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  1. Ok... Maybe I should ask, if there a website that you would recommend that I could get some help on planning a trip?
  2. Hello, I am new here... I am just starting my research to plan a trip to Cedar Point. I am hoping someone can answer a few questions.... Myself (44) and my son (15) are ride junkies and I am thinking of spending 2 full days at CP. I am not interested in the water park. Is 2 days enough? I am assuming that the Fast Lane Plus would be recommended. Do I have to purchase in advance or should I wait? I am nervous about buying in advance and my luck it rains and storms, and everything closes? Is there a crowd calendar? I was looking the very last week of July, fly in Sunday and fly out Wednesday. Is there a real advantage for staying on the grounds other than, you don't have to worry about parking and you can get inside 1 hour before hand? I am thinking that if I have the FL plus, then won't need to really worry about getting there a hour earlier. My only experience is Disney, Universal and a few Six Flags locations. Any answers and thoughts, would be appreciated. I found a two day pass is about 77pp, I am assuming that is probably the best value right now. Thanks, Kristy Smith New Orleans
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