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  1. Millennium Force due to the length of its floater air Front Row Sheikra due to its ejector air Both very close, I'd give to to MF for the height factor
  2. B&M hypers ranked WAY too high on the steel list IMO, they just don't do it for me.
  3. Did you know that SeaWorld owns Busch Gardens and Apollo's Chariot was built by General Mills? "Really?" asked the dude's friend. "I thought Anheuser Busch owned it." "Nope, SeaWorld." HA! I thought I would make a second addition to this thread. Still line jumping, but when like 1 or 2 people are in front of me then the rest of their entire family walks up the queue to join them. I proceed to always not let them through, and then they all converge on my as if I was doing something wrong
  4. Summer 07 at Busch Gardens there was a group of I dunno, probably 100 people from Brazil. While in line for Gwazi (I know, wtf was I in line for this ride anyway?) about 30 of them cut straight to the front of the line to meet with the 20 that were already up there. Nobody else in line even seemed to care. Then here comes the rest of the group and I just put my arms across the queue and pretended like I didn't notice 50 people behind me trying to get through. They didn't put up much of an argument though. Another one was from this summer at Knotts in line for Pony Express (2 different times) First time - bunch of kids jumped to the front, and their mom & dad tried to follow but I wouldn't let them pass so they complained to the ride ops I wouldn't let them through (they spoke almost no english) Second time - Late in the day it was my turn to board, and as I was getting in my seat a little kid and her mother who had JUST gotten off the ride snuck back on in my spot. Now, there were other open seats I could sit in, but this pissed me off and I made a "scene" of it. Sadly the retarded ride ops didn't do a damn thing. Oh well.
  5. The "Midwest" is only what each person perceives it to be, it isn't a defined area.
  6. Fantazy Land is by far the worst Not that I have been there, or ever would go, but it looked horrible.
  7. Ok, I'll mention one. X2 - 4 hours on a Saturday this July. Was a very sad Panda.
  8. Yes yes and yes, all apply to me. Also, the amount of mass-line jumping that goes on at a busy park drives me crazy
  9. What do they do that is so shocking? They stand upright leaning over the front of the train, with their knees tucked in between the lap bar. That's how they greased the rails. Or at least that's how they used to do it. Probably not so much anymore. They show this in one of the Kennywood DVDs.
  10. I am currently in Engineering Physics 2 Not sure why I have to take it since I am a Computer Science major...but haven't had any roller coaster examples yet
  11. Worlds of Fun Disneyland Knotts Berry Farm California Adventure Universal Studios Hollywood Six Flags Magic Mountain Slow year.
  12. Very sad the dragons are gone Neither of the coasters was on my list of favorites, but the theme and atmosphere was amazing.
  13. I would say by far Superman @ SFMM Just stupidly loud, thankfully much quieter ON the ride
  14. YES! This makes the ride so much less enjoyable (still awesome) Is this a joke? Obviously being 20 I didn't visit many parks in the 80s, but my parents did long before that and there were always lines.
  15. I knew Terrence when he was in high school (I was about 9-10) because he always washed his football uniform at my aunt & uncles house
  16. While somewhat true, every time I have been there, most breakdowns don't require the ride to close, 20-30 minute downtime max
  17. No B&M hyper should be that high up on the list IMO, except Goliath at SFOG But the wooden list is down right terrible IMO I am not going to bash these people's opinions, but simply state that I feel a different way. Beast AND Hades in the top 10, WTF. I agree with a lot of the other stuff though, best park, best food, best water ride, best landscaping etc. Overall, I don't have the hate towards AT like a lot of people here seem to, but some of their rankings make me scratch my head.
  18. Every ride at Islands of Adventure Mummy @ Universal Orlando Millennium Force and Maverick at Cedar Point Sheikra at BG Tampa Patriot at Worlds of Fun Titan at SFOT California Screamin & M. Madness @ California Adventure That is all the coasters I can think of, there may have been more Also, those are just the coasters, if we went any ride, my list would be much larger.
  19. Knotts has a small one in the log flume queue But things like this just piss me off, along with the idiots who just throw their trash on the ground instead of in the trashcan next to them. Why people are so retarded is beyond me.
  20. No B&M hyper (that I have ridden: Nitro, Apollo's, Goliath, Raging Bull) has a lot of airtime. Goliath at SFOG has the most IMO, but not a lot.
  21. Nothing wrong with it. Once I stayed at the Comfort Inn about a block from Cedar Point Drive because I got a room for dirt cheap, and while it wasn't terrible either, I much preferred Breakers Express. As others have said though, I only used it to sleep in, and maybe if I needed a rest from the park, since Cedar Point takes a reasonable amount of time to do everything, there isn't a lot of "motel time"
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