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  1. Going to BGT for the first time since I was very little tomorrow. What should I ride first?
  2. I agree 100%. It never made sense to me why a park like SeaWorld, which is really geared towards children and families ended up with three coasters that are 54" which Busch Gardens got rides like Cheetah Hunt and Cobra's Curse which have more "SeaWorld Demographic-Friendly" height restrictions. IMHO, the only thing missing from SeaWorld's coaster lineup is a Wave Breaker-style launched coaster
  3. Steel Vengeance (1) + Millennium Force (2) = 3 [Maverick is my #3]
  4. I was at Cedar Point that Thursday (8/30) and I managed to get on most of the major coasters in five hours. It took some luck (Raptor opening for early entry when it normally doesn't helped), but I managed to get Valravn, Raptor, Millennium (twice, the Magic Gate helped), and Maverick before public opening. After that, I did Steel Vengeance (only about a 45 minute wait in regular), Magnum, Dragster, Iron Dragon, Rougarou, and GateKeeper. I had never seen Millie's Magic Gate open until this year. There was one day I went (late June) and it was open during the middle of the operating day because CP was super dead that day due to rain most of the day (it was so dead that Raptor was running one train)
  5. Busch Gardens Tampa on Friday Sea World on Saturday Universal on Sunday
  6. How so? The SV crew turns trains around quickly (dispatches around 90 seconds), while some coasters at Six Flags parks have 10 minute dispatches
  7. AK will probably go up even more in next year's report because Pandora opened Memorial Day weekend 2017
  8. SV with one train runs better than some Six Flags coasters with two trains
  9. Jake Paul and Team 10's "hit" made better. A year later, everyone that rapped in this except Jake Paul is no longer in Team 10
  10. A pre-fab (because my home park needs a decent wooden coaster) Would you rather ride Vortex (KI) 20 times in a row or ride a Vekoma SLC 20 times in a row?
  11. I wasn't even that disappointed about not getting on SV when I went to the Point last Friday. Heck, I never got anywhere near SV due to weather (45 degrees with wind and occasional rain) and the park being overrun with school groups (I also wasn't able to get on Maverick, Millennium, or Valravn; however, I did get on Raptor, GateKeeper, and Rougarou). Watching the webcam right now and a train just crested the lift. SV's problems are nowhere near as bad as LR, for two reasons: (1) SV has been able to run (even if capacity is about 300 pph), in part due to its chain lift (LR didn't really run until about August) (2) It's not really peak season yet (CP/RMC would be happy if SV got to sometimes 2-train ops by Memorial Day or shortly after; peak season at CP (outside of weekends) doesn't really begin until mid-June due to K-12 schools being in session in early June)
  12. Cedar Point at least once in the next several days (I'm only 2 hours away and have nothing else to do)
  13. 8/10. At least you're proud of your home park
  14. I don't watch movies, but I went and saw Infinity War last week with a friend I had not seen since we graduated college. I found it to be an enjoyable movie
  15. - One of very few Six Flags coasters to open before Memorial Day weekend of its opening season (it opened in April) - Replaced a Dinn Corp wooden coaster - Was the first coaster built by its manufacturer
  16. Kings Island has one of those boxes at Diamondback (which doesn't have FFBFWMAG, unlike Banshee and Mystic Timbers)
  17. Yeah, I think the post-Kinzel management took a big state of the union look at the park and wanted to improve overall park quality rather than push for mindless quantity. I'm glad the park didn't plop down Zac Spins & super loops, with all due respect to those rides and the parks that have them. Lots of things have moved, improved, and/or been tweaked since Kinzel retired. The entrance, hotels, sports complex, beach, water park, old show buildings, etc., also speak to a lot of changes and new approaches. On the other hand, some of the coaster removals grew the need for a good family coaster (or two!) even further. Keeping with the theme of internal improvements, I'd be interested in parts of Corkscrew receiving the updated track that was put on Python at Efteling, to make it a fun first looper for families rather than a clunky one-and-done. The one thing Cedar Point is missing is a decent wooden coaster IMO. Something similar to Mystic Timbers (but slightly taller/faster/longer) would fit in real nice in the old STR/Dinosaurs Alive area
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