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  1. ^ I dont know who this new guy is but i'm guessing he wants to be TPR's new SFOG spokesperson.
  2. I rode by the park earlier today and Acrophobia's hook/catch car/lift was not at the top of the tower. I'm hoping that this means that it will be back in operation soon.
  3. The Sunday of Labor Day Weekend shouldn't be too crowded considering that the park is open the next day. Since alot of people are going to be off work, I expect the park to be unbelievable crowded on Monday. As stated above, head straight to Twisted Cyclone to get a couple of laps in, then head to either Superman or Dare Devil Dive. Since you'll reach DDD first, you might as well get that one out of the way and then head directly to Superman as these two rides get the longest lines. Good luck! Make sure you ride the black car. There is a difference from the slower red car. I have "rode it out" 58 times already with the majority of the rides in the back row. I've also ridden in both trains and I don't really notice a difference.
  4. Answering questions from above as a local... Acrophobia is still down for the count as of Sunday. The Six Flags Railroad is running though. I believe there are 3 cars attached to the engine (if not two - cant remember as its been a couple of weeks since I've been out there). Visiting on a Sunday should do you a favor as the crowds are normally light but definitely hit Twisted Cyclone, Dare Devil Dive, and then Superman as those rides usually get the longest lines. Other than that, you should be fine and no Flash Pass should be needed to enjoy your day at the park.
  5. Acro has been closed for atleast a month now. I rode past the park yesterday on the way to and from work and the hook/gondola carrier/lift was at the top of the tower so I'm sure it was closed yesterday as well. My guess is that it was hit by lightning during one of the many storms we had last month. Considering how long it has been closed, I'm assuming that they are either waiting on a part to come in from Intamin or they may have just decided to leave it closed for the remainder of the season. I am also saddened by how long it has been closed. Acro is usually my first ride after entering the park.
  6. ^ I agree with most of your list but I can not let you get away with trashing GASM lol It’s an ACE Landmark for a reason for crying outloud! Back before they switched the trains, to the ‘magic’ seat (2nd to last row, last car) gave the best ride. But now the back row is actually the best row to ride- which is odd because the back row on the old Georgia Cyclone literally tried its best to knock your back out of place before it hit the brakes. I don’t know how it’s possible but the old Cyclone trains have made the back row rideable again at GASM. The airtime is insane, especially after the 180 degree turn around back by Hurricane Harbor. And you can tell the train switch added intensity because they added a trim after the 45 degree turn headed back into the brake run. For anyone doubting my words, take a ride in the back row and see for yourself.
  7. I just realized that we're now in the month of August. This year flew by. Wow... I'm guessing that Mother Nature didn't want me to ride any roller coasters this week since it's been raining since Monday night. Saturday looks like it might be decent but I don't really want to spend money on a Flash Pass.
  8. The Sunday of Labor Day Weekend shouldn't be too crowded considering that the park is open the next day. Since alot of people are going to be off work, I expect the park to be unbelievable crowded on Monday. As stated above, head straight to Twisted Cyclone to get a couple of laps in, then head to either Superman or Dare Devil Dive. Since you'll reach DDD first, you might as well get that one out of the way and then head directly to Superman as these two rides get the longest lines. Good luck!
  9. Grain of salt. But was told by park rep on tues morning that it’s an improved (covered) queue for Goliath. And it certainly does look like that’s what it is being built I doubt it. Especially since the rest of the queue is separated from the construction. I hate to break it to you but I think somebody lied to you.
  10. A few notes from my trip to the park yesterday... Acrophobia has been closed for over a week now. Something tells me that lightning may have hit it during one of the many storms we had last week. I hope they get it working soon because I miss riding it. The construction near Goliath is moving right along. The framing for the building is just about finished but the mystery still remains about whats going inside. I witnessed a 5 (yes five) boat jam at Thunder River right at the tunnel leading into the last lake near the waterfall. It was strange because I actually anticipated the jam before it happened - as two boats emerged from the first tunnel within seconds of each other. The attendant sitting at the Lake 2/3 position (beside the Coke Freestyle lookout point) watched with confusion as the first two boats sat there. I personally had to tell her to call up to the operator to report the jam. I'm just glad she didn't press e-stop and cut the pumps because that would have been a bad situation. Maintenance arrived less than 10 minutes after she made the call. It took them a little bit of head scratching but they eventually got the jam cleared and everybody made it back to the station safely. Additionally, I stopped into Macho Nacho right as they were pouring in the FRESH queso! OMG OMG OMG! My mouth was in love! Those nacho's were the best I've had yet! --Ride Count-- Mind Bender - 2x Batman - 5x Goliath - 2x Scream Machine - 2x Twisted Cyclone - 2x **Twisted Cyclone Count to Date - 54x (yes i'm keeping count )** What a sight to see! Lol
  11. Man!!! I wish I would have known you guys were coming to SFOG earlier this week. I would have made it my business to join you all! I have been so out of the loop this past week. But yes... Twisted Cyclone is all types of awesome! I have ridden it 54 times so far. I literally use both of my skip the line passes for it (unless its extremely hot - then one of them is used for Thunder River ). I plan on going tomorrow to get at-least two more rides in. It reminds me of my little sister -- Short but AMAZING!
  12. I think the removal of the machines for the water blasters at Splash pretty much confirms that its on the way out. As far as the Goliath construction is concerned, I was told that many (if not all) Six Flags parks are getting a flat ride themed for Fright Fest. I'm not sure how true this rumor is but I assume we'll be finding out within the next couple of months. I noticed queue railings down there during my last visit so something tells me that its definitely going to be a ride of some sort.
  13. I recorded this in 2011... I think it had to be late August... [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  14. I made the switch today... after 8+ years... I’m officially a member of #TeamiPhone.
  15. Apollo's Chariot - Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  16. Yesterday (7/1/2018) was a good/bad Six Flags day... Batman was running again after over a week of being closed for an unknown reason. And although the back parking lot was packed, the lines werent too bad. I was able to get a ride on Sky Screamer (for the first time) because it was a cycle wait.. Rain caused the rides to shut down for a while, and Goliath had a technical difficulty two cycles ahead of me boarding. When I came back to try to ride it again (after getting stuck in the brake run on Twisted Cyclone due to yet another technical difficulty) they had closed it for the night, even though it was only 9:50pm and the park didn't 'close' until 10. GASM was the only coaster running 1 train but I was still able to get a lap in just because it's a must ride every time I visit the park. Even with all the issues, I'm just happy that I was able to ride Batman considering how long it's been closed... -Ride Count- Batman - 5x Mind Bender - 3x Sky Screamer - 1x Scream Machine - 1x Acrophobia - 2x Twisted Cyclone - 1x
  17. I still remember how excited I was to start the main pumps at Thunder River for the first time.
  18. Yukon Quad - Le Pal (Dompierre Sur Besbre, Auvergne, France)
  19. Nope. For the past few weeks I've been out at the park quite frequently and they are usually out there working while the park (including Goliath) is open.
  20. The fans in the Twisted Cyclone queue and station are now in action and they definitely make a difference. Goliath's new exit path (around the construction) is now complete and being used. Batman and Joker has been closed for about a week now and Mind Bender was closed earlier when I went down there. Gotham City is basically a dead zone with the exception of the Crime Wave and the tilt a whirl. It just started raining so the park closed most of the rides down but I'm going to stick it out because I know everything will be walk-on's when they open back up.
  21. Batman The Ride has music from the Dark Knight movies playing in the station and queue but I liked the old Danny Elfman music better (they played the old music back in the day when I worked at the park). The Twisted Cyclone area plays old classics that fit the theme of the area but that's about it. The Metropolis Park area (home of Superman and Justice League BFM) also plays Superman themed music including the original score.
  22. Twisted Cyclone - Short but definitely worth the RMC conversion!
  23. ^We got ALOT of rain yesterday and I got stuck out there in it - yes I went to the park 2 days in a row. Lmao So I'm sure that's why there was so much mud. I doubt they we're able to do any construction today because of yesterday's monsoon like weather. I was told by a team member that Splash Waterfalls is indeed on it's way out. She didn't give me any details as to what they're putting there but it's definitely getting removed sometime soon. Chances are good that the 2019 addition will be placed there. We just have to wait till August to find out what that is. I was also told that the park will be using the rear area of the parking lot to expand. This excited me because the old Deja Vu area is down near there... Could we possibly be seeing a decent sized coaster addition down there soon? I sure hope so! I forgot to mention in my last Trip Report that Mist Fans have been installed in all four corners of Twisted Cyclones queue as well as inside the station. They weren't plugged up yet but they are there! So heat relief is on the way folks!
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