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  1. My first roller coaster was GASM @ SFOG when I was 8 years old. I'm happy to say I actually used to operate and run my very first roller coaster. Lol
  2. ^There used to be a time when employees were the only people allowed past that gate. Has that changed? You may be able to get some pictures from the pick up/drop off lot but there are trees there so that's an issue. Correction After viewing the previous page I now see that Skull Island will be included in Hurricane Harbor. Smart move on SFOG because 2 separate water sections wouldn't make sense. Judging by those photos, HE is going to be HUGE! I definitely gotta get to SFOG this year!
  3. I was going to say GASM but it's a classic and shouldn't be altered. Maybe some new trains but leave the track as it is. The Georgia Cyclone had some areas of the track replaced but I think a full re tracking would completely change the ride experience.
  4. I would hate for Catcher 2 on that GIB to prerelease a train. Hopefully they have a crane somewhere nearby BUT they would have to push the train out of the boomerang prior to unloading (for obvious reasons). That breakdown would be a sight to see. Lol
  5. I had to sit back and think about 2013 and unfortunately, I didn't visit any theme or amusement parks last year. Not even a carnival. This is definitely a first.
  6. ^I think SFOG allows managerial to make that decision based on estimated guest numbers for the day. Most days I would get to work with a train parked in the statiom and one behind it at the ready brake. But on somee occasions there would only be one in the station. Now although both trains were on the track, I had the option to 'float' one of the trains at the beginning of the day, only loading train 2 once my line began to travel up the ramp heading into the que house.
  7. ^^In that satellite image, it looks like the Scorchers train is only about halfway up the lift. The safety points (where the lift will stop by computers trigger) is normally at the top of the lift, as seen in that Montu image. The GASM stops at the top if the ready brake is not clear, same with the Ninja. It looks as if they might have actually been testing the Scorcher at the moment this image was recorded. Thrillrider is also correct. I had to call my supervisor whenever I needed the second train, ofcourse only if the other train was in the transfer shed. The supervisors would then call maintenance who would eventually show up in their white trucks. Lol. But I remember reading somewhere that TTD operators are the ones who add the trains. Maybe Cedar Fair has more faith/trust in their employees. Idk but its always interested me how different parks go about their daily operation.
  8. ^^Im happy to know all flyers have train status screens that are exactly the same. I spent some time behind SMUF's panel and the touch screen fascinated me! Great photo's btw! Keep em comin!!!
  9. I took these one day while headed to work... Baltimore Baltimore and myself... lol
  10. I've ridden 2 stand-up's (Georgia Scorcher and The Former Chang while it was at KK). I love the compact design of the Scorcher and that first drop is amazing. I was completely blown away with Chang. I wasnt expecting it to be as great as it was. The loading process is horrible though, mainly because the GP dont take heed when the operator announces that the seats will lock in place; causing several minutes of locking and unlocking seat positions. I dont think I've ever seen a crew at the Scorcher NOT stack trains. Me personally, I would like to see the Scorcher converted to a Floorless. I know it would be an expensive conversion (new trains, retractable floor) but im sure the load issues would be history with floorless operation.
  11. ^Panel OVERLOAD!!! Ok.. so many comments... 1. Demon Drops new panel looks great! I remember the old panel for Free Fall at SFOG. I'd imagine Demon Drops old panel was similar, if not the same. I remember them being sooo many buttons. Good to see they've simplified things. Lol. I wonder what types of information is displayed on that screen!!! 2. I Lol'd @ 'Restraints are in minimum position for largest guest' I am at a loss of words. 3. Verboltens panel looks extremely complex. I like how there are buttons to power the launches and the vertical drop. Any better shots of this one? Not that im not grateful for your contribution already!! Lol 4. I was just doing a Google search for Mr. Freeze's panel(s) and you post the secondary panel!!! Unfortunately I couldnt find one of the main panel. Im just interested in seeing how the dual launches work with the panel. Same goes for S:EFK.
  12. I wish I had my old Metro PCS nokia slider phone. I had a good pic of SMUF's panel, along with GASM, Deja Vu and Thunder River's panels. I notice you put 'El Toro's second panel' why did it have two panels? Or was one a remote panel for verification. KK's panel is HUGE and I was expecting a touch screen like a flyer. I absolutely love this thread!
  13. To add to the current debate. GASM was the tallest, longest and fastest coaster in the world when it opened in 1973... 16 years before Shockwave was opened. 40+ years later and she is still running strong! Since me and GASM have such a special bond, I had to add my 10 cents. -Seddy™
  14. Currently watching my FAVORITE movies. Hands down. I think the movies are one of the reasons I like the B&M Inverted Coaster so friggin much. Alicia: You look fine... Jack: I didn't ask... And yes... Tim Burton did it best. Merry Christmas TPR!!! -Seddy™
  15. When B:TR at SFOG first opened the scenery/theming was amazing! I still remember the police car crashed into the fire hydrant with water sprayig out the hydrant, the dogs barking, that big fan with the multi-colored fading lights behind it. I've always wondered why the OG clone was the only one with the chasing lights exposed when the floor drops. There was also mist that sprayed from the sides as a train returned to the station. I would love to see that ride restored to its original beauty but ofcourse... it wont happen.
  16. I hope this stomach ache is gone by tomorrow...
  17. Since nothing is on TV, lets scan through Xfinity OnDemand...
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