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  1. I definately agree with you, the park needs a ride like this. Though, I could see this kind of ride going where Goldrusher is instead of Log Jammer's site. But to tell you the truth, I really can't picture anything going into Log Jammer's area, it's just hard to know what the park has planned.
  2. 37 years later of food poisoning, extravagant diseases, and...
  3. I never really realized they basically use the same commercial for all of the cedar fair parks. I had just only seen the Knotts one a million times. After watching all of these, that song has never been so annoying until now.
  4. I would guess more of the older Arrow coasters, such as mine rides, loopers, and maybe suspended. Also maybe some of the older wooden coasters that are still around.
  5. Simply Spectacular! It's like Revenge of the Mummy, Pirates of the Carribean, and Mystery Mine all in one! Can't wait to see more projects from you.
  6. One name that I've always thought sounds cool is Vanilla Valley.
  7. Recieved a coldplay CD for Christmas last year. When was the last time you saw snow?
  8. Being burried alive. What's worse than having to eat marshmallows dipped in mayonaise?
  9. This is beautiful! I really cannot wait to see how this park progresses. I love the plethora of walkways under the invert, though it seems interesting to have it so close to the entrance. Just my thought.
  10. Six Flags Magic Mountain's Goliath, Tatsu, and X2. It's the height that gets me every time.
  11. ^ I'm not sure why they never do that anymore. Yesterday my feet got wet from riding, which was a surprise. They don't even usually turn on that high.
  12. ^ It got more crowded as the day continued, thought it really wasn't that bad. Longest lines were Xcelerator, Boomerang, and Ghostrider. Unfortunately Mine Ride and Montezooma were still closed, anyone know when those will reopen?
  13. I cannot wait for West Coast Bash, this will hopefully be my first year attending Magic Mountain's event. I am very excited!
  14. I got to ride sky cabin today! So glad to see it back up and running again. Joey from park management was there helping out cast members with operations. The interior has been cleaned up very nicely with fresh coats of paint and it is nice to finally be able to see out of the windows again.
  15. 10 minutes ago. When was the last time you got sick after a coaster?
  16. Yes Will the Lex Luther drop tower be top ten worthy?
  17. All three in a six flags park. What's worse than having to play this game for three hours?
  18. Small area with all runs open. Before each meal, would you rather lick your dog's tongue or eat a goldfish?
  19. Yes Is root beer superior to dr. pepper?
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