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  1. If my facts are correct, isnt Goliath the shortest hyper coaster in terms of length and ride time? If thats the case, im hoping that Twisted Cyclone follows the trend that Goliath started. Short but one helluva ride! A third lap would have been nice to have but getting an RMC is a blessing in its own so I wont complain.
  2. I never understood why people act so surprised when the park (or any park) is crowded on Friday or Saturday. Am I the only one that knows that those are the two BUSIEST days? Schools, Churches, Businesses, and Families almost ALWAYS plan to visit on a Saturday. Sundays are the best days to go if you want to avoid a crowd, with the exception of 'bring a friend' days. Additionally, im waiting to hear more from the park about this fire yesterday. Ofcourse all the GP are on Facebook calling for Six Flags to be shut down, compairing them to Disney and Universal, etc.
  3. ^I was told by a pretty reliable source that the coaster replacing the Dragons was going to be this type of coaster. I made sure to ask him for the manufacturer and coaster type just to be sure. He says they are making the official announcement on Memorial Day so I guess we'll just have to wait and see if he's as reliable as I believe that he is. I just received this 'leak' maybe an hour ago.
  4. They've probably changed the way they do things since I've worked there BUT during my employment at the park I learned that every ride is given a 'level' in terms of operating in the rain. Level A rides (Acrophobia, Superman, Mind Bender, Goliath, Superman, Blue Hawk, Scorcher and more than likely Dare Devil Dive, Joker, and Sky Screamer) close at any hint of rainfall. This is because of either the type of ride (Sky Screamer, Sky Buckets), the height of the ride (Acro), or the fact that the brake runs are uncovered (Superman, Mind Bender etc.). Level B Rides (Scream Machine, Batman, The Former Georgia Cyclone and some others) will operate in the rain because their brake runs are covered, but they will close for heavy rain to prevent issues with the brakes not functioning properly because of the wet parts on the trains. Level C Rides (I believe the Mine Train was/is the only Level C coaster in the park but there may be a few other rides with this level) will only close if there is a severe storm in the area. I never understood this myself but I guess they have their reasons. And Level D Rides (Monster Mansion, Justice League, etc) pretty much stay open unless its a serious emergency like a tornado or something like that. There are employees that constantly monitor the weather radar in the area, so they'll shut down the Level A (and sometimes Level B) rides minutes before the rain even starts. They are also usually pretty good with re-opening the rides once the weather clears - as long as there's no other weather threats in the area. Hope this helps.
  5. ^Thats been my question as well... I think they may have the queue going outside of the queue house into an outdoor switch-back area. Looking at the different construction photo's, you can see alot of open space back there.
  6. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwi7srXa4szaAhUMS60KHV8KDH8Qjhx6BAgAEAM&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pinterest.com%2Fpin%2F112449321925803772%2F&psig=AOvVaw3IviqhgrkHkwVP0Jz01R5z&ust=1524448311314288 Is it something like this? If not then this is the only Deja Vu shirt I could find on the Internet. Not a very fancy shirt imo. Yeah it was just a basic t-shirt. I wish I would have gotten more Deja Vu merchandise but its not like they had a Deja Vu gift shop at the exit. LOL. It saddens me that a ride that great got so little attention from the park officials.
  7. Attendants 1, 4, 3, and 2 are ready... train is clear and we're ready for dispatch... *green buttons down*
  8. ^I remember having a white Deja Vu T-Shirt. I have no idea what happened to it but I think my mom may still have hers stored in her attic. I'll ask her. LOL Edit: I've seen that video on YT but I didn't like how the editing was cheap. And you could tell that the 2nd tower's ascend was pre-recorded and reversed by looking at Catcher-2.
  9. ^The thing about SFOG's Vu was the placement. As SFOGchick stated, you were greeted by the green and blue towers as soon as you entered the Lickskillet area. Im not sure if you remember how tall they were, but man... I will never forget the first time I saw them. BEAUTIFUL! INTIMIDATING! MAJESTIC!!! Maybe its the fact that I like the feeling of going backwards on a coaster, or maybe its the vertical lift (in either direction), or perhaps the chance of a mis-catch! , or maybe even getting stuck in the boomerang! (its possible!). But it was something about Vu. And it wasn't really rough, compared to its once red/now blue sister a few hundred feet away. /End GIB Fanboy Rant And once upon a time we had Vu, SMUF, Goliath, Mind Bender,Scorcher, and Batman in one park.... NOW THOSE WERE THE DAYS!! Dont get me wrong.... I am EXTREMELY excited about TwistedC!!!! I reached out to an old supervisor about Media Day but he hasn't responded. I would love to be there but I doubt it's gonna happen. I was one of the few people who actually liked the Georgia Cyclone - despite how it beat the breaks off of yo a**! LOL I dont expect that we'll be getting a new coaster anytime soon, but I'm definitely not the only one who see's a launcher completing the lineup in the park. Maybe in a few more years... Maybe never... One can dream!
  10. Every time I go down into the Lickskillet area I get sad because I remember Deja Vu standing there next to the sky buckets. I still can't figure out why they would remove it after working so hard to get it running on a regular basis (Deja Vu ran DAILY in 2005, 2006, and 2007). If they put anything in that spot, I would hope that its a coaster with some type of launch. (thats really the only coaster type that SFOG is missing) Considering how the only Intamin ride in the park is Acrophobia, it would be nice to see an Intamin launcher like Xcelerator (considering SFOG's 200 ft. height cap). Something with multiple trains and a few inversions would be a good fit for that area, especially if they take the time with the design like they did with Goliath.
  11. ^ Now that I've seen this panel, I want to take a closer look at that screen. I love how the train status is displayed on the same screen as the train/track indicator. I remember operating SMUF at SFOG and having to go back to the main screen to see where the trains were.
  12. Happy 12th Birthday Goliath!!! 4/1/2006 - I'll never forget the day it opened because I was an employee at the time and the park was extra busy that day (for good reason). At the end of the night, the Supervisors allowed the Rides team-members to go back in the park to ride Big G. My very first ride was in the back, and then I turned around and rode in the front. IMO - The back row is definitely the best row, and riding at night is an experience unlike any other!
  13. Looks good. Only thing you're missing is a 'Trouble' light/button.
  14. Since I had to close the store tonight, I decided to visit the park last night to experience Fright Fest at SFOG. It was my first time participating in over a decade (the last time I attended FF at SFOG was in 2005 and I was an on-the-clock employee so idk if that counts or not. Lol) We arrived around 7:45 and even though the parking lot was packed, the lines weren't that bad. My first ride was Acrophobia and it was a walk on. Next, we headed to Goliath and the line was at the bottom of the steps. We probably waited 15 minutes or so. Leaving Big G, we headed down to Gotham City to get a front seat ride on BTR. This is where things took a turn for the worse. The line was in the tunnel but it was moving rapidly. Thats until we got in the station. I saw a train come in, and almost immediately, a female started up-chucking her dinner. Being a former employee, I already knew what was about to happen. They cycled 2 empty trains and proceeded to clean up the mess. It took them about 30 minutes before they were back in operation. Needless to say, BTR in the front row at night is an experience unlike no other so I still enjoyed my ride. Leaving Batman, I got talked into riding the Carnival Loop unfortunately known as the Joker. It was ok I guess but I definitely wont be waiting in line for it again. At this point it was a little after 10 and with the park closing in less than an hour I wanted to wrap up my visit with a ride on SMUF. So we jogged our way through the heavy fog (they had the fog machines on CRUCIAL btw) and got in line. We were near the steps when they dispatched a train and the returning train got stuck in the flying position. Sadly, this was sort of expexted (by me atleast). Having worked at the ride during fright fest, I knew just how fragile SMUF was. For some reason I dont think it likes the cold weather. I was the turntable (technical name for the moving track that directs the train to either station) move to the left and knew what would happen next. The Op made the infamous 'technical difficulty' announcement and I decided to cut my losses short and head for the front gate. Overall, I actually enjoyed my FF visit. I wish I could've ridden more rides but I know they'll be there the next time I go. The fog was so strong!
  15. I've been to the park about 6 or 7 times this season. I just never got around to posting a Trip Report. But I have tons of photos. Once upon a time, Acro scared the crap out of me.. now its a must-ride every trip! I refuse to ride BTR anywhere except the front row... A parking lot shot of BTR GASM climbing the lift... Blue Hawk... Although I prefer the old Ninja color scheme... Thunder River has been drained for the season... Goliath thru the trees! I refuse to wait in line to ride this... This was the longest I've seen the line ALL SEASON!!! This was taken a week prior to the previous pic. Literally a station wait! On a Saturday! Goliath I'm gonna miss her... But i'm super anxious for her upgraded debut!!! !!! 3 thrills in 1 photo... Goliath again... Im hoping that they give the Scorcher some fresh paint before TC opens up... I always get the chills when I enter the BTR station. I just wish they hadn't slacked on the theming... Last but not least...
  16. Back in the day, they used to put a giant spider on the side of the first turn on GASM. I wonder why they stopped doing that.
  17. Fright Fest has been known as the worst part of the season for atleast a decade. I worked at SFOG in 2005 and I had to call security to the GASM numerous times for line jumpers, fights in the queue and even a guest deciding to jump over the air gates while I was dispatching a train. It saddens me that they haven't figured out a solution to this repetitive issue after all this time. I almost dont wanna go out there for the fear of my windows being busted out or my truck getting broken into. Smh
  18. Im thinking about heading to the park later today but I dont have anyone to go with.
  19. The SMUF Clone at SFOG has a slightly different panel setup, mainly because of the dual loading platforms. The train controls are located on the secondary panels on the loading side of each platform. The secondary panels also have a dispatch button at the bottom right and an e-stop button at the top left. The main panel has the touch screen in the middle, with 2 e-stop buttons at the top, on both sides of the screen - (and I still dont know why they needed 2) .There are 4 dispatch buttons (2 for each platform) positioned to where you have to use 2 hands to dispatch a train. The panel was modified after the 1st year as the dispatch buttons were considered 'unsafe' since one hand could be used to dispatch a train (one button per platforn was on the corresponding side of the panel, with the other technically right above it on the face of the panel). The modification moved the buttons to the top of the panel face. I hope that made sense.
  20. Superman Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Over Georgia - Sunday 9/10/17
  21. And this just confirms my 'current generation' theory. Times have changed and NOT for the better. I recently moved back to Atlanta and I've noticed that things are not the way they used to be. I havent been to SFOG since 2011, but I can only imagine the type of employees they have now.
  22. When I worked at the park in 2005 and 2006, they ran both sides quite frequently. When running both sides, SMUF has to have atleast 9 staff members (Main Panel Op, 2 Loaders, 2 Unloaders, 2 Secondary Panel Ops, and 2 groupers). Often times they would take one of my team members from GASM just so they would have the minimum to run both sides. This wouldnt happen until the line got longer though. Back then we had fun while at work, and staffing was really never an issue. They even used to send people home because they were overstaffed (Crazy right?!). Im not sure what happened between now and then but im sure this 'generation' has something to do with it. The last time I went to SFOG was in 2012 and the ride ops seemed lazy and bored. It didnt even feel like the same park.
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