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  1. Actually its all straight hills and 180 degree turns except for the 270 degree first drop and one 90 degree turn during the ride. Its a very good ride, but its a bit bumpy. Btw, Im not sure if I would call Thundercoaster a Vekoma woodie. It was designed by Allot and Lomax, and built by a company that travels around the world and builds wooden coasters. The last coaster they did before Thundercoaster was Son of Beast. I belive Vekoma only did the technical stuff like the brakes, train and stuff. Yngve "Thundercoaster would be so amazing with better trains" Oestbye
  2. Norwegian fairs are very small, and usually we only get the same old rides every year. Last year we were very lucky and got a KMG Afterburner, which was very good. Some of my other favorite rides are Waltzer and Rock-o-Plane (I loved it and hated it at the same time)
  3. I rode Wild Train at Erlebnispark Strasswalchen almost 40 times in one day when I was there just a few weeks ago with ECC. Some of the swedish people in the club rode it over 60 times that day. It was a really fun ride, and it had almost no queue. Towards the end of the day we just stayed in our seats, and they ran it for several laps without stopping in the station. It was great. The longest line was actually during the ERS after the park closed I also did Katun 16 times in one day.
  4. Ive only ridden two coasters built before 1980 and thats Hullámvasút in Vidampark (1922) and Hochschaubahn in Prater park (1950). Hullámvasút was the largest one, and the most exciting one too. It actually had a little bit of airtime in some places, although it wasnt very strong. I havent been on any steel coasters built before 1980, but Looping Star in Vidampark (1981) was pretty damn good.
  5. I had a dream once where I was in Holiday Park. When we arrived at the park, Expedition GeForce was testing. A train with only 3 cars headed up the lifthill, and when it started to drop it flew off the track and crashed into the ground. The ride closed and I spent the entire day in a tiny indoor waterpark waiting for it to open. It finally opened, and I entered the queue. At the same moment as I sat down in the car, I woke up. Its probably the longest dream Ive ever had.
  6. Same here! I absolutely loved the first drop on Superman laAttracion de Acero in Madrid. Airtime all the way down. Katun also has a fantastic near-straight drop. The other B&M's I have been on are Batman la Fuga and Nemesis Inferno and the twisting drops arent really that exciting.
  7. I saw a program on TV where they were training pilots in one of those centrifuge things, and one guy blacked out on 2G's. Lets just say that he didnt become a pilot. Most of them blacked out between 4 and 10G's, but one girl managed 12G's without blacking out.
  8. Great tripreport, although there were some not-so-great pictures of me Btw, did you get my e-mail?? Yngve "misses riding rollercoasters already" Oestbye
  9. Hey Don, good to see you again. It was a really great trip. I would have written a trip report, but Im too lazy. Might write a short one.
  10. OMFG that was awesome!!! I couldnt stop laughing after watching the video, it was hilarious
  11. I voted for Kanonen since its the only one I have ridden. But some of the other new coasters like Hydra, Hades and SheiKra looks really good.
  12. www.nedesigns.com has many amazing parks, mostly RCT2 but also some RCT1 parks.
  13. I really hate the name, but the coaster looks fantastic. I really like the dive over the escalator, hopefully its as good as it looks. Cant wait to ride it next year
  14. Allot and Lomax did Thundercoaster, while Stand Company made Robin Hood and Loop-Garou. Thats why Thundercoaster is completely different from those two rides (probably alot rougher too). I belive Vekoma actually had very little to do with these rides. Probably just the trains and the technical stuff like brakes and such.
  15. I have never ridden Thundercoaster in the front seat actually, but I have ridden it 15 times in the last two cars and its pretty good there. The last car has quite alot of airtime. And those I know who has ridden it in the front, says its better in the back. The only advice I can give you is to avoid sitting over the wheels as it can be really rough in those seats.
  16. You can find an onride video of Sequoia Adventure, the new S&S Screamin Squirrell at Gardaland, on http://www.lifthill.de/html/sequoia.html Video link is in the bottom left corner
  17. Here you will find pics and a video http://www.wimmerl.com/HP/UPA.html
  18. Great pics. Walibi Belgium may not have the best rides, but it seems like a very nice park. Do you know whats happening to Tornado? Will they take it down or will it just be standing there rotting away?
  19. I have ridden Stunt Fall, the Deja Vu clone in Spain and its not that bad. Everything happens very fast and its over in a a few seconds. I wouldnt be too worried
  20. Found some more pics of the looping waterslide. That thing looks crazy, I would never ride anything like that http://www.thrillnetwork.com/boards/attachment.php?attachmentid=11082 http://www.thrillnetwork.com/boards/attachment.php?attachmentid=11083 http://www.thrillnetwork.com/boards/attachment.php?attachmentid=11084 http://www.thrillnetwork.com/boards/attachment.php?attachmentid=11085
  21. Im not a big fan of waterslides. Im not afraid to go on them, but I dont feel perfectly safe in them as I do on rollercoasters.
  22. Haha that was funny. Last weekend I saw a program about rollercoasters on TV and they showed the opening of Manhattan Express. There was this guy who had won the first ride in the front seat on an auction, and he had been looking forward to ride it for 4 months. Even though he was holding on for dear life during the ride (I never saw him smile on it), he said it was a great ride when it was over.
  23. I think its funny that no matter how rough and painful a coaster is, you'll see people riding with their arms up. Manhattan Express, Viper, TOGO Standups, etc.....
  24. When I started getting interested in rollercoasters, I thought MCBR's were 'fake stations' to make the passengers think that the ride was over
  25. Im going on that ECC trip Wild Train looks like a very fun coaster, looking forward to ride it. Im downloading the video right now... Edit: I just saw the video and Wild Train looks crazy. Cant wait to ride it this summer...
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