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  1. Thats odd though because Nitro opened in 2001 and SFOG opened Superman Ultimate Flight in 2002. Maybe Six Flags had debates about the names during the time they were consulting with B&M. I know the touch screen on the panel at SMUF shows the Logo for the ride on the maintenance screen. I would love to see Nitro's panel and screen to see if its the same but that would be impossible unless a Nitro ride op snaps a pic and uploads it. Another wierd fact about SMUF at SFOG is that an E-Stop can be reset without maintenance. I was swatting a bee out of my face in 2005 while I was verifying (manning the secondary panel that controls the air gates and latches/locks the restraints) and my hand came down right onto the E-Stop button. I thought I was gonna get a write up but then the Foreman was like 'dont worry about it' and he pressed a few buttons and the lift restarted. I'll never forget that. Lol
  2. This right here!!! GASM is well known for that main brake at the end of the ride. If there is a train still in the station, the train behind it slams into the main brake and its not fun at all. My supervisors used to get on me about loading the trains faster but it wasn't my crew that was slowing down the loading process. Theres nothing worse than a heavyset person shifting their weight in the seat so that the lap bar locks down. I had to deal with this atleast 5 times a day and all I can say is ugh! Hats were also a big problem because guests used to always lose their hats during the back half of the ride, and the land back there is very muddy which meant that I wasnt going back there for a track walk at the end of the night. (Say bye bye to your hat because you aint gon see it again). Some guests thoufht they were slick, sitting on their hats until the train left the station and then putting it back on their heads once the train hit the lift... they obviously didn't think about that Lift Stop button which I pressed faithfully.
  3. I love how this thread was created while I was an employee at SFOG. I remember how excited all the employees were about the opening of Goliath. After the Media Day craziness (and yes... that day was CRAZY!) While the employees were hanging out in the ESO Lot, the ride supervisors all came out and told us that we did such a good job that day with the lines and what not, and we could go back in the park and ride Goliath a few times. I remember the stampeed of khaki pants and blue shirts running to the Big G. I was on the first employee train, front seat, far right... I loved every minute! The fact that it was at night just enhanced the experience x100. Good times...
  4. Its no question that Saturday is the worst day to visit any theme park. The last time I visited SFOG was a few years ago and it during Emory Universitys nighttime private event (My boyfriend at the time worked at Emory Hospital and im always down for a free trip to Six Flags!) The lines were unbelievably long that night too. The first coaster we rode was Dare Devil Dive and we waited like an hour. Great ride BTW and the line moved at an acceptable rate during our que. Goliath was closed that entire night and I think that had something to do with the lines being long at the other rides. Even the Ninja had a line backed into the que house! I didnt even ride SMUF because the line was so long. Needless to say Dare Devil Dive was the icon of that trip. I've always gone to SFOG on Sundays and ive never been disappointed. Any former SFOG employee knows that Sunday and Wednesday are the 2 best days to go. Any day during the week (during weekly operation) is better than a Saturday but Wednesday beats the rest. I've never been to Cedar Point but if I do plan a trip to Ohio, I already know to plan my CP trip for a Sunday or a Wednesday. Lol. The same goes for Six Flags Great Adventure.
  5. Im a proud homosexual! Although people always tell me that im too 'hood' to be gay. That is hilarious because I was called gay in elementary school (didnt even know what gay was back then) and it followed me all the way to high school. Thank God I didnt commit suicide. Lol I'd have to say like 50% of SFOG employees during my employment were gay. There were alot of scandals out there those years . I found out years later that my.Supervisor at that time had a crush on me. Im wondering if he had something to do with my promotion. I had a few female friends that worked out there with me that swore up and down that they didnt know I was gay until I told them. One of my good female friends was sooooo angry with me and we still talk about it. Lol. I think she was waiting on me to ask her out. Oh... and I dont listen to Beyonce either. I like that down south rap music (Three 6 Mafia all day!) -Seddy
  6. During my time as a SFOG employee I had coaster dreams atleast once a week. I had one dream where I dispatched a train at the GASM and almost immediately the track pieces started collapsing kinda like a set of domino's. I freaked out and hit E-Stop with the quickness but I knew I couldnt manually unload the train in time. Just as the lift started falling, I woke up. Sweat was everywhere and my heart was racing. I called out sick that day. It just seemed so real!
  7. Im sure someone already mentioned this awful coaster especially since its like the least popular in the park. But I would tear down the Ninja at SFOG and put a nice compact floorless right there, using that pond to enhance the thrill.
  8. Wow. I would love to see evidence of that. Im wondering if they were gonna theme it behind Superman and then decided to scrap that name and go with Nitro instead.
  9. I guess parks figure those types of things arent important enough to do. Lol. Thought of some more facts lol... Batman the Ride at SFOG has the longest que in the entire park. (I think the warehouse takes an hour and a half from entry to the side door). BTR is also the only 'clone' with chasing lights in the floor and a batman 'tune' that plays at each dispatch (although in recent years the tune no longer plays). When it opened, mist used to spray from the sides as a train was returning to the station from the transfer brake. BTR cont'd. If either operators release the advance/dispatch button while the train leaving the station, it will cause a RMC/ESI and a mechanic must be called to manually reset the ride. Superman Ultimate Flight at SFOG was the first flying coaster in the USA. It is the only Superman clone that has 2 loading platforms and the ability to run 3 trains (3 train operation is soooo fun btw ) SFOG's Superman also differs by using 7 cars per train instead of 8 like the other 2. The panel for Superman was also changed after the first season. One dispatch button-per platform was on the sides of the panel (since there are 2 loading platforms there are a total of 4 dispatch buttons - the side dispatch buttons were moved near the top of the panel). I was told that this was done to prevent one-hand dispatches although an operator with long arms can still use one arm to dispatch a train.
  10. My favorite coaster is over in Brazil sitting in storage. Smh. The former Dèja Vu at SFOG. I love how they just tucked it away yet you could see it from many different areas of the park. Although it had an attitude during its early years. Vekoma seemed to have fix the problems and it ran great for the 2005 and 2006 seasons (during my employment at the park). I honestly rode it every day on my lunch break. Long live the GIB!
  11. Im loving this thread! I have a few fun SFOG facts that some people may not know. The Great American Scream Machine and the Dahlonega Mine Train both have stations built at a slope. When trains are dispatched, they gently roll out the station instead of using feedmotors or 'kicker wheels'. If an E-Stop is pressed at the Dahlonega Mine Train after the train clears lift 3, the brakes before the station will close, causing the train to bounce back into the tunnel and roll back and forth until it stalls. At this point, guests are unloaded and the train has to be pulled back to the station by a winch. The 180 degree turn (C-Curve) on the Great American Scream Machine is also built at a slope. This is also the dispatch point for the 2nd train (if in operation) which is set by a timer that counts down from 25 after the lift is cleared. Before they were removed, the chasing lights lined along the track of the GASM were used so that the operator would be able to see the trains location on the track after dark. The panel at the GASM is set in place so that the operator can see the full circut of the ride standing behind the panel. There is a building you see during the first drop of Superman Ultimate Flight. This building is painted with clouds and has a cutout of Superman on the side of it. This building was the Vipers old station and is now used for storage by the food stands in the area. After the Viper was relocated to SFKK, the control panel was not reprogrammed, therefore the digital readout still read 'Viper' although the ride was renamed Greezed Lightnin'.
  12. If they get the park open for the 2014 olympics, they'll definitely get attendance. GIBs are intense rides that dont take up alot of space. The experience is unbelievable and you would have to ride it a few times to understand what im saying. Its definitely one of Vekoma's better ideas and im glad to see it still in circut. According to Screamscape, Sochi Park has finished the construction of their GIB but it hasnt been given a name yet. Sochi Park GIB Completed
  13. I've been watching Investigation Discovery all day. Smh
  14. Hey everybody... Ive been a lurker for a while but finally decided to join after finding the control panel enthusiasts thread. Lol. Anyway, the name is Seddy, im 28 and I live in Baltimore. Born and raised in Atlanta though and worked at Six Flags Over Georgia during the 2005 and 2006 seasons. (Best job hands down). Ive always loved roller coasters and as a youth I used to always tell my momma I wanted to work at Six Flags. Well imagine how excited I was when I was actually able to call her and say 'Guess where I got hired?' My first ride was the GASM. Started as a black tag and got promoted to Assistant Foreman in August. So if you visited the park anytime in late 2005 you probably saw me standing behind the panel. Lol. My favorite roller coaster is Deja Vu although its no longer there, only because I got to ride it like every day. I didnt take lunch breaks. Lol. I was (and still am) friends with the Foreman at that time and she let me operate the Vu for a few cycles. I felt like a kid in a candy store and it is something I'll never forget. Just some extra SFOG goodness... The Foreman at Deja Vu that year later turned out to be Goliaths First Foreman! And yes I was working the day Goliath opened. Yet another life changing event that I'll always remember. My 2nd season started with me at Thunder River as the Asssistant Foreman so I liked that. It was definitely a different experience than a coaster since you get to fill the riverbed with water and watch it all drain out again after the park closed. Sitting at the lakes was always cool but I liked being up in the tower dispatching boats. So yea.. im a good ol coaster junkie. I have a licensed copy of RCT3 on my laptop and I play from time to time but lately my laptop has been vamping out on me. I dont think she has long to live. Im always watching Robs videos on Youtube btw. Love his sound effects and commentary. Lol. I have a Georgia Cyclone POV somewhere I should probably upload. The nearest park is Six Flags America and I havent been yet. 2013 was not a good year so im hoping 2014 is a complete 360. I also plan on visiting Great Adventure next season too, since im only a few hours away!! Additionally, im currently unemployed but hopefully that changes soon. I love video games as well, and I currently have an Xbox 360. Hopefully I'll upgrade to the XB1 sometime next year. Im also 100% Team Android! Anyway... im done rambling... let me jump in these forums and get my post count up! Lol -Seddy
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