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  1. So far I do like the game. It has a lot of things going simultaneous and it needs differently timed tasks per quest. Nice!
  2. Unless this problem is solved, no tapped out for me anymore
  3. I had to update, it would nit open the game if I didn't.
  4. This is going to be my guess. Based on three pictures, so I hope I did my work right. As found by others, the target picture is in the West of the USA. This would likely not be your destination, I think you continue to go west. I did see a picture of some can's and a picture of a chicken (on twitter). These two combined makes me think you are going to Asia and even more so going to China. Because this is where avian-flu springs over to humans from chickens. And where in China? The CAN leads me to Guangzhou Airport. Very near to Hong Kong. So I think you guys are going to the recently opened Ocean Park! (and maybe going to check out Mystic Manor in Disney Hong Kong)
  5. Harvested my corn today and got 10 donuts in my mystery box. I find pleasure in the little things in life
  6. The gator was Ok. Not the best meat I ate. Like stickinsects. This trip was great. These pictures remind me that I realy need to go on another theme park trip.
  7. Haha, so now you are glad I made you sit through that preshow! Epcot is an amazing park and I realy need to get back there when I get the chance.
  8. Helix is looking way to good. I want to ride it right now but I have to wait untill June.
  9. Beautiful park. Looks like a lot of fun. Good job on filming those slides
  10. I love Mamba. It was my first B&M invert and it was an incredible experience to ride it front seat. Love the interaction with surroundings.
  11. I305 and Typhoon (Bobbejaanland), but that last one may have been because of a hot day and not enough fluids consumed
  12. My roller coaster season never started this early. 2nd of January 2014. Vogel Rok, Efteling
  13. Long overdue, but I finally found time to post another update in this report. After visiting Gardaland we, of course, visited movie land studios (or whatever the name of that park may be now). And we had a blast. The park is so much fun. I did not take my camera with me because we would also visit the water park. It was a very cool park, but we did not stay long. After plunging down Stuka's, we decided to try our luck at Twin Peaks. After an amazing drop and a fast incline we jumped high. Not very surprizing with almost 450 pounds on the raft (Me and Hans). We landed Ok on the slide, but flipped in the basin. This is where Hans hit his elbow and started bleeding. First aid then directed us to the nearest hospital to get him stitched up. Very short but intense visit of the water park. In the evening we drove to Milan. We stayed here so we could visit Europark Idroscala in the evening. It is not a real park, more of a permanent fair. Our hotel bedroom for the night. Our hotel bedroom with the lights off. Yeah, this was kind of a crimson hotel. The information our tourguide had on this hotel was a bit off Idroscala One of the best swinging ships I have been on. And Yes, you are aloud to stand in those cages without restraints. Italy, need I say more? A very cool mouse coaster. Fast, smooth,.... and it had a helix You were aloud to kick the chair in front of you as high as possible. If you can ring the bell you win prizes Karting in a tent. Win. This was their other big coaster. Pretty fun too But mind your head on that passage Seek the differences. It may or may not be more then five Italy loves its monsters
  14. I voted option 1 Although I am not a big fan of the attention the twitter feed asks. It could be blended in more. I really like the overall 'feel' and seeing lots of stuff in one eye blink. The head article picture in option 2 is just to present. So option 1 for me
  15. Never could I ride a coaster this early in the year. Went to the Efteling the 2nd of january and now Joris en de Draak Vuur (George and the dragon Fire) is the last coaster I rode.
  16. One of the weirdest parks I have been to and definitely the weirdest one I have been to twice. Such a great park little park. Will go back again.
  17. Great looking park. Well done theming. Looks really fun. European parks, pay attention, I would love to get a park like this within, lets say, 6 hours drive from Amsterdam.
  18. Great looking ride, excellent theming. Well done Ausies. I will come and visit one time. (More reason to go)
  19. Digging my memory; Boomerang: Via Volta (now speed of sound) Walibi Holland Invertigo: Virgin G.I.B.: Virgin SLC: El Condor (old school SLC Baby) Walibi Holland Flying Dutchman: Nighthawk Carowinds Mine Train: Big Thunder Mountain Disneyland Paris Roller Skater: Superachtbaan Koningin Julianatoren Booster Bike: Booster Bike Toverland Launched looper (RnRC's): Rock'nRoller Coaster Disney Studio's Paris
  20. great report. Really funny. Makes me want to go to Mexico. That and RMC. Keep those pictures coming!
  21. Going with TPR to Scandinavia so: Tivoli Gardens Bon Bon Land Bakken Legoland Billund Hansa Park Djurs Sommerland Tivoli Friheden Farup Sommerland Liseberg Tusenfryd Grona Lund Skara Sommarland Linnanmaki Sarkanniemi Power Park Also will be going to: Efteling Phantasialand Holiday Park Plopsa make over Europapark Planning to go to: Tripsdill Heide Park But not sure yet how this will turn out
  22. I need to vist this park again next year. Going to plan a trip. GeForce and superman coaster, new decorations, sounds like a lot of improvement.
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