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  1. I usually let people belive what they want. It can be quite amusing to listen to people sometimes. A guy at the place where I work said he had ridden Uppskjutet at Liseberg (S&S spaceshot) and that it was probably a 100 meters tall. I guess it wasnt that far from the real height (56 meters )
  2. Looks very good so far. It will be very interesting to see the final result
  3. Great update. Silver Dollar City is one of the parks I really want to visit sometime
  4. Ive visited Tusenfryd 5 times. Its the only park I have been to more than once.....
  5. I dont know if it can be called 'weird' but on Kanonen last week they had serious problems getting the copper fins on the launch down.
  6. I have only ridden Kanonen so I'll have to vote for 'other'. I loved it, great ride!
  7. <- A simple pic showing the fantastic corkscrew on Tusenfryd's awesome vekoma looper
  8. Heres a small video of me and another member on Kanonen on our first and only ride. Its filmed inside the station so you only see the beginning of the launch. Im the one closest to the camera looking slightly nervous Kanonen2.zip Me on my first launched coaster ever!
  9. One thing I forgot to mention: With the exception of those working on Lisebergbanan, the ride-ops at Liseberg were working somewhat slow. Especially those working on the S&S tower were very lazy. They walked slowly around the tower, switching between talking and checking restraints. When I was at Tusenfryd last year, the ride-ops on Thundercoaster were running to check the seatbelts and restraints and the queue was only 15 mins. The queue on Balder on saturday was 30-40 mins.
  10. The last coaster I rode was Lisebergbanan at Liseberg, a fantastic Zierer - Schwarzkopf coaster
  11. I reccomend checking out Spökhotellet Gasten, the parks haunted hotel. If you want to know more about the other rides at Liseberg, check out this http://www.nojespark.net/liseberg.php
  12. Ive been watching that site for quite a while. Its really impressive
  13. Hi all! I just came home from Liseberg after spending an entire day there with 7 other crazy people from the Norwegian Coaster Club. I dont really remember everything that happened that day so this TR wont be extremely long Alright, here we go... Once we were inside the gates we headed for Kanonen since this is the most popular ride and it has the lowest capacity of the coasters in the park. It wasnt open when we came so we decided to take a quick ride on Balder since the queue was short. I had never ridden Balder before so we took the front row. After a 180 degree turn we hit the steep and fast lifthill. You get a really nice view of Kanonen at the top, but there isnt much time to enjoy it. After a short right turn you dive almost vertically towards the ground, and you get some nice floater air in the front seat. The rest of the ride is a double figure-eight layout with lots of ejector airtime and smooth turn. We rode it in the backseat later and the first drop was just insane. Airtime all the way down. The last hill is very surprising as it really throws you into your lapbar. A nice ending to a fantastic ride. After our first ride on Balder, we saw that Kanonen had opened so we decided to get in line. A little while later I was in the front seat looking down the launch track. The sound of drums starts, and we roll back and forth a little. Arms up and I was ready to go.... An explosion is heard on the speakers and off we go. WOW! The launch was better than I expected, but it seemed to loose its speed very quickly right before the tophat. I cant really remember much of the ride, except that I really liked it. Maybe a bit painfull on the twisting airtime hills, but still a really good ride. Unfortunately it broke down so I only got one ride on it. They started testing it again late in the evening, and I got to see a rollback. It was just a shame it never opened again that day. I cant really remember when we rode it the first time, but one thing I do know is that we rode Lisebergbanan quite a few times that day. This ride is just fantastic, it has everything. Airtime, strong positive G-forces and lateral G-forces. Its a very fun ride, and the interaction with some of the other rides is just great. The only negative thing about this ride is the brakes, which arent the most comfortable. The ride throws you around a bit, but its still smoother than many newer rides. Thats quite impressive considering its 18 years old. I can easily understand why this was Anton Schwarzkopf's favorite coaster. Another thing that impressed me, was that they were running 5 trains on it so the queue was moving constantly. There were always 1 train on the lift, 2 on the track, 1 on the brakes and 1 in the station. Way to go Liseberg! Some of us rode Cirkusexpressen to get an extra credit. Its a small Zierer Tivoli coaster and its something you only want to ride once. The seats arent padded very well, and the ride is a bit rough. I feel sorry for the kids who has to ride coasters like this when the adults can enjoy smooth coasters like Lisebergbanan and Balder. The park has many other fun rides like Höjdskräcken, a great S&S Turbo Drop, Flumeride, a really good Arrow logflume, Kållerado, a very wet river rapids, Spinrock, a fun Zamperla Discovery 24 and at last, but not least.... Spökhotellet Gasten. This is a haunted hotel with real actors in it. It really made me jump a few times. Without a doubt the best attracion of its kind Ive been on. Despite the fact that I only rode Kanonen once, I had a fantastic day at Liseberg and I cant wait to go back sometime. Liseberg has 3 fantastic coasters, and Im sure there are some other norwegian coaster enthusiasts out there who agrees with me Pictures will be coming soon...
  14. You have to see this, its awesome http://www.wimp.com/fainting/
  15. 31 if I ride all the coasters at Liseberg, Thorpe Park, Vidampark, Vienna Prater, Erlebnispark Strasswalchen, Canevaworld, Gardaland and Mirabilandia
  16. My favorite coaster is Superman Attracion de Acero and I love both the front and the backseat. The frontseat has the best views, but the backseat has some amazing airtime down the first drop. I prefer to sit on the far left side because of the last ground-hugging helix http://www.rcdb.com/ig1366.htm?picture=30
  17. I bought it too after playing the demo. It isnt excactly the 'greatest game' but like Real said, its the best screensaver ever
  18. Im going to Liseberg with the Norwegian coaster club in less than 2 weeks
  19. ^I love cats! Heres a pic of our cat, Melissa.
  20. One of the reasons for that is the lack of realistic theming in the game. Very little of the theming can be used to build "non-themed" buildings.
  21. Ive been working on a park in RCT3 for a little while now and its almost done. It has 2 big coasters, 2 other thrill rides, a log flume and a nice collection of family rides. Heres some screenshots of the park. Some of them are a bit "old". The entrance http://img249.echo.cx/img249/4199/newpark40vo.jpg A restaurant http://img249.echo.cx/img249/181/newpark17mz.jpg The log flume http://img249.echo.cx/img249/3685/newpark27ve.jpg http://img230.echo.cx/img230/161/newpark89gz.jpg The topspin http://img230.echo.cx/img230/308/newpark61nb.jpg The station building for the woodie http://img249.echo.cx/img249/526/newpark30ab.jpg First drop on the standup coaster http://img230.echo.cx/img230/7785/newpark70us.jpg A couple of overview pics of the park http://img11.echo.cx/img11/8669/newpark51cv.jpg http://img230.echo.cx/img230/9766/newpark92db.jpg All comments are appriciated
  22. http://tinyurl.com/76lgu RCDB.com is your best friend
  23. Ive seen that ferris wheel and some of those buildings in a video of Stalker - The Game. I beleive that 60% of the world in that game is excactly like the real place. Heres a link to the website http://www.stalker-game.com/
  24. Eyerly Rock-o-Plane that came with the fair. It looked really old and rusty and the sounds from the engine werent that great either. The ride was awesome though, but I was a bit nervous about the entire ride collapsing
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