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  1. So it looks like I need to be planning my trip to SFGAdv after Memorial Day... that gives me plenty of time to save up for my Platinum Flash Pass!
  2. So... I was going through my hard drive, deleting things that no longer served a purpose and I found a bunch of pictures and video's from my last few trips to Six Flags Over Georgia. So I figured I would share them with the members of TPR because I know how much you guys and gals love photos!!! So lets get started shall we? Im gonna start with pictures I took during my birthday weekend in ATL back in 2010. I was living in Louisiana at the time and tried to make it my business to get back home atleast once a year. After reviewing the picture properties, I found out that I took these pictures on my birthday!!! (9/6/2010) The first thing I noticed was the awesome paint job for B:TR which is one of my favorite coasters hands down. Another shot of the station/transfer at B:TR. They really did an awesome job with the scenery. Its the Georgia Cyclone!!! A little on the rough side but I still enjoy the front seat! The Cyclone's blue train loading up passengers... Me ex and I decided to take a picture with the Green Lantern! Us taking a smoke break next to Goliath... Him posing at the entrance of the Big G. He was scared to death! Lol Me with the Batmobile! I've always loved the Mindbenders sign! More great theming while in line for B:TR... I only took this because my FAVORITE coaster used to sit there... RIP Deja Vu!!! The Ninja's entrance... Nothing else needs to be said about the ride itself. LOL Welcome to Metropolis Park!!! The sign for Superman Ultimate Flight! Its a good ride, just too short IMO... Its Superman!!! There she is! The infamous GASM!!! Oh the memories of me standing behind that panel... I couldn't use a stool in my day. HMPH! Batman The Ride!!! Thats all for now... More to come soon!
  3. Welcome back... To the Bat cave... Once the train comes to a full and complete stop, unbuckle your safety belt and raise your shoulder harnest... Please exit to your left and proceed down the exit ramp...
  4. Happens every time I ride B:TR during the zero g-roll... It also happens on Goliath (SFOG) during the helix. I also greyed out once on Mind Bender during the horizontal loop. It had just stopped raining and that bad boy was MOVING! I was NOT prepared!!
  5. ^You would be correct. They'll probably still be working on Hurricane Harbor on opening day (like they were doing with Skull Island) which will be great for enthusiasts to get some great photos, but it won't open until it starts to heat up. And that's if they finish construction on time.
  6. Six Flags is actually in Austell. Which is about 45 minutes away from Carrollton.
  7. This. I remember riding FreeFall at SFOG before they removed it. I would always sit a penny on my lap to watch it float as we dropped and the run out (on your back section) would always freak me out because you always wondered if it would stop or keep on going right off the track and into the MindBender. But yes, the old age of these 1st gen free falls meant frequent breakdown's every single day. During my time as an employee at SFOG, FreeFall had signal 2's (radio codes for ride breakdowns with guests onboard) at least 3 times a day, mainly cars loaded at the top of the shaft or in the reversing drive. Still, it was a great ride. I think Intamin should revamp that idea and make them at least 200 feet. With today's technology I'm sure the breakdowns would be close to inexistent.
  8. Why on earth is Bart's Treehouse so damn expensive?
  9. El Toro - Six Flags Great Adventure
  10. ^^I like the name 'Forrest Flyer' especially since its surrounded by trees. Lol. But now that I think of it, Forrest Fury sounds even better. Yes or no? ^As far as the mine train goes, I actually thought about naming it after the park. I might actually go with that. Especially since I built it before the Woodie. So basically it's the parks first roller coaster! Thanks to you both!!
  11. Depends on which park I visit first. If I make it to Six Flags America here in Maryland it will probably be Ride of Steel. If I make it to Six Flags Great Adventure first it will probably be Nitro or El Toro.
  12. X-Flight - One of those Six Flags parks I believe. Lol
  13. Ultra Twister (No longer exists) Six Flags Astroworld.
  14. 'Closed: The Ride' Aaaahahahahah!! Great trip report! I loved the sarcasm!
  15. ^I heard one day it got stuck at the top of the lift and they had to evac. Yikes! I got my DDD credit during a special event when Piedmont Hospitals bought out the park one night for their employees back in 2011. The line was long but it was constantly moving so it only took an hour to get on. I definitely under estimated DDD. I didn't expect it to be as good as it was. It craps all over Goliath IMO and its so smooth. They could easily increase the Riders per hour rate if they utilized their entire station. Currently when a train returns to the station it stacks behind the train being loaded BUT its actually inside the station. They could easily use that area to unload a train while the one in front of it is loading, that way when the train is moved up it would be ready to load waiting guests immediately. I think that would also bring down wait times.
  16. So basically I've been working on a park in RCT3. I've built 2 coasters so far. One of which is a Wooden terrain coaster that's built into a mountain. The other is a launched - mine train coaster that is also terrain based. Only problem is that I can't think of names for them! The wooden coaster is in a currently unthemed area east of the park entrance. The name of the coaster will help to name the area that its in. The mine train coaster is in a themed section called 'The Wild West'. I was thinking of going with the name 'Outlaw' but I didn't want to be too generic. So there you have it. Lol. With a name for the coasters, I can then start working on the signs for both coasters and move toward posting my park progress on TPR! I know there are thousands of coaster fanatics around these parts so I figured this would be a great place to ask for some help. Thanks in advance!!
  17. Truth be told, The year Acrophobia opened, I got cold feet as soon as my mom and I came over the hill on I-20 West. My mom had recently had surgery and still had her hospital arm band on so we were able to get her a wheel chair and you know the rest... Anyway... The first ride SHE rode was Acro and I stood at the exit and watched. When I saw her face after the drop, I was convinced that I would not be riding it. Lol. Long story short, after riding everything twice we got back to Acro and my mom threatened to cut my season pass in half if I didn't get on it. I just couldn't let that happen!!! Lol. On the way up I apologized to her for any naughty words I might spit out on the way down. Good times... So yeah. I still get a lil terrified when I'm in line for Acro but I just can't get enough of it. When I get out to SFGAdv later this year I know their new drop tower is gonna mess me up. Lol
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