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  1. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the new castle area. Although you did an excellent job with it, that area doesn't seem to really fit with the rest of the park. Otherwise, I love how this park is coming together.
  2. Very nice work, I can already picture this ride in so many parks.
  3. Zonga at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom http://rcdb.com/2264.htm?p=9668
  4. The only part on Ghostrider that really bothers me is the bottom of the first drop, and the picture always shows how rough it is from my facial expressions. Otherwise, the ride has not seemed that bad to me the past year or two. I think the mid-course brakes do help that out a lot now.
  5. The detail they put into that is very well done. That ride looks like so much fun.
  6. I understand what you're trying to say. On Montezooma there's no big difference for me on the forces between going forward or backwards. But I know so many of my friends who cannot do any backwards rides of any kind or they will get physically sick after riding.
  7. I absolutely hated every station at Great America when I went. And there's just something about not having roofs on stations that just really bothers me.
  8. I think people screaming on rides kind of adds to the excitement of the whole ride experience. I tend to just yell "whoa!" during insane parts of a ride, otherwise screaming doesn't bother me that much.
  9. I have a pass to Universal Studios Hollywood, and just got a Cedar Fair Platinum Pass, so will be going to Knott's a lot and hopefully California's Great America a couple times. Otherwise, I'm hoping to make it out to Magic Mountain after Full Throttle opens up.
  10. Radiator Racers is a huge success in my book, and being the only new for '12 attraction I got to experience this year, that was definitely a highlight. But what it really comes down to this year, was WCB at Magic Mountain. Sure, most people labeled it as a let-down, but riding X2 and Tatsu five times each at 11pm was an incredible experience that I will never forget. Thanks TPR and Six Flags for making such an amazing event this year, here's to next year's event!
  11. ^I'm hoping they do use that grass area behind it for the ride, it's only used for that llama I believe. That would create a lot of space for the new coaster.
  12. I'll be going to Scary Farm for the first time this thursday. Which mazes tend to have the longest lines, and are there any not worth doing?
  13. Thank you for the information, this is all very helpful. At the moment I am planning to attend community college. A few months ago I signed up for an ROP course through my high school for a "job shadowing" at Knotts, where I would get school credits and paid. I'll need to look into that more, hopefully that could help me get on track with what you described.
  14. Thank you so much for the replies! I will keep all of those in mind. One quick question, would an auto mechanic be going in the wrong direction?
  15. So I've been looking into colleges and what my plans are for next school year. I have the general idea that I want to work in the theme park business, and am leaning towards being a ride mechanic. What do I need to do to become just that? Is there a specific major in college that could help me work my way up to that position? Any help would be great.
  16. I honestly don't have any complaints, this looks really amazing and can't wait to go out and ride this!
  17. Now I'm starting to think more dive machine than mega coaster if it still comes from B&M. This has to be the most anticipated coaster I've ever had to wait for.
  18. Is it possible that the record breaking inversion could just be an inverted top hat, or does that not technically count?
  19. - B&M roar - Revolution's squeaking breaks (SFMM) - transfer track on Revenge of the Mummy - roar from Montezooma's loop
  20. Is there a reason why every coaster that Knotts has built is from a different manufacturer?
  21. I'm sure Knotts would choose to keep Montezooma over Boomerang in a heart beat.
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