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  1. I need some photos of rollercoaster's trains, because i have to see the particulars in each train...please, post them! Every type of coaster, what do you have! Very close to the train, so it's simple to see the particulars....thanks! Bye, Marco. Hope my english was good!
  2. Britney Spears - Someday (I Will Understand)
  3. Wow!!! What a great day in Mirabilandia! Thanks Robb, Elissa, Dan and the other persons that joined us in that beautiful day, very hot!!! That was amazing! Thank you! I can't wait till your return in Italy, hope soon! I know that next year you will be only in the UK, but i hope the next one you will be in Italy again! Thanks! I post a photo of Robb, Elissa and me in Mirabilandia, i'm the guy in the middle of course! Bye, Marco. Here we are in the mayan area, near Katun! We have just finished to do an interview with Robb and Elissa, and he has just finished to ride Katun 8 times!
  4. Just a personal question Robb: did you receive my message in the cell-phone? Because, don't worry, i will be in mirabilandia with you, the 29th, so, we can meet at the entrance 30 minutes before the opening, ok? please, let me know something! or write me a PM the next time you are on the net! Thanks! Bye, Marco. PS: sorry for the OT!
  5. Hey guys!!! That's great, but i've got a problem!!! I sent you an e-mail just before your start of the europe trip, but i had no answer...and so, i don't have your cell-phone number, and i don't know how i will meet you in Mirabilandia on the 29th!!! Please, try to reply to me when you are on the net, in some way! Thanks! Bye, Marco.
  6. Thank you so much!! I will check it out...thanks! Bye, Marco.
  7. Hey everybody! On August i'm going to visit Port Aventura, and for that i need some videos of the park in general and the attractions & shows...can you help me? Thank you so much! bye, mArCo.
  8. I will be in Mirabilandia with you with other coastermaniac friends...so, see you soon!!! I'm really looking forward to meet you, guys!!!! Bye, Marco.
  9. thanks, they are perfect...thank you! But if you have other photos, let me know... Bye, MaRCo.
  10. And so? Nobody can help me? I need coasters HQ photos, if you have one please post it...or post a link...thanks! Bye, Marco.
  11. Oh, i don't know...maybe a B&M floorless, or another type by b&m...and also an intamin giga coaster, like millennium force, for example...ok? Bye, MaRCo.
  12. Hi Everybody! I wanna print by myself a great coaster poster, but i need a very High Quality awesome photo...please, help me finding one of them, or maybe, post them, but they have to be very high quality, ok? Please...thank you sooo much! Bye, MaRCo.
  13. And the video? Nobody has made a video of kingda ka testing? Please, i'm looking forward to see the train launching on the track! Bye, Marco.
  14. Look here: http://cgi.ebay.it/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=8180&item=5181330902&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW :? I don't know...maybe it's a fake! Bye, Marco.
  15. Singer! Famous & Rich, like Britney, Xtina or Justin, live in the USA, have a lot of houses and finally be happy!! Because now i'm not so happy...oh, i'm in a pop group, with my 2 best female friends and my best male friend!! Bye, Marco.
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