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  1. ^ I know, I haven't been in a while. They should add a new ride sign near the entrance.
  2. I noticed in the Adventure City pics that Treetop Racers has a new color scheme. I saw that while driving over to Knotts the other day, and had to blink a couple of times before realizing it was real. Blue and pink just does not do it for me, but great trip report!
  3. Kadath, thats looks spectacular! I really love that dark ride exterior, keep up the great work!
  4. http://screamscape.com/html/six_flags_magic_mountain.htm I guess it's "official" now, even though everyone knew about it already. I'm really sad to see this one go too, although I am a little interested to see where the park will go with all of this open space now.
  5. I could actually see a few places to accomadate Speed. The three that come to mind are... - Flashback space - Go-kart area - Picnic area inbetween X2 and main entrance area
  6. Yes!! I've had that idea of an inverted stand-up for so long, but have never been able to figure out an appropriate train design. Very nicely done!
  7. Car. Would you rather be trapped in It's A Small World all day, or Haunted Mansion over night?
  8. Yes Would you go back in time to ride a horrible coaster that does not exist any longer just to get the credit?
  9. Does anyone know what's up with the log ride? I was there today, and the last chain lift looked like it was hanging over the final drop. I heard cast members saying it would be closed for about a week.
  10. I've always thought it would be cool to see a coaster like X2, but the arm spinning controlled from inside the train instead of the track. That way they could install more combinations and possibilites each ride, so it's not the same ride each time.
  11. Well home parks... Everything at Knotts starting with Bullet. Tatsu, Terminator, and X2 at Magic Mountain. And then I just happened to visit Hershey the year Farenheit opened.
  12. Invertigo was down for maintenance when I visited CGA, and the only other one that comes to mind is Roller Soaker at Hershey, because I didn't want to wait an hour for it.
  13. I've actually thought about the Dinousars building too, though I've always wanted them to build a shooting dark ride or something like that in there. My other huge project I have always thought would be so cool for them to do, is remove Perilous Plunge and build a dive machine with a huge water splash at the end.
  14. While everyone keeps mentioning that a giga would be out of place with Goliath, then why wouldn't a wingrider feel out of place with X2 already there? I ultimately could see a giga more likely than a wingrider. It would be interesting for the park to have a wingrider, zac-spin, and fourth dimension coaster. And this is sorta funny, as when you think about it, a wingrider plus a zac-spin equals X2. Obviously I would not complain if the park ordered any of these three coasters, though on my opinion I would probably prefer a dive machine over these three. I remember from the announcement video last year when they list every coaster, that they had a description under every one. When you think about it, every coaster does have a description such as fastest, tallest, first, etc.
  15. If Knott's was going to build a hillbilly I-305, I don't think they would want to pay to redo Ghostrider at the same time. Even if smaller modifications were necessary, they probably wouldn't replace all of the track. Although since they would have to close Ghostrider for construction anyhow, maybe they would take the time to spice up Ghostrider too. You know what, you actually might be on to something...
  16. I definately agree, and I wouldn't even mind waiting another year for any new addition. It can be nice to just take a break for a year.
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