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  1. I like the Ballot generator Surprising coasterlist, I rode about 10 wooden coaster so far (some demolished) So 1. Jupiter (rough but surprising coaster) 2. Troy (Still nice) 3. Joris en de Draak (either side)
  2. Any park that let you smash their coaster with a hammer is awesome
  3. Thank you for following this report and I still hope you are getting excited to visit Italy next year or sometime in the future. Mirabilandia This park I had visited before in 2010 with TPR. I liked the park and there was a whole battle going on then between Katun and iSpeed, which was the better coaster. I think I know the answer now. My vote goes to Katun, although iSpeed is still a great coaster, Katun has more re-ride value. There was also a new coaster, Master Thai, a mobius loop coaster (so I have to count it as one) which takes you the whole way. It does not matter which side you get onto the coaster, they load every other car so you get two laps round and ride the whole coaster. It is an OK coaster, fun but not very mind blowing. The other 'new' attraction was the haunted walk through. It is upcharge and I must say it is a shame they took out an amazing ghost train to build this. Though they use the scenery of the old ride nicely, it is nowhere as cool as the old ride was. Scares are predictable and not many. Mirabilandia is still a great park to visit and the prizes of the Q-bot make it totally worth getting one. We paid 10 euro's a person, and with the crowds in the park it was totally worth the money. I got Japanesness feelings from the big wheel, really cool that the park still has it up and running. Must do in this park for anyone who will go there soon is the dino-egg monorail. I have no problems waking up to this That is where we are heading! The park has still some nicely themed entrance I see a very nice ride One of the best coasters in Europe! And you could not see this side from the park. Now you can get this look from the sqaure and waiting line from Master Thai The soon to be Intamin corner of the park. That's ride you will get a friend soon. Another park with a lake, and yes another lake monster. You might have heard of Scotland, but if you want to see some monsters, go to Italy Love giant wheels. Makes me think of Japan And well this is where the theming of destruction began, then it started spreading, next victims; Heide Park and Thorpe Park we totally conquered Mirabilandia We then drove to Lake Garda Where we will sleep to visit the next parks
  4. Very nice shirt. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Liking scandinavia more and more.
  5. Just got this on facebook from Mirabilandia, so I guess the theme is boat racing.
  6. ^But how are you going to meet nice ride-ops who will collect your wallet from the ride?
  7. I am in for Scandi, I have a lot of parks in Scandinavia on my bucket lust and Tivoli and Bakken are way up there. I think it is great to have the oldest amusement park(s) in the world and they are still great and fun. Excellent on both parks. And thanks Sharktums for a view behind the scenes
  8. Time for the next installment: This day we visit two parks and did a marathon run from the west coast, the first park is at the coast, to the east coast, the other park and the hotel. Benny put us for the second night in a small hotel which used to be a villa. Brilliantly placed on top of a mountain and an incredible view. Impossible to get to by bus though. The van had problems navigating through the woods. From here we went for a short visit to; Cavallino Matto: This is a very small park, but it was a pleasant surprize. Looking from the parking lot and the entrance I did not expect much. But after the gates there is a nice little park with a decent ride selection. First we found two kiddies. Both L&T, one was a clone of the kiddie in Mirabilandia,Leprotto Express, and one being a slightly different and older version of that. Here was also the newest ride of the park, an inverted frisbee with smoke effects. Swings you right into the trees (if you are tall). And here was one of the two drop towers. The other side of the park was a bit more green. Here stand the two other coasters, project one, the biggest and very cool coaster. Has no safety envelope though so keep your hands inside the vehicle. And they had a little mine themed mouse. These coasters are L&T as well. This park has some Heege rides, a second mobile droptower (kind of a big frog hopper), a strange african/asian outdoor dark ride (very strange), a highly themed splash battle, 3d bios and a logflume you can not skip. after the morning spend here we started our cross country run. It was a very long haul, first up north toward pisa (yes we did see the cathedral in the distance) and then north-west and down south east to our second park at the other coast. Fiabilandia: This park with a slight Disney complex was weird, small and personally I say not as good as Cavallino. This said though they had some unique rides. A very funny, very getho dark ride about wizards. An amazing Pinfari custom wacky worm, Peter pan walkthrough. Pinfari getho Big thunder mountain, it even took some time to figure if it was a coaster or not and AQUA-TRAX, that is the Italian getho version of it. On to the pictures. waking up to this view we even found this gecko in our room, it was not even an inch long, so cute. at the entrance we found this bug it had a brother inside the park this park had some weird rules Hans was very small today so we laughed very hard when he got stuck inside the train of one of the kiddies the new ride watch those branches animal another coaster themed splash battle he's a little nappy Is it wet? Now I think I am going to get wet self portrait the biggest coaster lift hill smooth, very nice, arm and head choppers (really!) cool coaster CNAW I think our Belgium friends did this to show they still have a nationallity in spite of having a disfunctional country. Cool flag guys onto the next park; this castle serves as a dark ride custom wacky worm thunder mountain the sign of quality we did not see them another lake with monster this can only mean one thing peter pan the lazy exit over the bridge getho AQUA-TRAX see, it looks like a water coaster This park had some awesome 'make your own food' machines. Popcorn and... pizza!! and a chinese scare maze without actors and we close the day in the other sea. Yay credit.
  9. Great starting an older trip report, I will follow this one. I would love to go to Scandi sometime.
  10. ^^You are correct. The most water you get is just some spray and some from the surrounding fountains. They are nowhere near, say mirabilandia's rapids. I must say though that the Italians can get you wet on these rides, and some bad positions can get you wet. but not in any decent amount. Wettest ride I had this year was a splash boat in Japan (go figure). I skipped the splash in mirabilandia (if you really want to get wet).
  11. I say replace it with king kong the ride. An partly outdoor, partly indoor ride which brings you to the island. Maybe a zierer coaster, darkride, drop system with 3d effects and real stages. Would be cool.
  12. First park of the trip Rainbow Magicland This is a completely new park. And although a new park does not mean it will be an immediate success, I think this park will make it. It is set up as a family park. Just a lot of tame rides. Large number of kiddies and just one thrill ride, which is not even that thrilling (the drop tower) it has a nice selection of different style rides and with this formula they aim for a large target audience. (this park is not build for thrill seekers) The theming is outstanding near the entrance and the left side of the park. The right side is still good but is themed less. Especially the kiddie area needs more attention. But this problem can be solved when the vegetation will get bigger. The rides in the park are decent. Although there is room for improvement. I think the weight of the park is focused on the left of the pond. It feels this needs to be balanced out in the future. Most of the coasters are good. Wacky worm, vekoma junior, vekoma mine train. Nothing wrong there. The spinning coaster is a bit short. And the launched X car was ok. It is a mighty beautiful coaster to see, but I find it a bit too smooth for my taste. I like a compact X car like formula X better. I have the same feeling with the rapids, they start out great but when you think there will be a finally, there is none. But there is one ride in the park that is awesome. Too bad some visitors decided to tear away at the theming in the queue, but Huntik is awesome. This crossbreed between Spiderman and a shooting dark ride just blew my mind. It may not be as elaborate as Spiderman, but the flow between the simulator, the 3d screens and the shooting is outstanding. This type of ride is needed in more parks. we are there, I have never been to such a new park before this looks inviting main street love the details looking familiar details just your random dragon on a food stand castle at the lake this lake is missing a monster there we go time for some overview shots this flying island is pretty funny. It stands completly still and lets the earth revolve around it main street from above wet side of the park shocking picture it looks iconic back to details homage to the best ride of the park *bow* nice queue this once looked better and to finish with your random dragon monster spewing water at the people on the splash boat ride
  13. My highlight of the year was shared by TPR Japan thank you for luring me to there and having both my most frightening moment of the year; being alone, halfway around the world, and the best moments of the year; TPR tour Japan and exploring Tokyo on foot. May TPR enlighten our paths for a long time to come
  14. If you want to ride roller coaster, but you can not afford to travel all over the world. If you want to go 90 degrees, but you like to do it in your own chair. If you want to hear someone scream, loop-dy-loop and twisteee, in your ear. Now is your change. You just need to buy (echo) ROLLER COASTERS IN THE RAW VOLUME 6. This amazing package gives you excitement, thrills, adventure and an out of the world experience. What does it cost you say. ONLY $9,99 (tax included) shipping costs may vary. Robb congratulations on another epic dvd. My coaster video collection is getting bigger and bigger. And thanks for the park maps
  15. In september we, groteslurf, hansrubens, vuurvogel and friends, made a trip to Italy to see some new and improved rides they build there. You can read groteslurf's report here. This will be my report which could be a little bit different. Just enjoy. Rainbow Magicland Cavallino Matto and Fiabilandia Mirabilandia Gardaland Europark Idroscalo MinItalia Leolandia First I travelled to amsterdam where Hans picked me up. We drove to antwerp to meet up with our southern neighbors. Taxi to brussels and a flight to rome. this was our route this was our transport, which was big. That was a good thing. Maybe you guys remember the car tetris we played last year, 5 big guys in a small car does not work. And there is another reason a big car is good in Italy Italian traffic I thought rome was really nice, I need to go back there one day to explore the city yup, it is realy rome a bit overdone on the fountains the parthenon is somewhere in this picture winding down just some random encounter I love old cities remindings of a hotel anyone? Romans are small, go check your local museum at night nice also worth checking; the local wildlife
  16. Just went to Wicked yesterday with the full dutch cast, no understudies. It was sublime
  17. I like this one in Italy. It is inside a tent and you can stand in it (the cages). Pretty awesome Standup Swinging, woohoo
  18. Nice photo's Holger. To bad you could not do Huntik, it is easily the best ride in the park. Cross between spiderman and shooting darkride. Really cool. I agree on Shock, it is fun but not thrilling. A smaller X-car packs more punch, like Formula X. But the theming in the park is pretty good. And the park will get better with more plant growth. I think for a new park it has a good formula, lots of family rides, good theming, lots of kids stuff. It will get them a stronger base of visitors then say a pure thrill park. The Houdini ride is a underground madhouse. Great report
  19. ^ I do not know actually. It is the Dutch production by van den Ende. So it should be big, but they promote he show with both dutch and English songs. But it probably will be Dutch I guess. The role from Elphaba will be played by Willemijn Verkaik, who also played her in Germany. So she will be very into her role. I am looking foreward to it.
  20. that was quick. I never saw it down. To be fair, I am working for about 7 hours now. Still great job.
  21. Just bought tickets to see Wicked. Only a few weeks to wait
  22. I have no problems with twin peaks. Great and insane slide. Everyone should try it out. Same for stuka's. The first step is a bit loony, but awesome.
  23. I think it was trilingual. Italian, English and German. I remember most in English. We had no problem following the story, although I think I missed part of the story due to over interest in dissecting and eating my chicken.
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