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  1. I think many are forgetting just how old SMUF is. 14 years is a long time in Roller Coaster years. Lets not forget that some rides dont even last 7 years (Deja Vu only survived 6 seasons before it was closed), but Superman is still dropping platforms and folding seats into the flying position after FOURTEEN years. Superman is like the most complex coaster in the park. No other coaster meets the same specifics in terms of mechanics, moving parts, and technology. With that said, They've obviously kept their eyes on the ride and made the necessary fixes to keep it running this long. Didnt Batman get a facelift when that carnival loop-de-loop thingy was installed? If my memory serves me correct, it did. So it would be very 'un six flags ish' to ignore SMUF with the upcoming addition of Justice League.
  2. ^The height restriction is 200 feet. Both Acrophobia and Goliath were built to stand right at 200 feet and you'll notice that they both have the FAA Beacons. The only reason Sky Screamer is 242 feet is because the land its built on is at a lower elevation than the other area's of the park. I believe it has a beacon as well.
  3. First let me say that these mods are INCREDIBLE! I cant wait to give some of them ago... I noticed that the PEP CT is required for the Woodie-Hybrids, but I cant find a working link to the PEP add-ons... Every one that I click on is dead. Does anybody know where I can find a working download for it?
  4. I believe interviews are right pass the newer parking lot? At six flags itself.. There is a sign when you pass the newer parking lot that says employment office and interviews I didn't have much time to look due to how much traffic there was and needing to get to the interview. As a former SFOG employee i'm honored to assist you with getting to the interview. LOL. Don't take the regular Six Flags Exit. Take the very next one. If you're coming West (From Atlanta) make a left off the interstate (if you're coming East, make a right). As you drive down the road you'll see a Six Flags sign to your left. Make a left at that sign and go around the bend. The Interview Office is a small building that sits to your right. I believe its labeled as the 'Administration Building' or something like that.. Good Luck! SFOG has the title of my favorite and most memorable job. I had some really great times and met some of my best friends out there.
  5. Im currently making plans to be at Great Adventure for the opening weekend (that Sunday).
  6. Bizarro @ Great Adventure about 30 mins before 11pm back in October... Great ride but those ops... Smh
  7. I'm hoping that they revive the theming with the opening of namtaB The Ride lol. I wanna see a new police car and the mist in the station. And GASM isn't going anywhere nor being retracked but it would be nice if they modified that brake run. Personally, I never understood the point behind it being so..... Strong? Idk.
  8. Yesterdays visit to Great Adventure was not too bad. It was packed (especially for a Sunday). We were one of the first ones through the gate so we got Kingda Ka and Zumie out of the way before the heavy crowds arrived. We did Ka in the front row of course lol. Zumanjaro was definitely an experience. That lift took forever and I like how it slowed down a little and then sped back up. And that drop... Whew.. Enough said. After that, we headed to El Toro who's line was at the switchbacks and it seemed like the Flash Pass chick was being kinda shady by letting several groups of Flash Pass people up versus those of us waiting in the regular queue. I think we waited about 45 minutes. Back row of course. My lil buddy had on his Batman Skully when we left the station but it was gone by the time we had our on-ride photo snapped (I told him that first drop was not a joke. Lol). After Toro, we hit Bizaro. The line was just reaching the switchbacks so we waited about 30 minutes. The fire and mist was working too... Gotta love the blasts of heat. Lol. Next we hit up Superman which had about an hour wait. We got stuck in the flying position for about 5 minutes after we got back to the station, but eventually they got us back upright. At this point Green Lanterns line was horrible so we passed him by. We headed to the opposite side of the park and went straight to Nitro. I think we waited 2 hours and by the time we got to the steps I had to pee so bad that I was forced to leave the line. Fortunately a supervisor (can't remember her name) understood my situation and allowed me to load thru the exit so I could ride with my group. Leaving Nitro we hit up Batman who's line was out in the park area before the switchbacks. We waited about 45-50 mins but we had to ride front row. Batman was our first after dark ride and it definitely didn't disappoint. Next we hit up Skull Mountain (40 minute wait) and The Dark Knight (shortest wait of the day - 15 minutes). After TDK, we realized that they had opened the Skyride so we took that back to the other side. We hit up Bizarro for a night ride with the fire effect. Unfortunately our journey was interrupted as soon ad we hit the lift thanks to some genious who decided to pull out her iPhone to take a selfie. (I mean come on... Every ride has a 'no cell phone' sign at the entrance and you have the nerve to say 'Oh I didn't know...' When the ride op comes up and calls you out. Smmfh. ) After Bizarro we attempted to get a night ride on Toro but that line had to be about an hour and it was already 9:30pm. So we stopped and got us some chicken strips and headed out the gate and to the NJTransit stop. Overall it was a decent day since we rode all the major rides with the exception of Green Lantern. I took some pics during the day but my phone went dead before it got dark so no night pics. I'll upload them tomorrow when I get home from work (On the BoltBus now headed back to Baltimore.) Park time - 11am - 10pm (My feet were killing me by the time we got back on the bus) Coaster/Ride Count Kingda Ka - 1x Zumanjaro - 1x El Toro - 1x Bizarro - 1x Superman - 1x Nitro - 1x Batman - 1x The Dark Knight - 1x Skull Mountain - 1x
  9. I'm surprised no one mentioned the old Viper train from SFOG.
  10. I love how ALMOST everyone has their hands up! LOL Reminds me of my solo ride in the back seat. I love how the kid has his thumbs up like he's not even flying down the track. LOL. Quick question though... I have a souvenir cup that I purchased during my visit back in June. Can I bring that with me next weekend? And if so, how much would the refills cost?
  11. Next Sunday the plan is to get one last visit in before the end of the season... Its been 10 years since I've attended Fright Fest and at that time, I was an employee at SFOG. Im hoping that the crowds wont be bad seeing as how it will be a Sunday. The plan is to arrive at opening (11am per the website) and leave at about 9-9:30pm to avoid traffic. Im keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes as planned. And yes i'm excited! As long as I get to ride Nitro and Toro at night, i'll be satisfied...
  12. My first launch coaster was Viper at SFOG. I still remember being able to ride it like 4 or 5 times without having to get back in line. Good times....
  13. Took some more... After a snowstorm, from work 14 floors up. Downtown Baltimore
  14. Sundays are normally the best days to go but with it being Labor Day weekend, there is a chance for some lines. As far as ride planning I would head straight for Dare Devil Dive since its the youngest coaster in the park. After that head right over to Goliath (its in the same area so that works out). After Goliath, head to the rear of the park and hit up Superman because that line is always a pain, even on the lighter attendance days. After leaving Superman, head to GASM (if you like woodies). If you want the credit, I would then hit up Ninja but make sure you ride in the magic seat (rear car, first row). After that, hit up Scorcher and the Cyclone (again, if you like woodies). Then head on down to Gotham and hit up Batman and Mindbender. As far a Mindbenders crew goes, believe it or not, the reason they are so fast is because they have to be (when there are two trains running). If the returning train gets stopped in the reduction brakes (right before the station), they have to call maintenance. For some reason the reduction brakes do not work as they should, and wont release the train even though the station is clear. It was the same way back in 2005 when I was a rides employee. I remember when I worked at the Mindbender for the first time... The lead told me to 'Haul A**' when it came to checking the lap bars. I didn't understand what he meant, until about mid-day when a guest wanted to de-board right before dispatch. It was then that I saw the reduction brake nightmare. LOL
  15. I've returned with more pictures from my awesome day at Great Adventure yesterday! After patiently waiting all day... The time finally came... What a sight to see.. a full train completing its course! I put my phone in a fluffy bunny before getting in line, but a nice guy visiting with his son took this pic for me and emailed it to me! After my Kingda Ka experience, I had to get a shot underneath that beautiful sign! My friends phone doesn't take good pictures though. And I also purchased my Kingda Ka on-ride photo. Notice me and my friends were the only ones with our hands up! FRONT ROW!!! Leaving the park, I got another pic of Green Lantern and Superman. I also got a pic of the beautiful Kingda Ka with a train going over the Tophat. Looks like they got Superman running again... LOL And I end my trip with a pic of Nitro cresting the lift...
  16. After a GREAT DAY in New Jersey, Its trip report time!!!! We arrived at the park around 9:30, parked, and walked to the gate (or so I thought). I see Six Flags has implemented a new security check system where they check bags and make you go through the metal detector before you actually get to the main gate. Maybe this is old news to some, but I haven't been to a Six Flags park since 2010. LOL. It seemed to work in their favor but people were skipping lines like crazy and it was a little irritating. Either way, after about 30 minutes I was scanning my pass and my right index finger. We waited in the 'Main Street' area until Security removed their barricade right at 10:30. I believe they let Season Pass holders through like 5 minutes early but I didn't feel like fighting through the crowd to find out. We immediately headed towards the Golden Kingdom since I read by several other members that Kingda Ka was open on the weekends. I was a little upset when I saw the sign saying that Kingda Ka was gonna be closed, but I knew that El Toro was open so we continued walking towards Green Lantern and Superman. The lines for those weren't too bad at the beginning but we decided not to ride them just yet. Onward to EL TORO! OLE! It was basically a walk on, I knew I wanted to ride in the very back and OOOOOOH WEE!!!! I was NOT expecting it to be as great as it was!!! That first drop brought the pain and that bad boy was MOVING! I was literally in tears by the time we hit that first turn around that TOOK MY BREATH AWAY! That right-left-right near the end was the GREATEST finale I have experienced on a coaster. WOW... Just WOW! After my first ride, I walked around and did it again. Again in the very back and I swear, it was better than the first time. It is such a great roller coaster and I am glad that i'm only 2 and a half hours away from it! Although the Great American Scream Machine (SFOG) is so close to my heart due to me actually operating it back in 2005, I have to say that El Toro is now my FAVORITE wooden coaster. After finishing my second round on El Toro, we headed to Bizarro. It was my very first floorless coaster so I had to ride in the front for my first experience. Bizarro was also a walk on and I think we waited an extra 5 minutes for the front. It is a very smooth ride and those inversions are INSANE! I was a little upset when I realized they removed the speakers from the seats, but it was still a great ride. So good, that I had to ride it again... This time in the back! I loved it!! Getting pulled from the lift of any coaster is always fun, BUT getting pulled and then yanked to the left is just friggin bonkers! Next up, we headed to the Sky Ride so we could get to the other side of the park. The line for the Sky Ride was a little long but I didn't feel like walking so we waited. I'm glad we did wait because I got some great pictures while riding across the park. When we got off the Sky Ride, we headed for Nitro... By this time the park was a little more crowded so Nitro's line was a bit lengthy. I think we waited about 45 minutes but it was worth it! I've ridden Goliath (SFOG) many times and Nitro is like 100 times better. Even though Goliath hops over the Scorcher, Nitro's dash through the woods felt like I was in another world. Of course I rode in the back (I always ride Goliath the back LOL) and it felt like that first drop lasted forever. Goliath's helix aint got nothing on Nitro's and it was so smooth to have been running for over 13 years. We were actually supposed to load in the C-Train, but I remembered the warnings from you good people here at TPR and kindly let another group go ahead of us. I felt kinda sorry for them but hey, I was not about to ruin my first ride on one of the best coasters in the northeast! Next we hit up Batman The Ride. I've ridden the clone in Georgia and even though the theming is much better back home, the Jersey clone seemed a bit more serious. LMAO! Batman is one of my few front-row rides so thats where I sat. To this day, Batman is definitely one of my favorite steel coasters. It was the reason behind my first tattoo! After leaving Batman, we headed to The Dark Knight. I wasn't expecting it to be as fun at it was but I really enjoyed it. Those turns were so sudden (maybe it was because it was so dark) and those little dips definitely caught me off guard. Leaving The Dark Knight, we headed to Skull Mountain. It was actually pretty fun with the exception of those hard seats. After wrapping up the eastern section of the park, we headed back west. My friend just HAD to ride Green Lantern due to that being his favorite superhero. I rode Green Lantern back in 2005 when it was in Kentucky (as Chang) so it really wasn't a must-ride in my book. The wait was about 30-45 minutes to my surprise, and I have to say that the Lantern Team was really moving. I dont think the returning train stacked for more than 10 seconds (if it did stack) before the next train was dispatched. I personally have never had the "male-rider" problem with stand-ups so Green Lantern was actually quite enjoyable. While we were waiting for GL, I heard a horn that I knew from a YouTube video I added to my favorites back in 2006. Could it be?!!! I immediately looked up at Kingda Ka and sure enough, an empty train flew up the track and over the tophat. I knew then that it would eventually open up. (Im sayin... why test it if you're not gonna open it right?) Next we got in line for Superman. I was looking at the line while we were waiting for Green Lantern and it didn't look that bad. Unfortunately, it can be said that the Jersey clone is just like its brother in Georgia when it comes to reliability. As soon as we got to the front of the switchbacks before the steps leading up to the station, it broke down. Oh well... We left the line and headed back toward the Golden Kingdom entrance. The closed sign was still up and something told me to wait right there for just a few minutes but my friend wanted to ride El Toro again. FIRST MISTAKE OF THE DAY!!! We headed back towards Toro, put our stuff in a locker and got in line. Ofcourse at this point, the line was back to the switchbacks, but it is a great ride so I didn't mind waiting... BUT WAIT!!! I just so happened to look up at Kingda Ka and I noticed a train going over the camel hump with people on it!!!! Right then and there we got out of Toro's line, got our stuff out the locker and proceeded back to the Golden Kingdom. While walking, I noticed someone working solo at Tango. My eyes are pretty good so I looked at the nametag when he turned around and it was Ryan! I walked up the ramp, introduced myself and got a picture with him. Nice meeting you Ryan! After the mini-photo shoot, we headed straight to Kingda Ka. The wait was about 45 minutes at this point but by the time we got to the front of the switch-backs, it was PACKED. The Flash Pass operation they had going really slowed things down too. Either way, I got up to the station and (due to the reviews in this thread) I knew I had to ride in the front. At this point, I didn't mind the extra 45 minute wait. We had people in front of us that were keeping us occupied by making jokes about the Flash Pass riders that thought they were VIP and tried to load through the exit gates. It was soooo funny seeing them get turned around. LOL! But seriously... Whats up with this single sided operation?! I hope that when Zumanjaro opens, they get back to their roots and have those trains dispatching 2 at a time. Kingda Ka is honestly the first roller coaster that actually scared me. And this was before I even lowered my shoulder harness. That launch is something serious and I literally SCREAMED from the take off to the brakes after the camel-hump. The front seat is definitely an experience that words cant even describe. I'm so glad I finally got to experience it for myself! After leaving Kingda Ka, we headed towards the front gate. Overall it was a very good day. The $8 for a locker wasn't bad at all, especially since we were able to use lockers for the entire day. I had a TON of fun and I give Six Flags Great Adventure 2 thumbs up and a round of applause. The employees were friendly and I was complimented several times (by employees and other guests) by my outfit and my Batman Logo tattoo on my shoulder. LOL. I cant wait to go back! Oh.. And my voice is gone! LOL Coaster Count El Toro x2 Bizarro x2 Nitro x1 Batman The Ride x1 The Dark Knight x1 Skull Mountain x1 Green Lantern x1 Kingda Ka (FRONT ROW) x1 Not bad for 8 hours... And now... its Photo time!!! What a nice welcome! First we gotta pay our parking fee... Can you tell I had a massive hangover from the night before? LOL Its not THAT bad but its alot of people here before 10:30... The tallest coaster in the USA awaits me... I thought this was a nice shot. I call it 'Ka watching over Toro'. Another nice shot of 2 record breaking machines! Bizarro's Number One!!! Bizarro! Bizarro! Bizarro! Bizarro! I snapped this while in line for the Sky Ride. Some baby chicks in a nest waiting on momma to come back with lunch. Awww... Superman and The Green Lantern saving the universe! Toro and Ka once again... Another beautiful shot thanks to the Sky Ride. Nitro is calling me!! And I answered that call! Lets go!!! After Nitro had its way with me, I needed a Newport... But ooooh! I hear a roar that I remember quite well! Although I dont agree with this color scheme, the ride itself continues to pack a punch! Nitro again! Why so serious? I couldn't miss a photo-op with the Batmobile!!! I thought Skull Mountain's enclosure looked great! Ride Signs fascinate me. I thought Green Lanterns sign looked great! 2 B&M's... 2 hero's... Yet another familiar layout.... Look! Its Ryan!!! I just had to purchase my On-Ride photo!! HANDS UP! SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS!!
  17. I'm having a great day at the park... Kinga Ka has been closed all day but they recently started launching test runs so I'm about to hit up El Toro for the 3rd time (I friggin LOVE that ride!) And pray that I see a train full of guests going over Ka's top hat.
  18. So I have arrived in New Jersey... Can't wait to get to the park tomorrow morning. Hey Ryan, I'd love to get a picture with you. I'll be wearing black basketball shorts and a Batman tank top. I have a Batman logo tattoo on my right shoulder and a spider web tattoo on my left. El Toro will be my first ride of the day so make sure you let me know when you'll be working so I can catch you at the tide.
  19. Just one week before my visit to GAdv... I have my fingers crossed on Zumanjaro being open by that time but knowing Six Flags (and being a former employee), I know that I shouldn't get my hopes up. It is good news to hear that Ka is open on weekends though... Atleast I'll get that count! I have a question though. I went to Six Flags America yesterday to process my membership pass (or whatever its called) and the man that took my picture said that I would be able to use it at any park... However, I have a friend thats going with me. I noticed a 'bring a friend for half off' benefit in the membership portal, so i'm wondering if I'll be able to use that half-off deal at GAdv or is it only for SFA since its my home park and thats where my pass was processed... Either way, i'm so excited about the trip! Many photo's will be taken and i'll be doing a trip report as well.
  20. My Coworkers and I are planning a trip to Jersey in June (21st and 22nd). We're hitting the water park on Saturday and Great Adventure on Sunday. I remember Sundays at SFOG being much less crowded on versus a Saturday. Hopefully things are kinda sorta the same way. I also think that is enough time to give them to finish Zumanjaro and have KK running smooth as well. I'm extra excited because I've been wanting to go to this park since they built Nitro!
  21. So I've been employed for 2 weeks now. I love the fact that I got promoted to IT/HelpDesk before I got finished with training. Looks like this year is gonna be great. On another note, I get my tax refund next week so I can finally start building my new PC! I'm soooo excited!
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