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  1. Live streaming is what I'm trying to accomplish... I have plenty of videos that I'm in the process of putting together but you need a reliable signal to stream live. Anywhoo... I came out to the park today. I arrived right at 11:30 so that I could get my Nacho's for lunch before the long line inside of Macho Nacho's formed. It started raining around 3ish and it rained for a couple of hours. Good thing too because the park cleared out. Batman and Joker was closed all day. I was able to get 3 rides on Thunder River without leaving my seat. I could have got a 4th but I had to take a potty break. Lol. I even took a journey through the Monster Mansion because there was no line. They had an ERT after the park closed so I was able to get 2 more laps on Twisted Cyclone in the back row after dark. I also rode Acrophobia two more times after dark as well. The Scorcher was also a part of the ERT but I had already ridden it twice earlier so it wasn't a must re-ride for me. -Ride Count- Twisted Cyclone - 4x Acrophobia - 4x Scorcher - 2x Scream Machine - 2x Superman - 1x Mind Bender - 5x Goliath - 4x Thunder River - 3x Monster Mansion - 1x
  2. ^Well i'm trying to start video blogging my park visits since I visit the park frequently. You'd be surprised by how many people are interested in amusement parks on YouTube. I want to live stream my experiences but I can't do that without reliable cell reception. It has nothing to do with texting.
  3. That back row at night is insane... That's the only word I can think of to describe it. That dip before the zero-g roll though... I have a question though... Does anyone else get sh!tty cell reception out there? I had T-Mobile, switched to Cricket (AT&T's towers supposedly) and now I'm tempted to switch to Boost. Something's gotta give.
  4. I got to the park a little after 1pm and it was literally a dead zone. I don't think Twisted Cyclones queue ever passed the 1st row in the queue house. Joker was running but Superman was closed most of the day. I was in line for Goliath around 7:30 ish and finally saw a train going up the lift. I got multiple rides on everything I wanted to ride with the exception of Thunder River, mainly because I never made my way back down there. I also took a chance and rode the Scream Machine in the back row. To my surprise, the old Cyclone trains have made the back row a little more rideable than the 3 bench trains did. I was sure that I was going to throw my back out but I actually enjoyed my ride. I ended up riding it a second time just to make sure I wasn't going crazy. I'm still in shock! Lol For anyone reading this - If you have an off day during the week and want to actually enjoy a visit to the park, get out there! I'm thinking about going back tomorrow just to see how the crowds are. -Ride Count- Twisted Cyclone - 2 Acrophobia - 4 Goliath - 3 Mind Bender - 3 Batman - 4 Scorcher - 1 Scream Machine - 2 Thunder River - 1
  5. I was actually the one that swapped with you two! Haha! It was a good thing I was by myself. Lol. I was a little worried because I thought they were going to make me take an empty seat somewhere else on the train. Seat 23 (and you guys!) saved the day and allowed me to get a back row ride in to wrap up my night. I'm hoping that the constant issues they are having are just a part of the ride settling itself in. I've noticed that most of the issues occur early in the day, and after a while it runs at a more reliable pace. I got stuck in the brake run, cooking in the Georgia sun when I rode early Friday afternoon. I know that Lightning Rod was a pain in the a$$ when it first opened, and we all know about Steel Vengeance's unfortunate 'bump'. I hope that overtime they get all the kinks worked out. Believe it or not, as a former employee at SFOG, I know that the crew members get more irritated than the guests during a brake down - mainly because it gets repetitive and frustrating to have to keep waiting on maintenance to come and get everything running again. And I used to hate having to make the 'technical difficulty' announcement and answer the 'whats wrong with it?' 'is it safe?' 'are we gonna die?' questions. Seeing that cash floating in the sky was absolutely hilarious! But the Lion King type stampede that ensued was quite sad, mainly because grown folks showed no regards to the young kids that had no clue what was going on. I tried to pull out my phone to record a quick video of the madness but by the time I got my camera open, the last few bills were floating towards the trees. I don't think SFOG knew how hot it would get inside the TC queue house. I don't remember the queue house getting that hot when the Georgia Cyclone was running but now it's brutal in there during the daylight hours. I'm sure fans (possibly with mist) will be installed soon. We used to call the Batcave (Batman's station) the oven back in the day. When Batman first opened they actually had air conditioning in the queue house and station. I'm guessing that when it went out, they decided to leave it alone. They also got lazy with the theming for the ride as well. There used to be a police car that hit the fire hydrant in the outdoor area outside of the warehouse. Mist sprayed from the sides as the train was returning to the station. There was chasing lights in the floor when it dropped, and it played an eerie-yet cool 'batman tune' as the train was dispatched to the lift hill. As a HUGE Batman fan, I really miss all of that.
  6. ^I was also at the park yesterday and was in line when the idiot decided to jump the fence and enter the track area, causing an E-Stop. I would have made the 2nd to last train but instead I was on the one before that. Back row, by myself because one of the seats was acting strange causing a couple to wait on the next train. I was EXTRA jealous of the father and daughter who got the last train to themselves. Lol Did you happen to be around the Sky Screamer when someone decided to drop one dollar bills while up at the top? I was in line trying to get my funnel cake and all I heard was screaming. I turn around and see everyone looking up. I look up, and theres about $50 worth of one dollar bills floating in the sky. Its amazing how people go crazy when free money is involved. I saw a little boy get knocked over by a grown a$$ lady. SMH The security issue while entering the park definitely raised an eyebrow. I noticed that Six Flags had brought in a 3rd party to assist with the crowds at the entrance gates. I know why it was done but they should have definitely had them checking bags.
  7. As disneymoc said, there is a set of all day bunnies near Monster Mansion. There is also another set near the park entrance. If you walk like you're heading toward the Scorcher bear left before going up the hill. They are located right next to the Guest Relations/Membership Services building. If I'm not mistaken the price is $12 for a regular size and $15 for a larger locker. They look pretty big so I'm sure a bag should fit. OAN - I'm just leaving the park. It was a hot day out and it was pretty crowded (which is expected for a Friday). A thunder storm (no rain though) rolled in around 6 which caused them to shut all the rides down. This worked in my favor as the crowds started to clear out. I was able to get back to back rides on Batman but we got stuck in the brake run right after my second lap. I also got stuck in the brake run at Twisted Cyclone and I was literally cooking in that direct sunlight. Other than that, it was a pretty good day. I walked through Gotham and saw that the Joker was still missing its train, but when I went back to ride Mind Bender they had put the train back on and maintenance was doing some work on the platform. -Ride Count- Scorcher - 1 Twisted Cyclone - 3 Acrophobia - 1 Goliath - 2 Batman - 2 Mind Bender - 2 Scream Machine - 1 Thunder River - 1 Dare Devil Dive - 1 Joker's train has returned!
  8. I thought the site had been hacked at first. Lol. But the mobile theme definitely loads faster than the desktop theme. Of course I prefer the darker TPR with the Avatars but I see that Rob will be working on that. Also, I can't seem to figure out how to navigate to the different pages in topics without going back to the index and tapping the number below the topic title. I'm sure its something my simple a$$ is missing. Lmao Insta-Edit... I figured it out. You gotta tap the pound sign (hashtag, number sign etc) and the page numbers will pop up. That seems like an extra unnecessary step but I guess thats how the mobile theme works by default.
  9. Just a few details from my visit today. It was the first time I visited on a Saturday in YEARS and the main reason I went was to ride Twisted Cyclone after dark. All I'm gonna say is WOW! The back row is definitely where it's at. That first drop took my breath away, and that drop before the zero g-roll was bananas! I'm just amazed at RMC. They really showed up and showed out with Twisted Cyclone!!! Superman and Dare Devil Dive had lines that I refused to wait in so I passed them by. I didn't even pass by the Scorchers entrance today so I'm not sure what that line was looking like. Riding Thunder River was probably the only mistake I made today. My shoes and feet are still soaked. I'm convinced that the people in the Coke Freestyle shed had it out for me. Every shot from one of those water cannons hit me directly. Although I barely missed the waterfall after the tunnel, those rapids still got me. It was still a fun journey though. Thunder River will always hold a place in my heart just like GASM. Speaking of GASM, I see why they added that trim after the last turn headed into the brake run. I'm not sure if anyone had noticed but the old Cyclone trains are running through the course much faster than the 3 bench trains did. I confirmed this even before getting on because the son-alert used to go off when the train was traveling through the 180° turn. Tonight it went off and 2 seconds later the train was making that final turn. I rode in the front row for the sake of my head and my back and I was completely caught off guard by how fast the train was moving. I'm glad that the air-time is still noticeable with the Cyclone trains, but I liked the old trains better. Overall, my solo visit was quite enjoyable. I got 9 rides in with only being in the park for 7 hours. And that's including a few smoke breaks, and eating lunch, a snack, and Macho Nacho's for dinner. I rode all of the rides I wanted to ride and even got night rides on Batman and Twisted Cyclone. Not bad for a Saturday IMO. -Ride Count- Goliath - 1x Acrophobia - 1x Mind Bender - 1x Batman - 2x Twisted Cyclone - 2x Thunder River - 1x GASM - 1x
  10. Decided to come out here on a last minute type deal. I've been here about an hour. Got some fries for lunch, took a lap on Goliath and I'm currently in line for Mind Bender. I got skip the line passes for Twisted Cyclone and Thunder River. Although the park is packed the lines aren't that bad. Everything with the exception of Joker seems to be open but I haven't gotten to the back of the park yet.
  11. ^Hmm... Maybe that's why they decided to close it. I guess they wouldn't want wet hands to short out the guns or something along those lines. I'm going to try to get some more information on this and I'll report back with my findings.
  12. He was the main reason I used my 'free photo pass' on this one! Everyone else is hanging on for dear life... I'm just trying not to lose my hat. Lmaoo
  13. Got a front row seat on this bad boy this afternoon. I'm still in shock. RMC created a MONSTER! LETS GET TWISTED!
  14. Instead of double posting, I decided to edit my post and submit my trip report. Although the original post was made on the 2nd, my trip report is from yesterday (June 3rd). WARNING! It's a lengthy one! So I arrived to the Park shortly before 11am. I was a little worried because by this time the back parking lot was PACKED! We decided to walk to the front gate from the parking lot and when we got in the lengthy line, another line opened up which put a smile on my face. I scanned my pass and right index finger and started my Six Flags day. Of course I had to go directly to the white and blue structure that everyone has been talking about. I paid my $5 for a renewable fluffy bunny and got in line. The operator made an announcement about adding the 2nd train (why wait so late though?) and cycling a few 'test runs' but it took about 15 minutes for the first train to roll out of the station. After a few cycles, he made the 'Twisted Cyclone is now open' announcement. Cheers rang out through the hot ass queue house and my excitement grew as I THOUGHT I was about 30 minutes away from experiencing my first RMC. WRONG! After the first guest filled train cycled the course, the op made a 'technical difficulty' announcement and people started exiting the queue. I decided to exit as well, and headed up the hill towards Acro. There was only a 1 cycle wait for Acrophobia at this time so I was actually glad that I decided to put TC on hold to get a quick ride in. While we were going up the tower, I looked down at Twisted Cyclone and saw a train loaded with guests going up the lift hill. Once I returned to the ground, I made a bee-like back to the RMC. I got back in line (it was shorter at this point) and watched another train loaded with guests leave the station. Next thing I knew, the op was making another 'technical difficulty' announcement. This time I decided to wait it out. Knowing that maintenance was nearby, I expected it to open back up soon. By the time the op made the 're-open' announcement, my friend and I were at the bottom of the steps. After about 15 minutes, the op announced that the ride was back in operation, but I didn't get too excited. I watched as the train departed the station with excited guests, and less than 2 minutes later another 'technical difficulty' announcement was made, this time by a female op. By this time my mind started to wonder what was causing these frequent break downs. I figure it was something going wrong with the brake run but I could be wrong. After waiting for about 10 minutes after the last announcement, the op made another announcement letting us know that the issue was so technical, that we all had to leave the line. I was bummed... But I knew there were more rides in the park so I removed my belongings from my fluffy bunny, and headed up towards The Scorcher. The line for The Scorcher was a little too lengthy for me, so I kept walking towards Dare Devil Dive and Goliath. I was surprised to see that DDD's line hadn't reached the bottom of the ramp yet so we got in line. We waited maybe 20 minutes and boarded the train in the back row. I had honestly forgotten how fun this Eurofighter was. I rode it once last season, but avoided it for the majority of 2017 because of the long ass line. After leaving DDD, I took a smoke break, and then headed to Big G. Goliath's line was only at the middle of the steps leading up to the station! We waited maybe 10 minutes for the back row which was nothing short of a kick ass ride, despite the rattle I felt going over some of the hills. It looks as if they are relocating the lockers for Goliath, and they were having the guests leave their loose articles on the loading platform. I saw the lockers, but there was no way to access them as they had them fenced off. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was a little weary about leaving their phone, wallet, etc. on the platform but they really didn't leave us with another option. After leaving Goliath, my friend and I headed towards the membership services offices so that I could upgrade my pass. I chose the Diamond Elite Membership with the Dining Pass add-on and paid a little over $25. The pass paid for itself by the time I left the park. After getting my pass squared away, I headed straight to Macho Nacho to make use of my dining pass. The nachos didn't disappoint, and my stomach was good and full by the time I finished them. After finishing my nachos, my friend and I headed down to Gotham City. We got in line for Mind Bender and there was literally NOBODY in line. We walked right up to the station and boarded in the back row immediately. When our train returned to the station, there was no one in line for the back row. I figured we could stay in our seat to get another ride in but the attendant informed us that we would have to go back around. Instead of getting back in line for Mind Bender, we decided to hop in line for a ride on Batman. Once again, the line was pretty much empty. We waited an additional 3 minutes for the front row which was more than worth it. After leaving BTR, we decided to head towards the back of the park. Blue Hawk looked like a station wait, while GASM had filled up the first set of switch-backs. We decided to pass them both by, and we jumped in line for Superman. Superman's line was down past the steps, and by the time we reached the station it had grown tremendously. I was happy that I went with my instinct when I did, because the ops were absolutely terrible. After waiting in line for about 30 minutes, we boarded the back row and took our flight. It seems as if the ride was rattling a little more than usual, but it was still a fun ride. I know that SMUF is not as new as it looks, but at the same time I'm hoping that they eventually give it some TLC. It also looked like they have been working on the 3rd train. Hopefully we see 2-Station ops again in the near future! After leaving SMUF, I headed to the Flash Pass office to utilize my 2 skip-the-line passes. The dude that assisted me was the real MVP. He gave me 2 passes for Twisted Cyclone and my buddy and I headed straight to the RMC greatness which was now operating flawlessly! We got to the top of the steps and to my surprise, the station attended directed us to the FRONT ROW! At this point, my heart was racing. I was finally about to experience my first RMC, in the FRONT F#$@&$G ROW! We waited 3 trains, before we took our seats and fastens our seatbelts. Before I knew it, we were dispatched from the station! The twisted pre-lift section was surprisingly entertaining. As we climbed the lift, I tried my best to brace myself for what I was about to experience. Needless to say... I WASN'T READY!!! From the time we left the lift, that mofo was MOVING. All I could do was scream as we flipped through the reverse barrel roll. The wave turn brought the pain, and those forceful air-time moments were insane! Twisted Cyclone is definitely an experience unlike no other and I am soooo glad that my home park has an awesome RMC! After using my free photo pass, we headed to Johnny Rockets so that I could get my free snack. As we were in line, the sky opened up and heavy rain started to fall. At this point I felt like the luckiest man on earth, since I had beaten the rain by 2 cycles. I guess I'll go ahead and mention that I'm not a fan of the fries they gave me. Next time I'll just go down to Gotham City for a basket of those delicious curly fries. Once the rain lightened up, we decided to head towards Justice League since I figured it would still be open, despite the weather. To my surprise, Justice League had also ceased operations for weather. I'm still trying to understand why a completely indoor ride would shut down because of some rain. Im guessing they might have had leak in the roof or something. Although the ride was closed, they were still allowing people to enter the queue which was nice of them. After about 20 minutes (by this time the rain had stopped and the sun was shining bright again) the operator made the 'Justice League is now open' announcement. After waiting an additional 15 minutes, we boarded our cars and started our ride. For some reason, my gun was acting strange so my score was lower than usual, but it was still a fun ride and all of the effects were working flawlessly. Leaving Justice League, we headed straight to JB's as it was now 7:22 and the dinner cut off is 7:30. We made it just in time and I decided to try the boneless buffalo wing basket. The wings were hot, but just the right kind of hot and the 'fries' were surprisingly good too. Leaving JB's, we power walked back down to Twisted Cyclone to get one last ride in. After squeezing my way to my fluffy bunny, I jumped in line and tried myself to prepare myself for another Twisted experience. This time I was determined to get a seat in the back row. It took us maybe 20 minutes to reach the top of the steps and luckily the attendant gave us the option to choose where we wanted to sit. After waiting 2 cycles, we were bucked up and ready to go. I thought the front row was crazy, but that back row was insane. I do believe that Twisted Cyclone is now my favorite coaster in the park and Batman has been bumped down to number two. I'm happy that I was able to ride it twice despite the foolishness we went through earlier in the day. I won't say that it was worth the wait, but it definitely didn't disappoint. Overall, we had a pretty good day. I'll probably be visiting the park atleast once a week to make sure that my Diamond Elite Membership is taken advantage of. The operations were great with the exception of Superman, and the park looked great as always. -Ride Count- Acrophobia - 1x Twisted Cyclone - 2x Dare Devil Dive - 1x Goliath - 1x Mind Bender - 1x Batman - 1x Superman - 1x Justice League - 1x Please excuse the quality of my pictures... This phone has a crappy camera. I can't wait to get my new digital camera. It was at this point that I started to get excited... Hey Big G! I've missed you! Batman! Goliath flying by... In there like swimwear! Oh boy! It's finally happening! My first RMC! Thunder River was filled up, and so was the queue. It was HOT out there! I've never noticed this before... Goliath's line was a dead zone... Got my Nachos! Gotham! My favorite section of the park! Joker is still missing his train... But Batman was waiting for me! It's been a while since I've seen the fountain functioning like it should. Great job SFOG! I love this station! Once upon a time, a GIB stood here... Skip! It's Superman! And lastly... My on-ride photo from my first ride on Twisted Cyclone!
  15. Alot of people forget that Six Flags Over Georgia was one of the first Six Flags Parks, second only to Six Flags Over Texas. There's so much history behind those front gates and I'm proud to say that it's my home park!
  16. This is good news but I'm wondering how they're going to go about this since they are now open for daily ops.
  17. How would anyone really know? Doesn't a ride have to actually OPERATE for some period of time before we know any details about the operations of it??? If SFOG is still doing things the way they were when I worked there, then chances are they're not going to run it in the rain because the brake run isn't covered. All of the coasters with uncovered brake runs are classified as Level A rides. Level A rides (Mind Bender, Goliath, Blue Hawk, Superman, Scorcher etc.) are the first to close even before the rain starts. I was told that this is to prevent issues with the brakes being wet, possibly preventing them from functioning properly. I'm actually surprised that the brake run on Twisted Cyclone isn't covered. Especially since The Georgia Cyclone had a covered brake run.
  18. Something tells me that TC is gonna HAUL at night. Just a couple of weeks until I'm in the back row with my hands up! I think they should have placed the on-ride camera after the wave turn. That would have made for some hilarious photo's in my opinion.
  19. The weather down here has been all over the place this week, and they're talking about rain all weekend. Im not sure if the brake run is still covered but if it isn't, I'm sure Twisted Cyclone will be a Level A ride (Georgia Cyclone was a Level B btw) which means no ops in the rain. Hopefully the weather clears up in time for opening day/weekend but right now things aren't looking too good.
  20. ^One of the GP will be complaining to Guest Relations about that sign soon. Mark my words.
  21. SFOG has 2 engines. The Texas and The General. I believe it was The Texas that caught on fire and they are running The General now. Im sure most of the GP will give the side eye to the SFRR now based on their natural fears, but I am also glad that the experience is operational. SFOG just isnt the same without the sound of the train riding around.
  22. ^ I thought I read somewhere that the engines at SFOG were diesel powered engines. Im going to have to check and see. Additionally, did anyone get out to the park yesterday or today? Any progress on the 3rd lap?
  23. How so? The SV crew turns trains around quickly (dispatches around 90 seconds), while some coasters at Six Flags parks have 10 minute dispatches Troll alert!
  24. I'll be sure to talk about it again next week just to ruffle your feathers even more.
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