking on this rubbery thing with a yellow-ring top. For some reason, though, I remember everything in bubble-vision.
  11. I can't believe no one mentioned Chicago's Wrigley Field. The atmosphere is amazing, the crowds, the intimacy, the close proximity to the game. That had to be the best environment I've experienced a ball game at. And I hate baseball.
  12. Yet another Roger Rabbit on board. Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin: a wild ride through the back alleys of toontown! The only ride with a PG sense of humour in the G rated world of Disneyland, you are zany, wild, and a little bit of a loose screw. Energetic and colorful, you go at full speed, even though your taxi-car vehicles actually have four flat tires! Despite your older humor, you are a kid at heart and kids most relate to your cartoony world and like you the best. You've been know to make the adults a little queasy and a litte bit dizzy. You leave your visitors dazed, a little confused, but more often, extremely amused. You take us to the places we'd never see in a ride featuring the straight-laced Mickey, but somehow you're still all Disney. Silly Rabbit!
  13. Wow, awesome TR!! I gotta get me to Europe one of these days!
  14. The Tampico Tumbler at Knott's, although I knew many of the ride ops for its last season and they all said it was a nightmare to operate.
  15. Did a Yahoo search on theme parks my freshman year of college (seems like forever ago!) and have been a fan ever since.
  16. Well, now that I've updated myself on all the recent happenings, it's good to know you're back home safely. As always, you're photos and TRs never fail to amaze, especially the shots of Hong Kong (Bank of China... :love: ).
  17. Here's my current rotation: -Garden State soundtrack -Pete Yorn - musicforthemorningafter -Dave Matthews - Some Devil -La Ley - Invisible -Shakira - Donde Estan Los Ladrones -U2 - The Unforgetable Fire -Codec & Flexor - Tubed -Ladytron - Softcore Jukebox -Depeche Mode - Violator -Hole - Celebrity Skin -Deep Forest - Deep Forest -Enya - Sheperd Moons
  18. Work sucks!! Especially when you have to meet back-to-back-to-back deadlines over a 5-week period... you were in Hong Kong, Robb?
  19. Awesome TR!! I sure miss the Motherland (sniff) although I've never been to a beach in Mexico, let alone Los Cabos.... Oh wait, does Rosarito count? :?
  20. Wow, am I late on this one!! It's good to know you guys (and Elissa) had a great time in Europe. Looking forward to the more formal update and videos. Keep 'em coming!
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