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  1. Six Flags usually has easily accessed deals online, but I agree $44 for a day at Cedar Point is a tremendous deal.
  2. SFMM has their souvenir cup + wrist band for $13 I think, and that made my crappy day quite a bit better. IMO, everyone should be entitled to it though. No holiday world, but very convenient.
  3. It wears off fast. I have only been to various Disney parks MAYBE 20 times, and I can't stand them anymore, its more like an inconvenience.
  4. Last time I went, every ride was a walk on. I agree Timberwolf really isn't THAT bad.
  5. I'm not sure if it was from lack of staffing early in the year, but this May when I was there the only ride using a grouper was Maverick. MF was doing "line up and wait wherever you want, with as many people can fit in the station". I went in May last year, and it was the same way, Maverick had the only 'assigned' seats.
  6. Hell I went to SFMM on a normal Saturday and X2 was 4 hours, Tatsu 2.5 hours, Viper 1 hour+, Riddler's 2 hours, Batman 1.5hours, etc. Thank god for Flash passes or that day would have been more terrible than it already was.
  7. Grizzly River Run is an under-par rapids ride in my opinion, because I want to get wet on a rapids ride, but this ride every time I have ridden it provides minimal water and makes it not worth anything but a short line.
  8. On my trip to Europe I hated that stupid roof on the splash bridge, it made me sad.
  9. So sad Was that because she had an issue in her body? Or did she not have enough oxygen because of the ride? If that's the case- I'm going to be scared to go on a coaster (I was already scared LOL!) RIP- prayers to her family I rode this ride like 20 times back to back when I was younger (and the ride wasn't so rough). I am guessing she had a pre-existing condition, but will not blame anyone, because how can she know if no symptoms were previously exhibited.
  10. God forbid he'd have an opinion or dare to the insult Holy Cedar Point. Well, on this site God Forbid someone actually like Cedar Point Honestly, TPR is the Cedar Point hate capitol of the world.
  11. If the launch aspect was eliminated, a ride of that size would have far fewer problems I think.
  12. I agree fully.... the Lamar Hunt days were certainly the 'Golden Age' of this park. Luckily, I grew up with this park during that time and have many fond memories of it as such. While I only have visited WOF a few times before Cedar Fair bought it, and I was quite young at the time, I have to disagree. The park "feels" different, but is better to me now.
  13. Cedar Point and Busch Gardens (Tampa) attendance are not even comparable if you use the 4th of July as a standard. CP gets wayyyy more people. My last time at Busch on the 4th I got 3 rides on every coaster before 1:30 Nah,it's not Ohio, it's Cedar Fair. You ever see a TPR for Knott's here in Cali? The trashcans are just as bad. I think CF feels people are too lazy to walk that extra five feet to throw some trash away. Stupid lazy American fast lards Honestly, I'd rather them take down rides than trees. Yes, we enthusiasts cannot live without the rush we get from rides, but we humans can not live period without trees that produce breathable air. Plus, I'll take trees over concrete anytime. Let me guess, you have 10 years worth of food saved up for when global warming kills us all too? Cedar Point has a lot of trees compared to some parks.
  14. Cobra didn't last long considering it crashed already, when did you ride it?
  15. I must have went the day all the part time, D-list employees were working, your guys' stories of good operations are making me cry.
  16. Magic Kingdom had 90,000 last July 4th I was there, it was a nightmare.
  17. Riddler's might be the best ride at SFMM, and def the best Standup (I have been on Mantis, Chang, Scorcher, and Riddler's)
  18. Cedar Point makes for some of the best Photo TR's Other parks may be "prettier" but CP has something about it.
  19. How I quoted myself I have no fracking clue. Ignore this post.
  20. Tatsu for me. Unique, yes, but unconformable and just plain boring. 4th best ride at SFMM I think, behind X2, Riddler's, and Batman
  21. I was at Disneyland last Monday, Knotts Tuesday, and California Adventure Wednesday Disney had usual Disney lines. No short lines long after park opened, but nothing outrageous. Toy Story was 4+ hour wait at California Adventure on Wednesday Knotts was very light. Had a few long lines because of slow crews, or only 1 car/train/boat, or both (Perilous Plunge) Xcellerator (my new favorite ride in California) had <10 minute wait X2 had a 3.5 hour wait early, and ~ 2 hour much closer to closing.
  22. Landscaping, ride appearance, ride maintenance (every ride was open all day except a few very short break downs)
  23. Worlds of Fun Disneyland Knott's Berry Farm California Adventure Universal Studios Hollywood Six Flags Magic Mountain in order of visitation date.
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