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  1. I'm going to the park next Friday, the 28th. Does anyone have any suggestions on an order of rides now? I feel like with so many new additions to the park in the recent years, it's so hard to decide what to hit first to avoid insanely long lines. I'm thinking about running up to Superman first, going down to namtaB, and then everything else shouldn't be too long. I'm hoping X2 and Full Throttle lines will die down later in the day. I'm curious to know what everything thinks is a good coaster to start the day at, because I feel like all of these are good candidates............Full Throttle, X2, Tatsu, Superman, and now namtaB.
  2. I've only been to the two parks in California, and like Magic Mountain way better than Discovery Kingdom. If I had to choose one to go to, it would be Great Adventure or Great America.
  3. Heck, while they're at it, just make all the coasters backwards for next year or something.
  4. I just don't like the awkward hand grips on Viper's restraints. What's the "Magic Arrow Seat" again? I want to try it out.
  5. People seriously just need to read signs more, it's that simple. And you really cried for not being able to ride? By the way, thanks for your service.
  6. That museum is really fun, I loved seeing all the train models and stuff related to the park.
  7. Do we know how long the park will run the rides backwards? Since I don't have a pass this year, I was planning on going once to do Batman. My spring break is the first week of April, which I think might be a good time to go. Has anyone gone to the AAA day? Is it usually extremely crowded? This year it's on Friday May 9th, and I'm thinking if Batman is still open then, it would still be worth it to tackle crowds if I get a discounted ticket.
  8. So when is Soak City going to get that new water slide that it needs so badly? It's been 10 years since they brought Pacific Spin..... Ok Knotts, it's time for you to remember that you actually have a water park.
  9. After driving by the park the past couple days, I noticed a chain link fence near the airplane and balloon ride. There's a wall that runs in between the train and the new coaster section, and part of it is now missing near the two rides. If I were to take a random I guess, I would say they are planning to make another walkway back to the new area to open it up more so it won't feel like such a dead end. They would just need to make another crossing for the train tracks. Excited to watch the construction continue as I drive by the park everyday on my way to school. The ride looks really fun! Can't wait to ride it!
  10. As much as I hate the interior, I gotta say Jaguar's pyramid station is pretty cool.
  11. IF they ever take out Sky Tower, I can easily see them putting a Sky Screamer in that spot.
  12. I still think it's interesting the park decided to remove rides to add the new coaster. Sure, it only ends up being the one train that was taken out since they're relocating the bird cages, but I feel like it would have been nicer for them to just expand on what they already had. Even with all the love that the park is giving to that whole section, walking by in what's left of the High Sierra Territory is still going to feel really empty. It's nice to have a quiet section of the park with the Golden Bear theater and Pistachio Park, but I think that was the perfect opportunity for them to expand it. If you're going to remodel the kids area, why not expand it to make it even bigger? Otherwise, I'm actually a fan of the whole Speedy Gonzalez theme for the new coaster.
  13. I always thought it would be cool, since the standup coasters and arrow suspended coasters have died away, to combine those two rides together. A swinging standup coaster. Also a spinning inverted coaster would be kinda cool, maybe like the trains from the invertigo coasters that sit back to back but can spin too.
  14. Creator, Designer, and Rider. I always look at how rides are setup and appear to the audience, and I'm always coming up with my own blue-sky concepts for different kinds of rides and parks on my own. As far as riding, I keep track of how many times I ride each ride at each park I have a pass for every year.
  15. Cedar Fair: Montezooma Six Flags: Tatsu Universal: Mummy Disney: Space Mountain Sea World: Atlantis
  16. That video is really cool, I actually really like that idea of having a connected track like that. I really hope the park goes through with Iron Colossus, because I keep getting more and more excited just thinking about it!
  17. So in case anyone cares, they're currently taking down Treetop Racers. I drove by the park today and was surprised to see only half of the hairpin turns still remain. The station is completely gone. I only saw a small crane, I'm not sure where they are storing the track pieces right now. I'm guessing they will send it to another park. Hopefully this means the park might actually get something new this summer! Sorry I didn't get pics.
  18. Why did the park just leave one of the old Superman trains under X2 like this? Out of all the places...
  19. I hope it does get a little more color, maybe a dark blue somewhere in there.
  20. 1. Knott's Berry Farm - 10 min. (Adventure City) 2. Disneyland - 20 min. 3. Universal Studios Hollywood - 40 min.
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