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  1. How do you do that again? And great coaster, I really love the random loop in the middle.
  2. ^ That's true, the Boardwalk can tend to open a little later. Also if Silver Bullet still has only one train, you might want to hit that up in the first half-hour before it turns into an hour wait.
  3. There are many flat rides for me, and now I notice that since I use the extended coaster a lot, I never use the regular versions of the coasters available in the extended coaster (most B&M coasters). I always try to use the Ball Coaster, but am dissapointed you cannot have a chain-lift and only a launch.
  4. Those locks look like a hassle to have to apply each cycle. Seems like poor design for the ride. It does seem like a nice addition to the park though.
  5. I visited the park for a few hours today... - Nice to see Windseeker going vertical. - Perilous Plunge is now open! - New Angry Birds game is going in between Boomerang and the Plunge. - Pony Express and the Bullet still have only one train running.
  6. This seems like a mix between Cheetah Hunt and Manta California. Very unique and interesting, keep it up!
  7. Since Tony Hawk and the "future coaster" are right next to Gotham Backlot, we could maybe see a DC Universe area coming. We can only hope.
  8. Sorry for double-posting, there's an update from Disneygeek that was up on Screamscape. Mermaid walls are down, Sky School testing, and progress on Cars land and the food court. http://www.disneygeek.com/updates/update.php?update_date=2011_05_20 Scroll down to the bottom where is says "Enough with the words...On to the pictures."
  9. Very unique, nice idea. My only complaint would be it seems it may be traveling a little on the fast side at times, other wise, very nice work.
  10. Great pictures so far, can't wait to see more! This is a beautiful park!
  11. Yeah, POVs would be great. I'm actually curious on Derecho's layout as well. This is a great park that has come a long way. Congrats on an excellent park CD5!
  12. ^ I second that. And I don't think any coaster can beat Tatsu. Haha. Very nice work as always.
  13. Nice posters! Visited the park yesterday for a ride on Midway Mania, and noticed they have a majority of the new billboards up on Sky School. They look great, can't wait to see Paradise Pier finished.
  14. I was thinking that even if Colossus did not receive the Rocky Mountain treatment, what would the possibility of the ride getting new trains? I'm not a fan of the current trains, are they from Morgan/Chance? Maybe new trains could make it a bit smoother and more enjoyable to ride.
  15. Nice picture with the over view of Green Falcon. Didn't realize there was a tunnel through the terrain. Take the tunnel!
  16. Very nice! Now all they need to do is move the Astro Orbit rockets back on top of the people mover station to create actual walking space for the entrance to Tomorrowland, open the Tron cycles on the people mover track, and put something in place of Innoventions and were good to go!
  17. I remember hearing that structure was used for the old train station that used to circle the area that I believe is now occupied by Goliath. Just a guess though. Is the petting zoo barn still there?
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