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  1. ^I actually have no idea who Hex Hector is or what Lapa Lapa is . I'm a casual club-goer, I really don't keep up with the who's-who in Latin dance. My favorite clubs are the Century Club in Century City (live salsa band on Friday nights) and the Mayan in Downtown LA. The Mayan has an awesome dance floor accompanied by an awesome Latin Mix on Friday nights (along with Go-Go dancers, although I have to admit the women tend to look like drag queens :shock: ). If you're ever in LA, I highly recommend you go check it out.
  2. I take part in a different club scene. I go to Latin clubs, where they play salsa, merengue, cumbia (NO reggaeton, I can't stand that sh*t). Sometimes there will be a live band, other times there's a DJ. I'm no expert in any one type of dance, but I love to dance to Latin rhythms. Sometimes I don't even dance, I just sit up in the balcony and watch other couples do there thing. It's absolutely beautiful what some people can do.
  3. Ozomatli t-shirt, jeans, and a pair of thongs (NO, not that kind :shock: ). Al "hey, it's 68F in Santa Monica today" Gonzalez
  4. Again, what is this "snow" everyone keeps talking about?
  5. As far as conventional shows go, the best one I've seen would have to be Aladdin at DCA. Sure the dialogue is a bit cheesy and the story doesn't quite flow as well as is should, but the sets and choreography are amazing, and the singing (especially Jasmin....... rowrrrrrrr) is nothing short of spectacular. I haven't seen enough of the more special-effects focused shows, like T2, to have an opinion . From the ones I have seen, Captain EO is pretty high on my list.
  6. Before After Wow, the wonders coffee does to you. Hope you feel better soon.
  7. Me, I chose neither, only because I've lived without cable my entire life. We had premium channels in college, but I was never around to take advantage of it. Whenever I did have some free time, I rarely stayed in my room. The only show I watch is Lost (good ol' network television). Even now, we don't have cable in my parents house... is that weird? :?
  8. Amen to that. I couldn't have put it better myself. I was in the Army Reserve... for about 3 months. PM me if you want to hear the whole story.
  9. Some stupid Christmas jingle from an 80s cereal commercial stuck in my head.
  10. I willingly bought the Mariah Carey Christmas album, and I thoroughly ENJOY it! :shock:
  11. ^^^Cingular sucks a**, 'nuff said. After waiting almost a year, I finally get my settlement from the faulty person's insurance company (I was in a car accident in February, long story). That same week, my insurance company sends me a letter that goes something like this: We understand that you have settled your case. We would like you to reimburse us for the medical bills we covered due to your accident. Thank you. WTF? Why would I have to give them anything? Isn't it their job to cover me in case of an accident? Isn't that what my monthly premium is for? Oh I'll reimburse them all right, by continuing to be a loyal customer and pay my monthly premium. Grrrrr!!
  12. ^We'll try, but it just won't be the same without you. I don't know what was worse, the actual root canal or the day after. :? Al "yeah, yesterday sucked" Gonzalez
  13. It's been in the mid-high 40s when I leave to work in the morning and it's usually in the high 60s by the afternoon. I'll be in Arkansas this Christmas where it dips down to 10F, so that should be interesting for a native SoCal baby. :shock:
  14. ^Ditto. That is one awesome shot of Viper (my favorite Arrow multi-looper). And great TR, thanks for posting.
  15. W00T! Party at Wally's . Congrats, man. That place looks sweet.
  16. ^Same. I still can't believe they killed Shannon . So much potential lost... but I'll get over it.
  17. I just got back from the gym after a 5 week absence, and I feel GREAT! Al "I swam, I soaked, I showered!" Gonzalez
  18. ^^Good luck, Sören. I have a root canal on Wednesday, and I'm NOT looking forward to it.
  19. What is this "snow" everyone speaks of? Do you mean that light drizzle of wetness that falls from the sky when the clouds are gray? Yeah, we get that stuff in SoCal once in a while. I believe it's called "rain." Al "have never been in the snow" Gonzalez
  20. Wow, that was... wow :shock: . Can't say I didn't expect it . Great job, you guys (and Elissa).
  21. In the words of ChrisZero, YES, this TR is nothing short of greatness. Keep 'em coming Julie .
  22. Yes, that does suck very much. I hope for David's speedy recovery. I have to get a second root canal on Wednesday, and I'm not looking forward to it . BTW, I just remembered I have an appointment on Monday for a mammogram (yes, you read that right :shock: ). Good news is that my bump hasn't gotten any bigger.
  23. I prefer #3, only because I LOVE nature! We have a lot of overgrown trees in our backyard, and seems to create this little forest for us. #6 is a close second (love the bike trail).
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