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  1. Even if the park closed Sky Tower, they would just leave it standing there. Not tear it down. As far as Colossus goes, if the transformation happens I feel like they would still keep it through Fright Fest to run backwards before closing it.
  2. Man it looked packed there. They have a great selection of slides though! Thanks for the great pictures!
  3. This might be the case compared to other parks. This was my first SLC so the ride experience for me really caught me off guard. As far as Boomerangs go, the three I've been on are Discovery Kingdom's, Knott's, and Hershey's. All three were about the same, I still enjoy riding them though they are nowhere near my favorite ride. Here's the last batch of photos from the last day I visited Discovery Kingdom. These are from Sunday December 29th. Crowds were extremely light that day. And I'm back for one more day of fun! I didn't get to ride Medusa the day before, so I made sure to go straight there the next day This was a great coaster! Compared to other B&Ms I've been on, this one seemed less intense. Instead of speeding through the inversions, it had a lot of hang time which was really fun. Overall just a really fun and enjoyable ride Decent theming with the station Oh, did I mention I had a train to myself? A look at the front side of the station from the exit. The drop out of the station was an added bonus Good things about this.......It has a cool train! Back for more victory rides A look inside the station Up close and personal with the train And zipping through the station! Saying farewell to Superman Another ride on Roar I went around to check out the rest of the park The old water ski stadium along the large lake on the side of the park The park's rapid ride Lacking some blue stuff that would help the ride work The tiger show The show was a bit of a let down since the tiger got distracted by a girl in the audience with a hot pink jacket. The whole show was watching the trainers try to stop the tiger from pacing and grab its attention again They finally got him to do a few tricks Favorite flat ride Who doesn't like a giant gorilla head in the middle of a ride?? The park had a hill with snow setup for guests to sled down. The line was really long though Bumper cars is a funny name when you think about it Mini Sky Screamer Mini Windseeker Another shot of Kong Thanks to Discovery Kingdom and its friendly employees for a fun filled weekend!
  4. ~Six Flags Discovery Kingdom~ Magic Mountain's smaller sister park was very fun to visit. A good selection of coasters, flat rides, and animal exhibits. My favorite rides ended up being Superman, V2, and Medusa. I guess the best way to express my opinions on the park is with a pro and con list. Pros: - Very fun and thrilling coasters. This park had a great selection and variety of rides, including 3 kid areas. - It was nice to see that this park decorates so elaborately for the holidays. Lights everywhere, Christmas themed shows, and tree lighting, and even a hill with snow to sled down. - The employees are very strict and professional with safety here. At each ride, upon calling "all clear", each employee literally gives a look around to make sure the area is clear and it is completely safe to operate the ride. I was really impressed with this. Cons: - I was not a fan of the park's layout. Having two dead ends on each side of the entrance felt really weird. After the park added the coasters over the years, it's really caved in the entrance. - Parking was a mess. There were no employees directing traffic or working the crosswalks. And it's a terribly long walk from the parking lot to the front entrance with a very narrow walkway that everyone has to squeeze onto. - A lot of the animal exhibits were not kept clean at all. Sea lions swimming in green and smelly water, sting rays swimming in murky water, and dirty glass at the walrus exhibit. The "Sea" area of the park really needs some more attention and care. Here's the list of rides I went on. I visited the park on Saturday December 28th and Sunday December 29th. Saturday: Superman Roar V2 x2 Sky Screamer Sharks Walrus Roadrunner Express Butterfly House Boomerang Tasmanian Devil Kong Sea Lion Show Sunday: Medusa x2 Cobra Superman x2 Roar V2 x2 Tiger Show Voodoo Thrilla Gorilla Wave Swinger Sky Screamer Medusa V2 Medusa And onto the pictures, these are from the first day: Saturday December 28. Welcome to Six Flags! The skyline from the parking lot Superman was testing as I made the trek to the front gates Medusa busting some moves The Oasis section of the park V2 hanging over the entrance Roar trying its best to look pretty too Arrived at Marine Kingdom, I mean Discovery World Time to ride some coasters! Tony Hawk got an extreme make over It was hard to compare this ride to Full Throttle. I thought Superman felt more forceful with the launches, it was just a little short. Both are very excellent coasters Coming up to the station. The new seat belts didn't slow down dispatches too much, as long as the guests listened to the ride operator and didn't pull down the lap bar Next up was Roar! I found Roar to be still fun. It wasn't the smoothest woodie, but certainly not the worst either. I'd ride this all day over Ghostrider. I really loved the layout too They only had one train running which kept the line a little long This beautiful beautiful ride This was the big surprise of the trip for me This was such a fun coaster, very underrated Another look at Roar It is pretty massive once you walk up to it The large station A look at the train This ride was a blast (no pun intended) The penguin exhibit was very nice Some of the Christmas decorations they had setup Monsoon Falls was lacking a little water. You could still see one of the mazes from Fright Fest inside the station Heading over to the opposite side Sky Screamer was fun, not much different from Windseeker. It was just really cold to ride it that day I was surprised how short the lines were for a Saturday A fun and relaxing ride After some rides, I went over to check out some more animals This exhibit was really cool with a moving platform that went through the middle of the tank in a tunnel Best theme park gift shop? Yes, yes I did Ca-ching This wonderful contraption Hammerhead up close Doin its thang A house for butterflies Pretty plants Backside of water This is a butterfly Small reptile house Giraffica The "zoo" area of the park was very nice People petting an elephant Boomerang This really hurt The only good thing about this ride is the color scheme This was fun The headrests were odd, but the ride really picked up speed This was not fun At least it looks nice My first SLC. I only expected it to be a head banger, not a bone crasher Nice sunset shot of V2 These poor sea lions swimming in green chlorinated water Even the cheesy show had green water for the sea lion to swim in Pictures from day 2 will be up soon!
  5. This year my family drove up to Northern California the week after Christmas to visit Gilroy Gardens and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. This was my first time visiting both parks, and they way exceeded my expectations. They were a blast! I'll give a few notes on each park and then show lots of pictures I got over the week there. ~Gilroy Gardens~ This small family park was amazing. By far the most beautifully landscaped park I've ever been to, with all the various circus trees and different garden areas spread out. Most of the rides there are geared toward smaller children, but there was still plenty of fun attractions for me to enjoy as well. Both roller coasters were very fun, especially the mine coaster, Quicksilver Express. The park was only open from 3-8 the day I went. The park was currently hosting their annual Holiday Lights event, with Christmas lights and decorations throughout the entire park. It was very cold and got dark pretty quickly, but overall I enjoyed this little theme park a lot and definitely suggest giving this park a visit if you are ever in the area. Here's the rides I rode that day: Timber Twister Rock Maze Quicksilver Express x5 Monarch Garden Greenhouse Ferris Wheel Train Garlic Twirl Timber Twister x2 Banana Split Antique Cars Quicksilver Express Now onto the pictures, I visited the park on Friday December 27th. After a long six hour road trip, we made it to Gilroy, the garlic capital of the world. Parking was $10 Entrance sign reminding guests which park they are visiting. Also giving a sneak peak of their Holiday Lights extravaganza. One of many circus trees outside the entrance These were very strange to see in person, yet still really beautiful The turnstiles Upon entry, you immediately cross a large bridge which leads to the main area of the park Looking off the side of the bridge, it's no secret that this park is simply beautiful. Just look at that scenery After crossing the bridge, the park is essentially a large circle to go around The carousel This park is managed by Cedar Fair. It was kind of funny to see that even this small family park had fast lane. A small manger scene they had setup in front of the carousel Credit #1 of the trip This small coaster was really hidden in the trees A look at the train in the station That scenery Small fountain area Your friendly neighborhood balloon ride Construction site in the back area of the park The train went over a pretty cool bridge The train that circled the park Huge lake in the middle of the park. The paddle boats were closed This was awesome This was a really cool maze with lots of dead ends and tunnels that can keep you running around in there for a while There was a bridge that went over the maze so you could look down on the whole attraction Another view of the maze Amazing circus tree Bonfante Falls was a set of really beautiful waterfalls in the back of the park No caption needed You would never guess that this is a theme park Very nice area of the park Passed by the train station and rode it later that night This was a really cool awning The back corner had a monorail, which was closed Just another circus tree, no big deal It was finally time! I was expecting this to be similar to Goldrusher at Magic Mountain, but was way more fun This coaster was also very hidden in the trees A look at Quicksilver's station The back row was the best seat This is the turnaround from the station to the first lift hill The Monarch Garden did not have butterflies It did have lots of trees though The train and monorail both go through the large green house Just another circus tree, move along Funky looking palm tree The park's ferris wheel The line for the ferris wheel went through a bamboo forrest The holiday lights started coming on once it got dark Bonfante Falls by night The park was even more beautiful at night with all of the lights Best themed tea cups ride ever It's not everyday that you get the chance to ride in a giant garlic. And they spun fast too! The king of circus trees! This was the huge tent where we had dinner A giant banana The antique cars was all decked out with lights There were two tracks. Once was classic cars I rode the other side, which had antique cars Artsy shot while I was waiting in line Ferris wheel looking purty at night I was able to catch one last night ride on Quicksilver before the park closed As part of the Holiday Lights, the park had a light show going on every half hour at the Bonfante Falls. I made it for the last showing at 8 Almost as good as World of Color More Christmas lights This was the small games area Looking back down Candy Cane Lane The lights were truly amazing to see at night Thanks Gilroy Gardens for maintaining such a beautiful and family friendly park! Thanks for reading my report! I'll have the pics from Six Flags up within the next day or two.
  6. Or Junior Roller Coaster 4. I think the park got another kid coaster because it was the easiest and cheapest way to build up their coaster count. Obviously I don't know what the park's plans are for the next coming years, but this is just what it looks like. They put in the kid coaster as their quiet number 19. Then there's a possible revamp on Colossus in a year or two, which doesn't effect the coaster count. Then after waiting a couple years, the park will make a huge deal about their 20th coaster, whatever it will be. I would guess it would be something pretty big or unique.
  7. I'm visiting the park for the first time sometime between Christmas and New Years. Does it get crowded that week? And what's a good order to ride the coasters? I'm guessing Superman first?
  8. I stopped by the park for a couple hours today to get an update on Windseeker. The entire tower has been removed from the ride site and moved across the street. Here's the couple pictures I got today... Peeking through the hole in the construction walls It's hard to tell, but you can see the poles sticking up where the base of the tower stood All the parts lined up across the street They were loading the tower pieces onto separate trucks throughout the day
  9. Not sure if anyone else caught this, but Roller Coaster Data Base revealed the exact model for the new kid coaster going into Bugs Bunny World this summer. Same model they have at Six Flags America, Discovery Kingdom, and Great Adventure. Still no name given yet. http://rcdb.com/9971.htm
  10. Man, how long ago was that Google Maps image? I don't ever remember seeing that many trees in front of Jaguar.
  11. The coaster is definitely still standing there intact, I drive by the park at least once a week. It just has that terrible new paint job of dark red and purple, and there are walls between the station and drop zone.
  12. I'm still confused as to why you can't pull down the lap bars on Goliath and Full Throttle, is it more difficult for the ride ops to check the seat belts then? What keeps coming to my mind is Xcelerator, which has seat belts and lap bars. Every time I ride that I always manage to put my seat belt on and lower the lap bar before a ride op comes to check it, and they have no problem checking and seeing that I completed both tasks properly. Is it because Xcelerator's trains are easier to check both?
  13. I'm very excited to hear that Camp Snoopy is getting some attention. First off, it needs MAJOR repaving which I'm sure it will get. Every time I walk through there, I nearly trip over the uneven pavement and tree roots growing from underneath in certain areas. As far as new rides, the only spot I can think of is the old Playhouse are, or where Mirror Mirror was during Haunt this year. Otherwise, I actually wouldn't be surprised to see some of the older rides get replaced.
  14. Psyclone and Deja Vu at Six Flags Magic Mountain Hurricane at Santa Cruz Boardwalk Treetop Races at Adventure City
  15. This is very well done. I've always struggled with making water parks so this is really neat to see how well you're making this one turn out. Nice work, can't wait to see more!
  16. So here's my take on everything new for next year... - I am extremely excited for backwards batman since it's my third favorite coaster in the park already. - Running Colossus backwards hopefully shows that the park is giving it's last hoorah before closing it for RMC makeover. - Adding another kid coaster is just their way of keeping the coaster crown. Since this will be the nineteenth coaster, the park can make a huge deal about their hopefully huge twentieth coaster in a couple years. And from the article description, it sounds like this could be it. http://rcdb.com/568.htm/url] - I am very happy to hear about the new slides for Hurricane Harbor, but I don't think they should remove anything to install the new ones. - As far as placement, I was personally hoping they would put the watersides on the Flashback area and then squeeze the new kid coaster somewhere else.
  17. I love Green Lantern at Magic Mountain. As much as it hurts to get thrown into the restraint repeatedly, it's still a very fun and unique ride. It's always better when I get a couple flips on it though, which has been about half the times I've ridden it.
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