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  1. Dia De Los Muertos has already been up near the train tracks, they just haven't closed the Bumper Cars to start work there yet. And I think the only other maze they haven't started on yet is Cornstalkers.
  2. http://screamscape.com/html/six_flags_magic_mountain.htm I'm gonna have to agree that the Lex Luther theme doesn't sound so "menacing" but could work.
  3. I had a pretty awesome day at the park today. Lines were short, rides running great... Almost all rides in the park were 10 min. waits or walk-ons. And I finally got my rides on Windseeker, which is a great addition to the park I must say. Ride Counts: Xcelerator 2 Silver Bullet 1 Montezooma 1 Jaguar 1 Ghostrider 1 Sidewinder 1 Pony Express 1 Supreme Scream 1 Windseeker 2 Log Ride 1 Bigfoot Rapids 3
  4. I can already picture the ride sign: The Carowindseeker
  5. This is really nice! I've never really been a fan of RCT2, but you have proven it to be just as successful as RCT3. My favorite picture would have to be Tidal Wave with five boats on the lift!
  6. I was just reading about Deja Vu on rcdb, and realized that this year is its tenth anniversary! The 25th of August. I can picture the park saying: Happy Birthday! Now were gonna have to ask you to leave.
  7. I really hope I can make it to the park before it closes. Now I'm just praying that they won't put the drop tower in that corner, and put a decent coaster back there.
  8. I should be at the park next week to check out the new ride. I actually am really excited about riding it, even if it's not the most thrilling ride there.
  9. I actually think this looks like a larger version of Intimidator Carowinds, with the whole layout being up against the parking lot and park border.
  10. ^^ And I would guess Behemoth runs three trains fairly often, while Tatsu usually has two. I am really hyping this new coaster, yet I know I probably won't ever get to ride it. I'm really hoping this could be the new coaster for Knott's though.
  11. ^I agree that the drop tower should be closer to the middle of the park, away from any edges. And I personally think the Deja Vu site is much too large for a drop tower. My thoughts on everything happening right now.... I will scream bloody murder if I hear Deja Vu will be removed. Though if this is the case, the space should most definately be used for a coaster, which now I could really care less about what kind or type. (Although a B&M dive machine would be greatly appreciated.) As for the drop tower, certain spots come to mind: - Thrill Shot's space if it is removed - Panda Express by Viper - Near Colossus and Scream entrance - Pistachio Park
  12. Looks like you had a great day with mostly little waits! Very nice pictures.
  13. So am I the only one that thinks it's dumb to build apartments when there's an ampitheater right next door. Sure some people would enjoy free music from their roofs every once in a while...but I'm sure most people would not be happy living with concerts going on every weekend.
  14. I was right, the site will be used for apartments. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2011/05/wild-rivers-water-park-closing-in-irvine-at-end-of-summer.html
  15. Well, from what I know that site will be transformed into housing facilities in the near future. Though I did hear that a number of the attractions are going to be relocated. I thought it was really interesting to see they added a large water play structure the last season that it's open. This will still always be my favorite water park in California. Rest in Peace Wild Rivers, and thanks for all the wonderful memories.
  16. For me it has to be Pony Express. I love that the park put something in that back corner, but that space could have been used for a bigger coaster.
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