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  1. Meh, I could spend much more time at Hollywood Studios or w/e it is called these days than Epcot.
  2. Agreed, I am not a high-g nut like some people, so I enjoy Patriot, but B:TR clones are much more intense.
  3. Ya I am purely a coaster guy, as the "carnival" type rides usually make me sick. I can stand 1 or 2 rides on a spinning coaster, thats about it though.
  4. No idea what the passengers were saying, but they seemed happy they got an evac I know I would be
  5. Ok, well even though WOF is my "local" park, I usually only go about once per year, and since I had 2 days off after classes were over before I start working I had to get down the KC to ride Prowler. As you might have expected, there were not many people there on a weekday in May, and a gigantic majority of the people who were there were middle-school field trips. (Their shirts said "class of 2009", but they def. weren't in high school, I guess you kind of "graduate" from junior high) There were probably more people in line for Papa Johns @ SFOT during spring break than there were in the entire park. With low crowds come 1 train operations which kind of sucked (Patriot ran 2 trains), but didn't really make the lines too long. Prowler - Overall, it is a very good ride, as many others have said. The pacing is very good, and the ride is pretty smooth, which delivers a good mix and the intensity is very good but not over the top. My list of wooden coasters I have ridden is rather pathetic, and it seems like every time I visit a park, they build a very good Wooden coaster the year after (Great Adventure and El-Toro for example) so as a result this is probably my #1 wooden coaster. I would rank it 2nd behind The Mamba as far as where it ranks in Worlds of Fun collection. Unfortunately, the ride broke down twice, and the 2nd time it remained down for at least 2 hours, and was still down when I left the park. Ride count: Mamba: 2 Prowler: 2 Patriot: 2 Spinning Dragons: 1 Timberwolf: 1 Boomerang: 1 Detonator: 1 Time for the pictures Say goodbye to WOF and Thunderhawk. Dragon in a messy sea. Log flume, something is wrong with that water. Swine-flu maybe? Huge mess of supports. Patriot from a distance. Pretty good, those high-g lovers will be dissapointed Mamba. Tall. (well, kinda) Geek alert. One of the better parts of the ride. Prowler's line. Note: more trashcans than people. Main reason I drove 2 hours to the park. Front of the park, all of the park has a "calm" feeling
  6. I was @ Knotts mid-July last year (weekday) and the longest line was to the Calico Mine ride (about 20 minutes) Guess by everyone's posts, that was a very odd day.
  7. Going tomorrow. How were the lines? (I have never seen long lines at WOF, just curious)
  8. Nice, have to get out there this month hopefully, sucks I get no time off for summer, oh well
  9. Take the king kong pizza challenge @ Chet & Matt's in Sandusky
  10. Wish people would stop putting "i" in front of everything, it is retarded.
  11. Didn't get to ride El Toro (wasn't open ) during my last trip to GADV, but I would say Cedar Point Mean Streak is pure garbage, Mantis = , but other than that I would give the edge in "similar" rides to CP. Can't really do a true "comparison" on most rides except TTD and KK, which I would give a slight edge to TTD, but neither rides are "great" MF first drop > entire Nitro ride Also, as you mentioned CP isn't far (well...other side of the state basically) from KI, which it sounds like Diamondback is a huge winner.
  12. guess you could say Worlds of Fun is my home park. I try to go once a year, sometimes I don't make it.
  13. Is Mindbender really the only coaster you like at SFOG, or is that some kind of joke/sarcasm/late April fools thing that I am too stupid to understand?
  14. Riddler's @ SFMM IMO Always gets recognition as one of the best stand ups, but in my opinion is the best ride in the park.
  15. I went to SFOT for spring break and everyone in the state of Texas was there. Very jealous.
  16. SFOT and the Dallas Zoo were both absolutely packed this week as well, no idea why (other than the fact its spring break) [especially the Zoo, that was ridiculous]
  17. Made it to SFOT on Monday (absurdly crowded), and TX Giant was dreadful Park could also use much larger and non-disgusting bathrooms although that seems to be a chain-wide problem Other rides running well (Mr. Freeze was broken down for about 5 hours), staff was slow, etc.
  18. Wow, I was last there March 2007 and it was in much better shape, although even then Rim Runner was down. I have been there probably 5-6 times though, first time me being small enough to get the Miner Mike credit
  19. I Think The Need To Take It Down And Put In A B&M Flyer!! Please no, everyone's "best" B&M flyer Tatsu is at best very "meh" in my opinion. I agree Mean Streak is garbage (looks sexy) and should be replaced, but not by a flyer, PLEASE
  20. "Scientifically" speaking, May will usually have less rain in May than June and July in Ohio and its surrounding states (seen that on the Weather Channel ) I was last there at the end of May in 2007, 75 and sunny all day, with a small rain shower on day 3 As for crowds, Maverick had just opened the day before so it always had a 1.5-2 hour wait A weekday other than Memorial day crowds should be moderate at the most
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