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  1. Very handy glitch. Will be on the look out for your tiles.
  2. What happened. I have been in Italy for one week and not only did they add a level, Thad is playing too!
  3. Love this update. I try to haunt everyone as much as possible and leave gremlins where I can. If anyone is wondering, my graveyards are to the right, behind the pumkinhouse and Patty and Selma's appartments.
  4. It does not look like my Goo gets stolen by the gremlins in my town. My counter only went up. Catching gremlins is a bit tricky. They are fast.
  5. Just finished Lisa's task. Halloween will start october 1st. This was a teaser. And there should be a season opener
  6. I tried the Multi-image-upload today and it worked fine. It was just three images, but it worked fine.
  7. Great report. Fun to read. Japan is so awesome. I need to get back there
  8. Love the trip reports and following along on FB and twitter. It is way to hot here and I wish I was in texas to go to schlitterbahn and ride coasters. Can not wait to go TPR tripping again next year.
  9. Great report. The park looks nice, but that parkour is aaesome!
  10. for me boardwalk pieces are now 10000 and 48 hours
  11. Nice to see they added some details to the theming. I was there in 2011, the park did not feel finished then.
  12. Seeing all this makes me want to travel again. Especially to Japan. Yay for random weirdness and all flavored popcorn.
  13. Looks like it does not. I am now at 7500 and 1day12hours
  14. I really hope the track will be much smoother in real life, otherwise Zamperla could become the new Vekoma.
  15. One of the better new functions is fence placement. You can turn them four ways now. Looks like every new squidport tile you make will get more expensive and takes more time. Second tile costs 450 and takes 2 hours.
  16. desperately need to add this park to my 2014 list. Still have to ride colossus, krake and the new coaster
  17. Europa Park just released teaser trailers in German and French for their new 2014 ride [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  18. This is a 'cool' list. I totally agree with your choices. Especially on the once I rode. The rest I have to add to my to do list. Although rides like T-express will probably be more difficult to get. I have to try right? Now where did I leave my cheat codes to life?
  19. Yes, I had a few of them. I could whack them a few days later or try to close the game entirely and then start up again. Dropped you over 250 egg. No return needed, already build the motel.
  20. My whacking day prize screen now changed into whacking box screen. Makes much more sense now.
  21. I am now building the motel. I would like to thank anyone who left me eggs so I could progress this fast. Apperently I am now whacking for money and donuts, but I am not exactly sure if that works on snake achievement or the snakes are redeemable in the end. I will be leaving eggs around but do not expect any on return. I would like you all to give the people who do not yet have reached 12500 snakes first. Happy Snake Hunting!
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