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  1. I still think Soak City needs a new addition more badly than Knotts does at the moment.
  2. ^ Isn't hungry anymore < Does not hate people V Is not happy about being confused once again
  3. Carowinds Mullholland Madness or Goofy's Sky School?
  4. Nitro. Would you rather chug a bottle of liquid soap or eat a bar of soap?
  5. No. Have you ever fallen asleep on a roller coaster?
  6. Tearing down SOB and rebuilding Windjammer. What is worse than Knotts not getting a coaster next year?
  7. ^ I definately agree, I would probably pay about $30 at the most for a model like this.
  8. Favorite childhood shows. Would you rather have everything you ever eat for the rest of your life taste like garlic, or sing Friday for live national television?
  9. ^ Is confused like the other guy < Is still not confused v Can't help but be confused
  10. Six Flags buying all of the Disney parks. What's worse than California Adventure's construction park?
  11. Yup, every day. Have you ever thought you were going to fall off a ride?
  12. For me, Schwarzkopf's coasters are the only ones that give me that insane feeling. Any other inversions are still quite exciting and forceful, just not as fun.
  13. This isn't the coaster that SFDK is getting, but this would be such an awesome ride!
  14. Best Steel: Tatsu Best Wood: Apocolypse Worst Steel: Pony Express Worst Wood: Grizzly
  15. My only complaint is that the name for the shuttle-loop doesn't seem to fit the ride. Otherwise, very nice work!
  16. I sometimes tend to forget it's in the park, since it is so far away from all the other attractions. I think that's the main reason I don't get to ride it, I never really walk by it.
  17. No Do you think it is a smart idea to add a drop tower to SFMM?
  18. Yes! I've always wanted to have this for DS, cannot wait for this to come out!
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