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  1. Classic Spin-n-Spew, haven't done one in years (and from the footage, I know why ). They have one of those at my church carnival every year, although with bears in place of dragons. However, I dare not ride it. I have this slight phobia that if you spin it hard enough it'll spin off the support and fly away.
  2. Hey Alveys, count me in and a pending guest. I'm definitely making this one. Can't wait to meet you all. Should be worth it for the free tattoos alone.
  3. Wow, I can't believe your arrival date is just around the corner. Where does the time go??? Great pics of Berlin, especially of all the older buildings. I love the Parliament building (Reichstag) with its amazing contemporary glass dome integrated with traditional architecture. I took a class on Modern German Architecture in college, we really looked into Berlin, especially the Parliament building, Potsdamer Platz, Brandenberg. Hope everything is working out for you, Sören. I should be in Florida in late August.
  4. Personally, I can't stand commercials before a movie. But lately, the AMCs in the LA area have been showing commercials before the previews actually start, sort of like a "preshow" while people are still finding their seats. This doesn't bother me so much, and I understand that movie theatre owners do need to make money by other means.
  5. Great pics, Wally. You know you own your own home when you have to clean out gutters. It looks like being a homeowner is really working out for you.
  6. Ahhh, one of the BEST vampire movies ever made (along with Interview with the Vampire and Nosferatu, IMHO ). The only "celebrity" I've ever met was a pre-The Fast and the Furious Vin Deisel on a TWA flight from Puerto Rico. He was really cool back then, but I hear he's a jerk now.
  7. Yaaaaaaay, I got my 'puter back this week. Oh, TPR, how I missed thee.
  8. Happy B-day, TPR! May you see many more years to come . And Happy February 14 to all (what is this Valentine's Day everyone keeps mentioning?)
  9. The only two SF parks I've been to are SFMM and SFGAm. Even though MM is my home park, I have to give the edge to GAm. That park just blew me away. It was very clean, well-maintained, and operations were top-notch. Even though the themes weren't really consistent (Iron Wolf in County Fair? Shockwave in Orleans Place? WTF?) the park was full of charm and had a more intimate feel than MM. Of course this was back in 1997, so I wouldn't know how it would measure up today.
  10. My top three are: 1. CoasterCrazy - "Mommie, I wanna ride the Stateline!" 2. Homer - so simple, yet hillarious. 3. WillMontu - who wouldn't want to ride that elevator? Good luck to all. Looking forward to the next Photochop contest.
  11. That was so evil! I couldn't stop laughing! And for all you animal lovers out there (myself included ) I wouldn't be too worried. I'm sure it wasn't a real animal once the guy started painting.
  12. The only shopping I really do is for CDs and the occasional DVD, and no store beats Amoeba Records for bargains. As far as clothes go, I seem to have inherited a personal buyer in my mom. She's always buying me something new, and I just pay her for whatever it is she gets me. It works out great, because I HATE shopping and she LOVES buying clothes for other people.
  13. Eh, I never cared enough to find out his personal identity. He could be a midget on stilts for all I know.
  14. I know, a little late here, but I have to say this was an awesome TR. I think it's funny how you are the only one among your friends with a 4.0, because it was the opposite situation with me in school..... I was surrounded by friends with a 4.0 in school, yet I never seemed to be able to catch up to them. Keep it up in school and your friends will look up to you as a good example, I know I always looked up to mine. And keep those PTRs coming!
  15. ^^^I couldn't agree more with the two posts above. Screaming due to fear or exhiliration never bothers me. It's when you come across screamers that scream for scream's sake (you know, that blood-curdling, high-pitched scream). That's when I really want to kick someone hard!!!
  16. Finito... glad I could help. Hope you enjoy your stay here at TPR!
  17. Got paid yesterday, going to Amoeba tonight, will be at DLR on Saturday to process my annual pass.... life is good.
  18. Awesome photo TR, Scott! IOA looks out of this world!! Seven years later and I'm still waiting for my day in the sun. Sea World in Florida seems to have so much more than the one here in Cali. I went in '94 and have no desire to return, even with the addition of Journey to Atlantis. I guess I was never big on marine life. I love your pics of BGT, especially Sheikra. That first drop looks killer! I can't imagine Gwazi being any worse than Psyclone or Ghostrider here in Cali, our wood just doesn't seem to age as well. Thanks for posting, hopefully there will be more TR's in the near future.
  19. Yes, that map definitely took me down memory lane. I miss, miss, MISS the Roaring 20s section, it was just too cool. I loved how the Gasoline Alley and Wacky Soap Box Racers intertwined with each other. RIP, good Knott's
  20. Wow, that is absolutely amazing. Your attention to detail is incredible. You even show the structure of the warehouse and the lighting rigs. I once sketched out an original ride concept with the same ride system (sans drop shaft) themed to a French Fortress, but it was no where near as detailed as this concept. Keep up the great work. I don't know if it's been said before, but this would work perfectly in DAK's Africa section (not too sure if and where it would fit in DL).
  21. Wow, I am really impressed at how civil this discussion has stayed so far (but not too surprised... this is TPR, after all ). I personally don't have an opinion about the man. I was involved with student government in college, and that just left a horrible impression on me. I decided to stay away from politics on all levels for a while. I'm glad to know where so many people on the boards stand. It's very refreshing to read so many posts, pro- and anti-Bush, with so many valid points. Thanks for posting, everyone.
  22. Living in a "blue" state, I'm constantly surrounded by anti-Bush comments. In fact, they're pretty much force-fed down my throat on a daily basis. I've never really heard a legitimate reason from those who support him. So if you support our President, I would like to know why? Let's try to keep this civil, and remember that these are people's opinions. Thanks.
  23. ^Well, personally I LOVE Star Tours, probably more than Space Mountain (ok, you can all put your tomatoes down). If it were up to me (which it's not ) I would update the cabins to include more up-to-date special effects and change the same film to a digital transfer.
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