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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8GJ9vvUH_w Fleetwood Mac - Don't Stop From an album that was written and recorded when (a) everyone was going through a breakup (including both couples in the band) and (b) most of the band was on coke
  2. Jack Rabbit - Kennywood (I have never ridden a J coaster, but with Steel Curtain now open and Hershey adding a 2020 coaster, I may have to consider going there next year)
  3. Valravn opened back up today according to queue-times.com and the CP thread
  4. It being toward the front of the park helps it get a long line early
  5. Even though it was delayed a little over a month in opening, it's still a win for S&S as this delay was mostly (if not entirely) due to weather (heavy snow, insane cold, raining pretty much every day in April)
  6. Cedar Point (6/27-6/28) After taking the Columbus civil service exam, the next step of my trip was the mostly surface road drive to Cedar Point. I arrived at the Point just before 3pm and I was directed by the parking attendants to the back lot, which worked to my advantage as I didn't have to walk all the way to the back of the park to get on the good coasters. My first ride of the day was a near walk-on Magnum, which has the second best airtime in the park. After that, I went over to Steel Vengeance and waited in the long line, which ended up being over 2 hours due to a breakdown just as I hit the metal detectors. Thankfully, it was a short breakdown and I ended up being on the third train after the breakdown in row 11. SV is amazing in any row, but the airtime seems even better in the back. After getting off Steel Vengeance and having to pay an extra $1 to unlock my expired fluffy bunny, I walked across the park to have dinner at Melt. I had the Mighty Macaroni sandwich, which was HUGE. I managed to eat it all and then took a little break to look at all the old CP pictures and signs in Melt. Following dinner, I went to Iron Dragon, which had a short wait, and Rougarou, which was a walk-on (and CP was still running three trains on it!) After Rougarou, I headed to Millennium Force and Maverick, which are both still amazing coasters. I was starting to get tired (I had been up since 6am), so I hit Magnum and then headed to my hotel, the Knights Inn on US-6 east of the Causeway. The next morning, I pulled into Cedar Point around 8:45am and waited for early entry rope drop. At 9am, I headed back toward Steel Vengeance, but I didn't notice any activity over there, so I headed to a walk-on Maverick. While on Maverick, I noticed Steel Vengeance was running with people on it, so I headed there next. A little over an hour later, I had another amazing ride on SV. For my last ride of the trip, I decided to head to Millennium Force, which was only a five minute wait at the time. I thought about going around, but the line for MF had doubled in the time I had ridden and I had a LONG day ahead of me with seven hours of driving and another stop much closer to home. Waterpark parking lot! Magnum is still incredible 30 years later! Getting back car on Steel Vengeance was more than worth the 2+ hour wait and waiting through a breakdown. The Steel Vengeance sign. This is an amazing sandwich! Old aerial photos from the Point (the bottom left one appears to be from either Gemini's opening day or July 4th, 1978 based on all the cars in the lot) Iron Dragon over the lake Rougarou doing its thing. The bottom sign is only useful when Rougarou has a line, which is only on very busy days. Cedar Point's historical marker.
  7. I've never heard of Brick Oven Bistro, but there are two other good local pizza places I have been to: Cameo Pizza on Monroe St, west of downtown Sandusky (and west of OH-4) Chet and Matt's Pizza on Strub Rd, just east of US-250 (Strub is the third light on 250 after the Butler entrance)
  8. Likely Cedar Point or Michigan's Adventure later this summer, but I might try to get to Six Flags Great America sometime this summer
  9. Dude, I laughed imagining the sight of a grown man driving one of the antique cars around by himself! It was for the City of Columbus. I scored well enough to be in contention for an interview invitation. Side note: I was able to fit in those cars without any problems.
  10. I didn't get a fireball when I rode, but it may have been too hot for that effect
  11. I've never been to SFGAdv (or New Jersey for that matter)
  12. Kings Island - below Cedar Point (6/27-6/28) - here Irons Flea Roast (part 1) - here Kings Island (6/26/2019) A couple of weeks ago, I found out that I had to take a civil service exam to determine eligibility for a job opening in Columbus, OH. So with me already holding a CF Platinum Pass, I decided to make a trip out of it including visiting two Cedar Fair parks. After a five hour drive from my sister's place in Grand Rapids, I finally pulled into Kings Island around 2pm after a quick lunch stop at Raising Cane's off the (unsigned) Kings Island exit from I-75. When I entered the park, my first stop was to get a Fast Lane Plus at the gift shop near Diamondback. After that, I hopped right on Diamondback. The operators there were making mentions of free water at food stands, which I saw a lot of people take advantage of (it was over 90 degrees that day). My first drink of the day was a Powerade, which I enjoyed while standing in the Miami River Brewhouse. Following that were rides on Mystic Timbers and the Beast, with a water break following. Next on the agenda were rides on the new for 2019 Antique Cars, as well as WindSeeker and Vortex, which wasn't as bad as it was on my last ride on it in 2017. Following another drink break, I went on Red Racer, followed by a pizza and breadsticks break at LaRosa's. After letting that settle, I hit both of the Premier launched rides (Backlot Stunt Coaster and Flight of Fear). After more free water, I hit my final two rides of the day, which were Adventure Express and Banshee. I skipped the Bat due to time constraints and Invertigo was down when I went past it. I left around 7pm in order to get to my hotel, a Quality Inn in the middle of nowhere Ohio just off I-71. I had a super early morning the next day, so I had to make sure to get some rest before the civil service exam and Cedar Point the next day. Raising Cane's basic meal. It was really good. The sauce was good as well even though I had no idea what was in it. I managed to get a very good spot! Eiffel Tower standing tall (I didn't have time to go up there) Lots of old phones in here! (probably from Diamondback's opening year) Blue Powerade! There was a line into the Brewhouse at 2:30pm, likely for A/C and/or soft drinks Kings Island was handing out these free water cups at their food stands. Cedar Point was doing the same thing on my two days there. It's basically a scenic railway with two big drops, but I prefer it to Blue Streak (CP) and Racer. Interesting picture and signage! Vortex: Looks decent, and actually rode decent this year! Kings Island is the only park in which the antique cars are on FL+. WindSeeker, aka Nice Breeze: The Ride, which felt very nice on this hot day. I managed to avoid heat exhaustion this trip by following my Busch Gardens Tampa strategy from a very hot day last year, which involved downing Powerades and water like shots. Racer actually racing! Most of the day, the dispatches were off slightly, likely due to no lines. I did manage to get a racing ride. 1. Kings Island is paying tribute to a couple of their older flat rides. 2. Is this where the new giga's entrance/exit will be? Backlot doing its thing. Side note: A ride like this would fit in very well at the Cedar Fair parks that don't have this ride! Flight of Fear actually appeared to have a line, in part due to being indoors. The second lift hill on Adventure Express is one of the most bizarre experiences on any coaster I have experienced! It empties into the brake run and there are animatronics on both sides (along with what looks like a smaller Olmec from Legends of the Hidden Temple at the top of the second lift). Part of me wishes I would have ridden Son of Beast, but I have heard it may have been worse than Mean Streak was. This ride hauls and has an insane throughput!
  13. Millennium Force on Friday (6/28) morning around 11am. Surprisingly the line only went back about halfway up the ramp, however, by the time I had ridden, the line was to the bottom of the ramp. Left after that because (a) it was getting hot, (b) the lines were starting to build and I had already ridden the Big Three that morning, and © I had a six hour drive ahead of me
  14. I've only ridden coasters in four states Florida: Mako (was Incredible Hulk prior to 2018) Illinois: Raging Bull (to show you how long it's been since I've been to SFGAm, Deja Vu was operating) Michigan: Shivering Timbers Ohio: Steel Vengeance (was Millennium Force prior to 2018)
  15. I'm glad you had fun on your Midwest swing with your daughter!
  16. Side note on the second song: I went to my cousin's wedding last weekend and that song was played twice with everyone singing along (they're from West Virginia)
  17. Last concert was Kenny Chesney at Van Andel Arena in early April. Very good show with lots of crowd energy! Also very interesting seeing him in an arena as I had seen him before at Ford Field.
  18. It's carnival season! Next weekend is the infamous Irons Flea Roast and Ox Market (which also includes a large flea market and musical performances). The weekend after that, most if not all of the rides at Irons park in a beach parking lot walking distance from my house.
  19. 1. Cedar Point 2. Kings Island 3. Michigan's Adventure I really need to get to more Cedar Fair parks
  20. Looking at the top five for Cedar Point in 2018, I was surprised to see Magnum at #4 considering it averages maybe a 10 minute wait and it generally runs only two trains (but each train carries 36 riders). CP having a ride with over 1.5 million riders is impressive considering CP only operates about 140 days per season, give or take a few
  21. I don't think we were at CP on the same day last year, but there was a day last year (dreary weather forecast and the schools were out) when the park was so dead Millennium Force was allowing patrons to cut right from the exit platform to the queue line just outside the entrance, saving about 5-10 minutes of walking. I'm going back to Cedar Point next Thursday (afternoon/evening) and Friday (morning) and I'm hoping it's less busy than my trip earlier in June, when it seemed like every school in a 100 mile radius had an outing on one of the two days I was there. Agreed. However, 80 isn't bad. I've been to the Point on days where it was in the 90s. Still warm, but not as hot as my first Kings Island trip (the heat exhaustion trip) or my BGT/SWO/USF/IOA trip last September (where the heat index hit 100 on all three days)
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