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  1. With the exception of the brakes, I love the ending on Lisebergbanan. It has a really good airtime hill followed by a crazy helix. It has airtime and laterals at the same time entering the helix, and the middle part of it has some excellent positive G-forces I also love the final helixes on Superman la Attracion de Acero. Theres nothing like flying just a few feet from the ground at high speed. Batman la Fuga (BTR-clone) also has a fantastic ending with the flatspins and the tight turns. The 'worst-ending' award goes to Magnus Colossus. Pretty much the entire ride sucks, but at the end it goes through a HUGE helix with a very unimpressive speed.
  2. The wettest ride Ive ever been on is Niagara in Mirabilandia. Its pretty big and the splash is HUGE! The sudden stop when you hit the water is not very comfortable though. My favorite water ride is Supersplash at Tusenfryd. You get wet, but not too wet. It also has a very good drop into a tunnel that just seems way too small
  3. Balder has really nice airtime, and it has LOTS of it. Its very smooth though, it doesnt throw you hard into the lapbar like Thundercoaster does (atleast it used to do). But some of the most extreme airtime I have ever felt was on Wild Train @ Erlebnispark Strasswalchen. Wild Train @ Erlebnispark Strasswalchen. The train is flying over that hill, giving crazy ejector airtime. Especially the front seat is FANTASTIC!!!
  4. I was somewhat scared on my first ride on Thundercoaster, especially when going down the second drop. We were in the backseat so the airtime was amazing.
  5. It has a twist going down the tophat. You can see it in this picture http://www.ozcoaster.net/index.php?name=coppermine&file=displayimage&album=9&pos=102
  6. ^Im not sure if I would call a coaster with a 130 feet tall Pretzel-loop-thing 'little'
  7. With the exception of the "X-area", the park itself was pretty good, although it was small. But we were not impressed by the way they ran the park. The only attractions that opened when the park opened were the Terminator show and the Horrow walkthrough. The rest of the attractions opened 30-90 minutes after the park opened. About Gardaland, we didnt have much to do with the staff at Gardaland so that might have made our day better. We were treated very well by the girls at guest relations who took care of our bags while we enjoyed the park. I heard that some people in our group had some problems with the staff in the park so it seems like things arent the way it should be.
  8. I cant wait to ride it next year. The pretzel-loop-thing that goes under the escalator looks amazing!
  9. Its a shame you didnt enjoy your day at Gardaland because I thought it was a fantastic park. The coasters were very average, but the theming and atmosphere made it a very relaxing and beatiful place. Fuga da Atlantide has some of the most amazing theming Ive ever seen. Btw, did you do the dark ride underneath the pirate ship? I thought that was the best ride in the park. Yngve "The kiddie coaster with 6 lifthills is the best coaster in the park" Oestbye
  10. Nice update! Katun is one of my favorite coasters. I havent been on alot though, 47 to be excact. Sierra Tonante on the other hand.... damn that was horrible. No airtime and not excactly smooth.
  11. Ron Toomer. He was the only coasterdesigner I knew about, and Arrow Dynamics were building the biggest and best coasters back then. Things have changed *slightly* now. Yngve "still hasnt ridden an Arrow coaster" Oestbye
  12. The only full-curcuit backwards rollercoaster I have ridden is X\:No Way Out at Thorpe park. Its the most screwed up coaster Ive ever ridden. Im just happy that it wasnt any longer because that would have made me sick. I dont have any problems with the different types of Boomerang coasters because theyre outside and theyre very short.
  13. Ive ridden 2 RCCA woodies and they were both horrible. WWW and Magnus Colossus, They both have Intamin trains, but Magnus Colossus has older 4-seat cars. Boring layout, and Magnus Colossus was shaking alot.
  14. Thats Wild Wild West in Germany. This discussion is about Wild Wild West in WBMW Madrid
  15. Its not built by Intamin. Its designed by Werner Stengel and built by RCCA. Intamin only did the trains. The transitions are very smooth, but it has regular wooden track so its vibrating like crazy. Its not comfortable at all, and the boring layout doesnt make it better. Its nothing like Balder at all. Yngve "worst coaster name ever" Oestbye
  16. I have been on that ride and its impossible to know what kinda ride it is from the outside. Atleast I didnt notice anything that said what kinda ride it was when I was there 2 years ago. I thought it was a haunted house walkthrough.
  17. Great Hansa Park update. I didnt know that park had a Starflyer. I rode the one at Prater Park and I absolutely loved it, although I was 'slightly' nervous going up the tower the first time
  18. The Screamin Swing at Thorpe park was pretty weak. It was a fun ride, but I expected it to be more powerful and have more airtime.
  19. Kanonen is an Intamin rocket coaster Great update btw. Liseberg is a great park with 3 fantastic coasters
  20. Heres my favorite coasters in no specific order: Wood: Thundercoaster Balder Steel: Superman la Attracion de Acero Batman la Fuga Katun Wild Train (Erlebnispark Strasswalchen) Looping Star (Vidampark
  21. Well, the insect died about an hour after the plant caught it, but that was because my cat decided that she wanted to eat it too. She couldnt get it out so its still stuck in the mouth on my green monster
  22. Heres a picture of me on Katun a few weeks ago
  23. My parents gave me a meat eating plant today and it has already caught its first victim. Its probably 20 mins ago and the insect is still alive. I feel a bit sorry for it, but its awesome to watch at the same time!! As you can see by the moving leg, the insect is still alive. Im gonna keep my fingers away from this! It shut immediately when the insect touched the inside of it. Yummy!!
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