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  1. Man this ride looks epic! I wish they could add structures like that to X2.
  2. I don't usually go right at opening, but I do sort of remember a rope drop near the end of Main Street, next to Coke Corner.
  3. For a while, I thought that was fake. The helicopter looked photoshopped. Great to see they're finally starting on it.
  4. Man, I'm really dissapointed on their decision to change the Plaza Gardens area. Although it is a dead area in the park that needs some sprucing up, that stage has allowed some of the greatest bands to play throughout Disneyland's history. I have been performing there atleast twice a year for almost ten years now with my school bands, and it's going to be very difficult for me to watch it change so drastically. And from what I understand, school bands should be able to perform in that area again once the entire project is completed. I also found out from a Magic Music Days cast member this year that once construction begins, they will have all the school bands perform in the Hunchback theater behind the Thunder Ranch area.
  5. ^ Although that would be pretty cool, I don't think the tunnel is wide enough for the coaster to travel through it twice.
  6. It would look really cool to add a small water park complex to the hotel, kind of like the Great Wolf Lodges with water slides coming out of the building.
  7. Yes, too much open space on the left, and maybe choose a different path as well. Otherwise, nice start!
  8. ^ I'm in that Roadrunner Express video! The first time it goes around, you can see me in the third row. On the lift hill, you can see me pointing because I saw all of the Log Jammer logs sitting backstage.
  9. My favorites are Tatsu's pretzel loop, Batman's zero-g roll, and Montezooma's loop.
  10. ^ It was mentioned on Screamscape that it most likely won't be B&M. But.....you never know...
  11. ^ But Tim even said yesterday during Q & A that they won't get an aqua trax.
  12. For the Magic Mountain day, I was wondering where everyone was planning to go after morning ert. I'm the kind of person that plans the whole day out the day before, and can't decide whether to go straight to X2 and Tatsu area to beat the crowds, or stay in the back area to hit Riddler and Apocalypse. Suggestions?
  13. ^This has been said a million times Elissa has said it, Robb has said it, many others have said it yet people still just refuse to except it - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ^ I sort of have to agree with you as well. Yes, I understand the park has more of an extreme thrill park type of atmosphere, which of course I'm perfectly fine with. I wouldn't necessarily say that they have given up on the family aspect of the park as they did just install a kid coaster, and changed the entire Thomas Town. I guess what I'm trying to say is that of course no one knows what the new "attraction" replacing log jammer will be yet, and everyone is just inputing what they really want it to be. (Which by looking over the last 30 pages or so, seems that an Intamin multi-launch has the most votes this far.) It doesn't really seem fair to say that they're just abondoning the whole idea of any family attractions.
  14. I really love the concept and those trains are fantastic! Nice little project, definately worth continuing. Would this be put inside a building of some sort?
  15. Does anyone know the prices for Dive Devil? I might actually try to ride that this year at WCB.
  16. ^ Doesn't know what time the Super Bowl will air for the West Coast < Is going to Disneyland instead of watching the Super Bowl V Doesn't even know what the Super Bowl is
  17. I only have an annual pass for Disneyland this year, so other than Magic Mountain for WCB, I plan on hopefully visiting... Knotts, Universal, and maybe Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.
  18. ^ Man, I thought they had two trains on Riddler again. That's the only coaster I haven't done in a few years, I'll have to hit that one first at WCB.
  19. That video just made me ten times more excited for West Coast Bash! I can't wait to see what Log Jammer's site looks like now.
  20. Amen! Haha, I would definately love to see a terrain coaster with multi-launchs like Maverick. It would fit the park perfectly.
  21. ^^ So I'm assuming you have not been on all the rides at either park. Those are both my favorite coasters at each park, but I personally love Tatsu way better. So in my opinion, I say Magic Mountain.
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