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  1. Hi. I dont know if you guy's watch all The OMEN movies. I know it's sounds silly but i just wondering if The Anti-Christ Really Exist. Bye. PS: Sorry for my English!!!
  2. Hi. I just wondering if you will wearing costume for halloween this year. Mine will be : Jason Voorhess(From Friday the 13th) with a lightsaber instead of a knife!!! LOL
  3. Hi my birthday is next saturday October 7th(YAY) 17Years Old and i have 1 question. I Read lot of reviews about the Creative Zen Vision M and i dont know if is better then a iPod Video Here's the pic's of The Creative Zen Vision M 30GB
  4. Here's My Pics Sorry iif my pic is big C:\Documents and Settings\William.YOUR-4105E587B6\My Documents\My Pictures\Desktop Screen.JPG
  5. My Birthday is coming up and i will have a Cowon iAudio X5 Mp3/Video Player 20Gig. I dont know if it's a good mp3/video player. Ps: Im new here and i think it's my first post ''thread'' Double PS: Sorry, My English is bad!!
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