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  1. Millennium Force Maverick Banshee (NEW) Diamondback (NEW) Mystic Timbers (NEW) Raptor Top Thrill Dragster Valravn GateKeeper Beast (NEW) I only went to CP and KI this year (twice each for both parks)
  2. I would guess it was spilling onto the midway and maybe even past the train crossing. I did hear that Millennium did have waits of six hours its first year. I also won't be surprised if SV gets 4-5+ hour waits on busy days next year
  3. They are. The park is slammed. One of my friends posted that they were only able to get on three rides today at the Point due to insane crowds. Kind of unusual to see CCMR with a 45 minute wait and rides like Blue Streak, Iron Dragon, and Corkscrew with waits over an hour. Also, all the haunted houses are an hour or more.
  4. Depends on the weather... Plan on it being a cluster, however, since it's the last weekend day before Halloween... I'd be mostly interested in the rides (and I'd likely splurge for Flash Pass)
  5. For Beast, middle rows are the way to go. Also, avoid Vortex unless you need the credit.
  6. If I were in Sweden, I would go visit the ABBA Museum, as it would count as a "culture credit"
  7. Diagon Alley. I was floored when I entered it for the first time
  8. Thinking about making a run to SFGAm on Sunday the 29th. How are crowds on a Sunday during FF?
  9. I'm jealous! I'd love to take a month or so and just go around Europe visiting theme parks and also getting some culture credits.
  10. Sounds like a fun time! Back on topic, I don't have any parks set in stone, but I'll try to hit either CP, KI, or SFGAm before the season ends.
  11. Invertigo at Kings Island. I'm probably one of very few people that have a GIB and an Invertigo credit, but have yet to ride a Boomerang
  12. Twice, although neither was directly related to the ride. 1. Several years ago I puked right after getting off Magnum after a long day at the Point. 2. Earlier this year, I spilled some protein on the Bat at Kings Island just as the ride was ending. Both times were on hot days (the Kings Island day may have been the hottest theme park day I've ever experienced). I have ridden both coasters since these incidents with no problems (thankfully, it was about 70 degrees (instead of close to 100) the last time I went to KI)
  13. It's essentially the Orlando area on weed, meth, and heroin. Or more like PF or Branson, with the addition of 100" of snow each winter
  14. No. Have you ever waited more than an hour for a coaster only for it to break down before you got the chance to ride?
  16. I hadn't been on TPR in over a month now and I decided that this would be the first thread I would check. Bravo, Bill!
  17. The weight limits at Volcano Bay and Romon U-Park basically bar anyone that's over 6' tall to ride the affected rides
  18. Love that you're a fan of late-era Queen! My favorites (in no order): Queen (Freddie Mercury - one of the best male vocalists of all time!) ABBA (Agnetha and Frida are underrated female vocalists and were extremely attractive in the 70s) Bob Seger (Michigan legend!) Kid Rock (another Michigan legend!) Eagles Garth Brooks The Beatles Elton John I'm probably leaving a few off
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryhLc2BH-LA
  20. Here is what my park would be (all built out!) Roller Coasters Dueling B&M inverts (similar to Dueling Dragons/Dragon Challenge, but slightly taller/larger) RMC Topper Track (a cross of Outlaw Run and Lightning Rod; it would start more like Outlaw Run and end more like Lightning Rod) GCI wooden coaster (similar to Mystic Timbers) Arrow hypercoaster B&M floorless Intamin giga A launch coaster of some kind (maybe a Premier spaghetti bowl coaster?) Arrow mine train Schwarzkopf Jumbo Jet Schwarzkopf Looping Star At least two kiddie/family coasters Thrilling Flats Huss Frisbee S&S Quad Tower (like Power Tower) A log flume A river rapids ride Larson Super Loop (and no, it won't be advertised as a coaster) A shoot the chutes ride Other There would also be a water park and maybe a hotel attached to the park
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