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  1. What is the story about giraffe being man made out of paste told to you by the toothless guy?
  2. I love TPR because... ...it makes me laugh every day. ...helped me get over some great fears. ...got me traveling around the world. ...I met some great people while doing that^. ...R&E host some great events. ...everybody involved with TPR does a great job. ...I now know there are people with the same quirks as me. ...IT IS JUST AWESOME
  3. It is weird seeing pictures of these parks. They feel not very real. With that I think they are very soulless parks. Just opened up, no history yet. I have been in such a park just once and it is just weird, it can have good rides, but the feeling is not there yet. Hope they will have the time to mature
  4. All your pictures show a fun and awesome trip. Now I have to save, not only for 2014, but also for 2016
  5. After a long thought on this I voted Coaster Expedition. Although the Nerd in me loves the Raw series and finds it very meditative to watch, Coaster Expedition is what pulled me into TPR and wanted to go on a trip. The series screams FUN and although it could be for a smaller audience, it also may attract more people onto the trips. 'sigh', I really wish I could go on a other trip right now
  6. Oh wow, you have a Yoda on a stick! That should make some people yealous. The ornament means the holidays are comming, Yay.
  7. I do miss the martial art themed rides. On the other hand, has anyone see bruce lee on a ride. (he could probably kick that dragon's but though)
  8. I do not know. She has about a dozen of them. Probably called 'takkie' (stick) or something like that. Did you find any interesting 'wildlife' in China?
  9. I like to collect all sorts This is one of my mothers pets
  10. Ahh, that red panda looks so much more fun then the boring 'I only eat bamboo' very small for giant panda's
  11. For every ride manufacturer; what is you favorite ride? I am curious how many will pick a ride of their own, and if not, why?
  12. It is really terrible to read news like this. Especially because it could be avoided. I would hope people would be smarter than to bypass objects installed for their own safety to get a better 'look'. I can imagine they did. I know the feeding habits of wild african dogs and it ain't pretty. Knowing it was a child this happened to the people who saw this are probably traumatized for life. But I can not put emphasis on this enough; guard rails are for your own protection. They are meant to keep you away from the real exhibit enclosures. Do not sit on top of them or cross over them! A lot of people today miss common sense. They think that every animal is a pet. I think I have to tell people off at least once a week to please do not put your children over the railings. Most parents respond by getting mad at me. Nothing will happen to their child and the tigers are sleepy and on the other side of the exhibit. What works for me then is to say that to railings are also meant to protect from electrocution. (this is true, most exhibits are electrified to keep animals in). This usually helps because it is a danger people can relate to. I think evolution has send humankind in the wrong direction and I hope this people will never go to real nature because they will not survive for five minutes. Lucky for us our zoo is not in the US, the ability to make the zoo responsible for these accidents, while the people involved ignored the rules of the park and common sense, is just stupid.
  13. Awesome guys, congratulations!! Exactly; if this is going to be a TPR challenge I will start training for this goal, looks mighty interesting
  14. Japan is definitely the nr 1 country I want to go back to. And the texas midwest trip is definitely the trip with the best coaster line up. But choices have to be made. And the trip I do not want to miss out on is Scandi 2014. So I choose mini Uk. Looks like a lot of people want to do scandi in about a year and a half or so
  15. Great report, much attention to detail. And very funny
  16. either universal studios orlando or universal islands of adventure
  17. I like this TR. Maybe it is a good thing I did not go to China, seeing and reading your description on how the bears are kept. On the bright side, cool pix from the forbidden city that is not so forbidden any more.
  18. Maybe the seats are designed for chinese and not for dutch people. Or they sold additional no sliding pants to make the extra buck
  19. No problem EB. China is a blast, having so much fun. Yes, do rub it in I am missing that Glad to hear you are having fun, China looks very 'interesting'. And I do like to follow all that is going on here and on FB
  20. I have no idea how I missed this but.... Thanks Larry Good trip, good memories
  21. Can anyone who is not chinese raise his hands please?
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