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  1. Its not an answer to any of your questions, but I can give you a little advice about Tusenfryd. If its a hot day, head directly to Supersplash. Its in the back of the park and has almost no line in the beginning of the day. Thundercoasters line will probably be pretty much the same all day, usually around 15 mins. The small vekoma looper can be a bit tricky. Sometimes its walk-on and sometimes you have to wait 20-30 mins. I hope you will have a great trip
  2. I think the idea behind RCT3 Soaked is cool, but Im afraid it will kill my computer.
  3. Oh yes. It can be really be depressing sometimes. Yngve "who gets very angry when people complain about their homeparks only having 10 coasters" Oestbye
  4. Dont have a homepark. Kongeparken is the closest one (dunno how many hours away) but they only have a vekoma family coaster and a pinfari looper. I have never been to that park. Then theres Tusenfryd which is about 10 hours from where I live.
  5. I have never ridden an Intamin (but I have been stapled on some awful woodies with Intamin trains) so B&M gets my vote.
  6. Wood: 1) Thundercoaster, Tusenfryd: Wild, fast ride with lots of ejector airtime and a great second drop. 99 & 100) Magnus Colossus and Wild Wild West Madrid: Although I have only ridden 3 woodies, I dont think these coasters deserve a spot higher on my list. Steel: 1) Superman Attracion de Acero: Huge smooth inversions, lots of different elements and some fantastic floater airtime. The first drop in the backseat is the best. 2) Batman la Fuga: Very intense coaster that never stops before it hits the brakes. Its amazing how such a good ride can be built in such a small place. 3) Stunt Fall: Going backwards up the first tower is scary. Great drops, and some good, smooth inversions too. 4) Tizona: My first SLC and it was surprisingly good. Very intense ride with lots of cool elements in a small space. Crazy legchoppers entering the barrel rolls. 5) Supersplash @ Tusenfryd: It may be short, but the drop is great. Airtime all the way down and the tunnel seems way too small. And you get pretty wet in the front seat.
  7. Wild Wild West @ WBMW Madrid: Slow, uninteresting and train are vibrating like crazy. Magnus Colossus: Pretty much the same as above, but the trains shakes more. Loopen @ Tusenfryd: Very short, not the most exciting coaster and somewhat rough. Pinfari loopers: Very intense, but also very rough and brutal.
  8. Im going to Liseberg in May with the Norwegian Coaster Club. And then Im going to Hungary, Austria and Italy with ECC in July
  9. Well, Im going to Liseberg in May so Im really looking forward to ride Kanonen. The loop is almost as tall as the tophat so Im sure theres some serious airtime over the tophat
  10. I doubt it will beat the first inversion on Volcano; The Blast Coaster. But it will still be big, thats for sure.
  11. Hello Im Yngve from Norway. I have been a user on westcoaster.net so I hope atleast some of you have seen my username overthere
  12. The worst coaster I have ridden was probably a Pinfari looping coaster that came with a fair a few years ago. It hurt my ears really bad. Im pretty sure this is the same one http://www.themeparks.ie/fairs/2004fund/speed1.htm http://www.themeparks.ie/fairs/2004fund/speed2.htm But atleast it was exciting, unlike some other coasters Ive ridden like Magnus Colossus and Wild Wild West in Spain. Those coasters really sucked. Rough and slow all the way. Cant wait to ride Volare this summer!!
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