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  1. IE 8. But the problem is gone now. The add stays om the right site now, sticking to the Window, so something definitely changed there positively.
  2. Woohoo, great pictures B. I always like seeing me on a roller coaster. ^ I thought the coasters were nice. It is all L&T so kind of rare. The two kiddies are not that special but I found the Mouse to be quite smooth and a funny lay out and project one was a good coaster. Not very save, but good.
  3. I do not know if it is the same issue as above, but for me the advertisement keeps jumping all over. It will not stay put. This is in explorer and it only stays in its place when I go to screensize 70% or lower. Which makes reading more difficult. It is kind of annoying when you try to post something see
  4. This summer I did a quick trip with my brother to the Hague. We visited Drievliet and SeaLife Scheveningen. And saw a lot of sharks. Main reason to post the pictures is some minion work I did for the overlord, so do not expect lots of visual violence or screwed up pictures. Wait for that when you read my Italy report in a few weeks. Now enjoy. The most underwhelming coaster of the park to see, but wait till you are in it. The park is investing a lot in theming Mack power Scary theming And the new facade of the ghost train teacups sign teacups In park McDonalds! With some awesome sheeps And the best X-car coaster I did till now And, yes I think this one is better then the Italy one New sign and name for the boat slides New name and sign for the Lunatic This is how Lunatic looks like now New sign and name for the Rodeo New theming of the rodeo. Yes the Lunar landscape is gone. And the area is called Lol Atol now. New sign for the enterprice And the best new theming in the park, I really like this one This is a sign for a new ride And this is the new ride. It is like a dumbo caroussel, but with sharks! After drievliet we did go to scheveningen It is at the coast It has a pier and it was my kind of beach weatter Windy And now we finish with more sharks Liking these shots Itty Bitty Baby Shark And remember to Kiss and Release
  5. Walibi Holland for the Halloween event. Have not been there for a few years so I think all the houses are new to me. And looking bigger and better then ever.
  6. 15/20, I should not know these characters. My brain scares me sometimes
  7. Efteling De Waarbeek Slagharen Avonturenpark Hellendoorn Tokyo Disneyland Chiba Zoo Kashiikaen Space World Kijima Wonder Rakutenchi Mitsui Greenland Universal Studios Japan Parque Espana Nagashima Spaland Tokyo DisneySea Epson Aqua Stadium Fuji-Q Drievliet Familiepark Walibi Holland Rainbow Magicland Cavallino Matto Fiabilandia Mirabilandia Gardaland Movieland Studios Europark Idroscalo MinItalia Leolandia
  8. Twister Mountain - Minitalia Leolandia (Italy's Coney island (only Zamperla rides ))
  9. Did you have that bags shipped? How did you get all that souvenirs home? And is your house big enough?
  10. I see you have a Camera with burst mode. Great series of Hans going down that insanely high drop.
  11. ^Are you going to be there to. Maybe we should meet up.
  12. YES!! I gave Hans this shirt and made him take it with him. He had to appear in a report as proof, and now he has. Excellent. To bad its in Canada, next time you wear it in the US.
  13. 19/20 Europe My best score ever 12/20 US/C 14/20 rest of the world
  14. With this coaster Europa Park will get an incredible Range in Coasters. I really need to go back next year.
  15. It is a nice read, just keep going like this. In my opinion, never question your own style. Diversity makes this planet a cool place to be and explore.
  16. Well, this is the very last installment of my report. The ending credits so to speak. Writer: EB Special effects: EB Catering: EB Actors: You recognize yourself Camera's used: Sony Cybershot DSC-W320 and Canon 450D I want to send my thanks to: Andrew, Mike, Stacey, Kevin, Katelyn, Dave, Andrew, William, JC, Divv, Terry, Michael, Kathryn, Emma, Larry, Paul, Big Mike, Stefan, Jes, Steve, James, Hanno, Brad, Erik, Bob, Colin, Karl, Fran, Tom, Bill, Leonard, Sauli, Nathan, Jim, Josh, Stacey, Dave, Cameron, Matt, Rosie and Holger for letting me have a great time and all being friendly and weird in their own way, thank you. Special thanks to Nick for being a excellent room-mate (see the australian joke). And very special thanks to Robb and Elissa for putting together an out of the world good trip. I had a great time and you did a great job. Extra thanks to Kristen for letting us know about the spider. and thanks to all management, operators and cast of the parks we visited and thanks to all miscellaneous japanese I encountered and were nice to me. Thank you all for reading and your comments, I will conclude with one last picture of the making of this report
  17. Nice photo's. I-305 looks fake, like it is just pasted in the picture. Really nice
  18. Yes it tasted like pancakes and syrup, with a small drop of cinamon, and it was good.
  19. This report has no parks left to show. But we now go to the bonus section. Here are some pics from things I found quite funny. This are guerilla's... who do some gardening looks flowery Japanese wire you can find these everywhere this is a rare site every zoo its own species of Lion statue this is cake, believe it or not but it can get a bit more weird do not step on the plants communication should be dramatic a real barber uses shampoo in its hair at least you know where it is relaxed water tastes so much better always now what your posision is I have no idea what live steak looks like. But is must be a great show know that its under the ground You can buy sigarettes, but you can not smoke them this was probably the strangest drink we found but it tasted good domo-kun says, see you in Tokyo
  20. Tokyo DisneySea is Without a doubt the best themed park I have been to. It is awesome. I think my favorite area is lost river delta. But the whole park is so detailed. So fun to be in. And that volcano is impressive, not as impressive as mt. Fuji, but is gets close. Onto the pictures. even transportation around the resort is themed you enter through mediteranian coast and see the vulcano on one side.. and the tower hotel on the other side the hotel at night anyone know who lives here? a vinci machine in fortress explorations just a random harbor picture best thing about this waterwall is that there is a road, a monorail track and a dyke behind it and you will never see any trafic going by. Great illusion sleeping fishes arabian coast, which has a catchy song darkride, cool theatre and... this double storey caroussel onto lost river delta where you can help dr. Jones on an excavation rumble with some spirits yay, 150th coaster credit and eat at this lovely cantina there is a hidden mickey in here and to close with me and some very cheap disney ears shot
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