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  1. its no 500ft S&S 3 tower complex but I'll take it...idk about the design though...i hope it works.
  2. but all of that costs money which is something Knotts probobly will not be willing to do:)
  3. ya but the recent pictures i had the lighting sucks and the quality was even worse. Psyclone and Apocalypse virtually occupy the same amount of land on the exact same location so its inconsequencial. Stop complaining:)
  4. What do you guys think they can do to make Ghost Rider better? It ha ssuch an awsome layout and used to be so great...what can they do to smooth out the ride? Is it the trains or the track that is the problem? Also, when are they planning on painting Xcelerator's Track?
  5. How many did they remove, that curve only had like 6 though right? I cant really remember how many it had when it launched. I do agree that the ride was a bit over-controlled as my ride we flipped only twice and were held for about 2 minutes on the brake pad. No granted I am no fan of Green Lantern...it is a fine addition but it is more uncomfortable than thrilling....It just whips you around over and over...it isnt painful but its uncomfortable...idk but it just doesnt seem to gice the gratifying feeling I got from riding X for the first time or X2 when it reopened... What do you think SFMM has planned for the Deja Vu spot? Ive seen some ideas on sites like Planet Six and I was imspired with my own. What if they completely removed the walkways towards the current entrance and let Johnny Rockets be the end of that walkway where the path meets the hill. From there, they could use the land behind Apocalypse so that it could wrap around Deja Vu's current spot on a Candy Cane shaped layout. If they wanetd to, they could even remove Cyclone 500 and use that for the line and loading station. One possible layout is this: -note: Red-Track, Green-Line, Purple - Exit, Blue - Lift, Highlight - Station
  6. What about Goliath, Apocalypse, RRE, Canyon Blaster, Riddlers, Viper and Batman...they could all be moved...and the others could also be moved as well, with some adjustments. Those are not likely. Goliath is too large to be realistic, Apocalypse is wood and since the aprk is not closing they would not want to put up with that, RRE just got here, Canyon Blaster is a kids coaster which they seem to feel as though they needm Riddlers is not going anywhere as it is too popular and too big, Viper is too old for it to be worth it and it is on terrain, and nearly every SF park has a batman so its not going anywhere. Thus, the only other coaster we should be concerned with is Scream but I feel that is still unlikely but less so than all the others
  7. Well, we are back in the 80's again where they just shift coaster around and around without really making something new. SFMM is lucky in the sense that most of our coasters cannot be moved, in fact I think Deja Vu and Scream are th eonly ones what even have the possibility of moving to another park. I am so sad to see Deja Vu go but it could be worse because the other Six FLags parks will benefit even less because they get recycled rides without having an awsome collection already unless they are Gread Adventure, Great America, or Over Georgia. I just hope for two things if Deja Vu leaves us. The first, that whatever it is is as good or better than Deja Vu thrill wise and that it is permenant. I dont want some little rinky dink ride put on Deja Vu's footprint....I want a megacoaster that occupied Cycloon 500, the Junkyard, AND Deja Vu's foorprint. All I can say is that I am, once again, disappointed.
  8. Check this out, this is a music video which has a mix of official and individual off ride footage of the good stuff at Knotts with some pretty cool music. Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTLGIBBeVsU
  9. ahaha well I suppose with the right incentive and the right amount of cash somethign is going to have to beat Balder someday:) And are you serious about Drachen Fire? I dont miss it because I miss riding it, I miss it because it was a unique coaster with elements that were exclusive to it and can no longer be experienced. Plenty of coaster enthusiests miss the Chrystal Beach "Cyclone" but since im sure most of us were not born yet when it was in operation, im pretty sure they could not have been on it. When I say I miss the Drcahen Fire, I suppose I should right missed because I leterally missed it but it is my #1 coaster I wish to ride but cannot. In fact, I argue that it has the best layout of any Arrow coaster...ever
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