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  1. "Have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moon light?" - Jack Nicholson as The Joker (Batman - 1989) "PAY ME MY MONEY... in cash... " Don Cheadle as Basher Tarr (Oceans Thirteen)
  2. Mine was a white 2000 Pontiac Sunfire. I wasn't lucky enough to get a car at Graduation like several of my other family members so in 2006 when I got my raise at my job with Midwest Airlines, I was finally able to go and put a down payment on my first car. Unfortunately a year later I lost my job and it was reposessed. Now I have that ish on my credit BUT 2014 makes the 7th year so hopefully it will go away soon.
  3. Mine would have to be On-Ride photos. I had a keychain of Me and my mom riding the Georgia Cyclone (back when it had an on ride camera - still don't know why they removed it). I also have a big on-ride photo of me and a bunch of my old SFOG coworkers riding Goliath. It was my last week working there so that pic brings back a lot of good memories.
  4. This... Its what makes the SFOG clone just a little better than the others. I still think it should be longer but I guess Six-Flags wanted something that wouldn't take up too much space. Thankfully they came to their senses with Tatsu. As for me, the worst layout in my boom would have to be Ninja at SFOG. For one, it looks like someone just took some metal, balled it up and threw it over a lake. When you look at a pic, you have to take a second and third look just to figure out the course of the coaster. Its just one big mess of track and those head choppers scare the crap out of me. I think it was one of Vekoma's 'rushed' designs. I am glad they painted the supports black though. It makes it a little easier to look at but those GASM trains? Who's idea was that?
  5. While all of the B:TR clones have very similar stations, my vote goes to the clone at SFOG. The difference that makes me love that one more is the 'Batman Tune' that plays when a train is dispatched. It starts out low and dark and then gets louder as the train starts to move. And then when the floor drops down there are chasing lights that goes with the train as its leaving the station, and as the returning train is coming back in. Back when the ride first opened, they had mist that came from the sides at the rear of the station as the returning train came in. I've been wishing for years that they would fix that feature. I've watched POVs of all of the B:TR clones and none of the others have the 'Dispatch tune', the chasing lights in the floor or even the mist. I wonder why that is... Anyway... Near the end of this video you can hear the 'Dispatch Tune' I'm talking about. Right after the operator says 'Hands Off!' For the second time. Lol!! And in this one you can see the tubes that used to spray out the mist. (Look on the sides right at the end of the brake run before the station) and you can also see the chasing lights in the floor at the end. No disrespect to TPR or Robb for posting a CoasterForce video. Its just the best video I could find with clear filming of the floor lights.
  6. My day (well night) has been made!!! I see S:EFK has panels for each side. I figured it would use one single panel like B&M Flyers with a dual station. So my next question is does one operator control both panels or are there 2 ops? Thanks for the photos BTW!!!
  7. Turn around at the top followed by a drop? I was gonna say Ninja but the supports are black and the first drop is a turn. I'm not saying you're imagining things but thinking about SFOG's coaster collection, there are no coasters that match that description.
  8. This thread gets better and better. Gatekeepers panel is VERY sexy! I would love to see LL:DoD's panel and possibly S:EFK. There's more on my wish list but those 2 would make my day.
  9. All of my 'Debut' coasters/rides were at SFOG. My mom used to get us season passes every year so we were regular visitors to the park. I think her daredevil antics are the reason I love coasters and thrill rides so much and partially the reason behind me actually working at the park. Here's my list: 1992 - Ninja (I still remember my ears ringing when I got off) 1995 - Viper (Which became my favorite before Deja Vu arrived) 1997 - Batman The Ride 1999 - Georgia Scorcher 2001 - Deja Vu and Acrophobia (2 great rides in 1 year! U can't beat that! Still miss the Vu tho ) 2002 - Superman Ultimate Flight (I was a little pissed over the removal of Viper) 2006 - Goliath (I was an employee on opening day, I got to ride it with other employees the night of the Season Pass Holders sneak peak - Front Seat in the dark!!)
  10. All of the above goes back to what I said about the difference between SF and CF parks. At SFOG we were never allowed to add or remove trains. Maintenance had to be called. Additionally, I remember my Supervisor using his key to turn the 'Maintenance Bypass' keyswitch at GASM to start the lift without needing a person on the lift. He also used it to reset a Ride Stop.
  11. Not sure if its random or not but it definitely was unexpected for me - Back in 2005 a few of us employees decided to visit SFOG on one of our off days (we did this alot LOL). So we had just got off of Deja Vu and I needed a cig so we walked over to the smoking area adjacent to where the Vu was located. The Vu's crew loaded up the next train and we heard the warning horn. As we're watching the train cycle, when it flew up Tower 2 --- BAM! Miscatch! It was hilarious and we all started tripping out because we could have easily been on that train. Fortunately maintenance was close by because by the time I finished my cig, they were already in the process of unloading.
  12. I've been saying that I was gonna get out to Kings Island to take on the Beast and now I have reason #2. I cant wait to see pictures of the completed station and que!
  13. While I love the 3D take on the 3rd installment I must agree. RCT2 runs better and crashes a lot less than #3. But at the same time, it may just be my crappy computer. Lol ------------------ I think my TPR Bag-O-Crap came in the mail Saturday. The mailman didn't ring the doorbell and left one of those certified letter/package slips on the door. Imma be waiting outside for him/her today tho!
  14. ^^ I have always loved the way GIB's look from above, its definitely an intense ride that doesn't require a large footprint and the way the track crosses itself during the vertical loop was a very smart move on Vekoma's part. On a side tip, I love the color scheme they went with for this GIB. Its different yet beautiful.
  15. I do know that SMUF at SFOG has mushroom dispatch buttons as well. And a touch screen just like Air's which shows the status of the trains, seats, flaps, pins, radio comm, etc. But the seats are latched and locked by secondary panels (there's one on each side) that also control the air gates. There is a single mushroom dispatch button on the secondary panel as well. Like any coaster, that button must be pressed along with the 2 on the main control panel in order to initiate dispatch or return a train from the transfer brake. SMUF was my favorite ride to operate because of all of the different components. And time always flew when both sides were loading!
  16. My vote would have to go to the former Viper at SFOG (or Greezed Lightnin' at KK). Its not necessarily loud while in circuit but when you're in the station, the sound of the brakes opening and closing were horrible on the ears. In terms of current coasters at SFOG, the Cyclone is pretty loud and Batman The Ride has gotta be the loudest B&M at the park. I saw someone mention the Scorcher but I think Batman is louder.
  17. I finally reached level 16. Current tasks are to build the Squidport (which I'm putting off until I have enough money for the 2 expansions), Springfield Downs, and Gulp n Blow. That Java place for the Comic Book guy is currently under construction and I gotta reconfigure my entire Springfield now that I have so many buildings. Either way, I'm moving on up!
  18. Isn't this just great. I'm coming down with a cold and its been 2 years since I've had one. My energy has gone bye bye and now I have the chills and the heat is blazing. Uuugh!!!
  19. ^Didnt Gersl... (I can't spell their name to save my life) - the Eurofighter guys- redo one of the shuttle loops overseas somewhere. I read somewhere that the ride got new trains and a LIM launch for reliability purposes. Imma have to look it up. *edit* Found it! Psyké Underground in Belgium is the one that was revamped. Hopefully the G-Guys will construct a new LIM Launched shuttle loop in one of the US states. One can only hope. http://rcdb.com/921.htm
  20. Insomnia sucks! And I have an interview at 9am. Why me?
  21. ^Batman (1989) is my favorite movie. I love the fact that they play the Danny Elfman soundtrack while you're waiting in line for B:TR and walking through Gotham City... I have 2 more treats for you guys and gals before I head to bed. The first is a POV I recorded while riding the Georgia Cyclone. I think I did a pretty good job holding the camera steady, especially for the roughness of the coaster. The next one is a video collage I made using a few off-ride video's I found on my hard drive. Rides include Batman The Ride, Thunder River, Goliath, and Superman Ultimate Flight. Enjoy! -- Also please excuse the poor quality of the video's. My cheap camera records in the MOV format and I had to convert them in order to use them in the video maker that I use. So yeah... I need a new camera. I also have a POV of Monster Mansion let me know if I should upload it or not. Until next time!
  22. ^Thank You!! The Mindbenders sign looks even better at night. Either way, Gotham City is my favorite section of the park because the theming is so on point! Bonus pic... I found a picture of my old name tag!!! I think im going to use it as my avatar. I took this pic the day I got promoted. I was so happy I literally cried. LOL
  23. Yup... I think it has something to do with the force of that first vertical loop heading right into the zero-g that does it. Im not complaining though because I always ride it more than once. LOL
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