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  1. I think either T-Express or Behemoth or heck maybe Fahrenheit too.
  2. Maybe if we were given a list of all the new rides I could pick
  3. Yeah, last year there wasn't a cloud in the sky when I was there until the 3rd day it actually rained (I was at Soak city)
  4. I was at CP last year on Memorial day and the day after on Memorial day Maverick was ~ 2hr wait all day (this was like 2 days after it opened) TTD ~1.5hrs MF ~ 45 minutes Those were the three longest waits A couple rides were around 30 minutes but Magnum (just opened after its 'incident' and was running 1 train), Gemini, Blue Streak, Mean Streak, Iron Dragon, Corkscrew had near walkon lines The day after Maverick line was down to about 1.5 hrs, TTD down to about 30 minutes, and MF was about the same All other rides had really short lines though
  5. Floorless is better in most cases than standard sit-down rides, but it isn't "great" or over hyped
  6. Blah blah blah Most things posted are jokingly, get over it And I would rather not go to a theme park anywhere in Iraq.
  7. I have had many roller coaster dreams and they all involve people being killed A common dream I have is I am riding a rollercoaster that jumps track and when I ride it makes it but the train after me flys off the track and explodes Ala rollercoaster tycoon style Another dream I have had often is the ride ops don't check my restraint and it wont close but they send the ride out anyway and I have to hold on for dear life And another dream the entire coaster track fell over.
  8. Geesh what more were you expecting from a park being built from the ground up and not covered by a theme park chain? I mean this sneak peek was MUCH more promising than that Wild West Park that open then closed in like 3 days lol! Sooo true, I was at Wild West World when it opened. That slow brown Vekoma at this park is already better than anything at WWW I have no idea how you can compare WWW and HRP Wild West World had about 10 themed (small) buildings and a handful of carnival rides. It was just beyond bad.
  9. My ranking of CP rides 1. Maverick 2. MF 3. Raptor 4. TTD 5. Magnum So...I voted for Maverick
  10. Ummmm...what? I like the Hulk, and unlike many people on this site think it is the best ride @ IOA, but no way you can compare rides by looking at stats on RCDB
  11. I am going to Worlds of Fun in 2 weeks so I will try and see for myself.
  12. Jesus Manhattan Express is $15 now? March '07 it was 12.50 I've ridden it 3 times, I am such an idiot
  13. Even though I haven't been to GADV since pre-El Toro, it is really the only thing it has going for it as far as superior rides go.
  14. It was such poor quality it was actually hard to watch, but the content was pretty good for essentially 1 guy. I knew about the fire but had never read/watched anything about it, so this was informative.
  15. Yes, it is easy to make a comparison Goliath/MF/Magnum are rides of similar style WT and Deja Vu are both shuttle coasters despite different courses Dragster and Superman are both launch coasters that do essentially nothing. Makes perfect sense to me.
  16. Funny how SFMM is such a hated park just 2 years ago... The rain policy at Cedar Point is dumb, but they have better rides In my opinion: Maverick> all MF >>>> Goliath TTD>>>>>> Superman Raptor>>>>>>>> Batman Gemini>=Colossus(not really comparable, but both are racers) Riddler>>>>Mantis Tatsu>>>.......... Mean Streak <<<<<< EVERYTHING Ninja>>Iron Dragon(underrated IMO) Corkscrew>Revolution(not saying much) X or X2 is unique although it is really rough(hopefully new trains help a lot) Viper is bleh Wicked Twister = Deja Vu I've ridden tons of B&M looping coasters, even good ones like Kumba really don't do that much for me, rather stale. The title "Roller coaster capital of the world" has NOTHING to do with whether or not it is your favorite park. By definition only, CP gets the title
  17. When I was a little kid I rode all the carnival rides, once I turned about 12 though I started getting motion sick pretty easily I have somewhat grown out of it, but not entirely, so I never ride anything that spins. Pros: Umm, can't think of any. Cons: Carnies, cost, vomit
  18. I think that some parks like CP will suffer. CP is located about 1 hour from any major population center. And the cities near them have high unemployment rates. Paying for the park, parking and gas is going to hit some people. The smaller local parks should do OK, they are priced much better, and are near enough people to survive. As for Darien Lake, I'll drive to there for opening day from Cleveland. To me, DL is a fun, relaxing park. And priced really good. But Michigan has had economic problems for a while now, and until the last year or 2 the Detroit area was CPs main source of attendance I believe.
  19. All of those videos are from either CNN, Fox, ABC, BBC, etc. This video in particular is from CNN Not sure what it has to do with yahoo.
  20. Speaking of fire codes, my family was once forced to leave a restaurant at WDW because the huge amount of people violated the fire code
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