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  1. Fantastic - didn't realise construction had started. Does this mean it has been fully approved? (Planning permission wise?). I'd assume they wouldn't start major earth-works without it anyway. That said, with a baby on the way, not sure when I'll next get to AT!
  2. With regards to the Mirror Article, he doesn't actually imply that he, or anyone else, has ridden it. He states he has sat in the seat - nothing remarkable or unbelievable about that. He then goes to describe what the coaster will be like. It's 'cleverly' (I use the term loosely) written to read like he has, to the passing eye, but makes no actual claim to have done so. Additionally, the UK market is indeed very important to the Florida Parks - and USO in particular seems to be putting a lot into extra marketing. As a travel agent, my Mother was 'sent to' USO for one of these behind the scenes tours of all the parks (included sea world as I recall) in November. The aim was for them to go back and 'sell' the destination to the customers back in the UK. She left a couple of weeks later
  3. Well, at least now we know that the loading platform will move with the trains when loading & unloading.
  4. ^ As has already been mentioned a few posts back, this is just the testing speed - when complete it will complete the lift in 16 seconds - not 2 minutes
  5. great to see they're on the home run. but I must say - that is some very poorly laid turf!
  6. interesting models. Do note the following though... 1)If this guy did indeed create these models for WWHP, I'm surprised he was allowed to simply post the images up in such a public place as Picasa, especially when you consider... 2)The photos where added - or at least taken - in 2007. The last one, of the picnic table, is April 2007 - 2 years ago.
  7. ^ hmm, not convinced the first letter is an N - could be a M, and not 100% about the W - but not quite sure what letter it could be. Assuming it is a N & W - I guess it's not implausible for it to stand for Alton Towers UK, but I'm still not convinced by any means. 1) Why make track in the US for a UK park when they have their own factory (and head quarters) in Europe - Switzerland I think - about a days drive to Alton Towers 2) Why use code on the stickers to keep the customer secret, then splash that on the supports (assuming the yellow track is for those supports, which brings me to...) 3a) Yes, there is a new rc planned for AT, but we already know what the theming is going to be like, and don't think yellow track would 'fit' with this, 3b) The red track is Hypercoaster track, and can't be used in alton towers 3c) There is continuing debate that it's even possible that the new AT coaster is a B&M as the track type shown in the planning application is simple bi-rail without any spine like a B&M has
  8. ^ really doubt it. B&M have a factory in Europe already. They would only fabricate it in US if the EU factory was fully booked - which I doubt is the case.
  9. Trust me, it's more that the drawings that make me doubt this. How about the fact that it's a kid with a webcam who wont name is "source"... Oh absolutely with you on that - 9 times out of 10 I don't watch these youtube clips - usually just some teenager having a wet dream in front of a video camera, pining for attention.
  10. I'm not clutching at any straws - I'm really not that bothered if it's B&M or not. Personally (and like I've said many times) I don't think it is - but don't assume its not just because of the drawings. If they wanted to disguise the track type in the planning submission - which, if it is a B&M prototype, they would certainly want to - they could. If anything, it's more likely to be a Gerstlauer, seeing as Merlin have a history of buying rollercoasters in pairs.
  11. I am aware that planning laws in the UK are strict. However, planning councils are also - where appropriate - sensitive to companies needing to keep some information secret - much in the same way that food manufacturers can apply to keep their food recipe secret. Again - I'm neither agreeing or disagreeing that it's B&M, but just because the plans show type of track x doesn't mean that will be the final track - they may have previously agreed that they can use a generic track type for the purpose of submitting the planning application.
  12. ^ Shoot me down if you like, but just because the concept art / planning submission art shows a style of track, doesn't necessarily mean that's the actual style of track that's going to be used - especially if indeed it is a new type of B&M track - they would want to keep the track spec pretty hush hush. I not convinced it's B&M by any means - but don't rule it out based on track design in a planning submission. I do agree with you on the spinning coaster bit though, as per my previous post
  13. ^ So we could be looking at 2 coasters? The B&M part is a bit of surprise, as the concept art for the track didn't look like B&M track, but if it's a world first - then you would expect the track to look different, wouldn't you? And AT does have a history with B&M and new track/coaster types - so it's not without merit. as for the spinning coaster - isn't that was Spinball Whizzer is? Or am I mistaken? It makes sense that they will put something in there though, as it was a popular ride before, and they haven't torn down the tent. And the rita re-theme makes sense, as the theme for the new coaster wouldn't match the area (and presumably, they'll re theme the whole of Ug-Land) For what it's worth, I was at AT the other day, and there was no activity at either site, apart from the same 'coming 2010' banner.
  14. Can't help but chuckle a little bit at the irony. One of the arguments against this is not knowing what your final price is going to be / not paying the advertised price etc. In reality, pretty much every transaction in USA is like this, as all your prices are ex-tax anyway, so you never pay the advertised price. As for the argument about overheads involved due to the park collecting and sorting out the printed tickets; I find it a little, well, a little weak as an argument. I buy most my airline tickets online and print my ticket (here too I have to pay a 'booking' / 'transaction fee' PER PERSON & PER FLIGHT ). When I arrive to check in, I hand my eticket, they check me in, and then they throw my ticket in the bin if I don't want it any more - no-one goes around collecting all the etickets. As it goes, I'm totally against unavoidable surcharges added onto the price of things whenever I buy anything - it's mostly illegal to work like this in the UK (and most of Europe) but the grey area is what can be considered an 'avoidable charge' Oh, and for what it's worth, I just bought & printed off etickets for Alton Towers and Thorpe Park - no printing fee charged, and still got online discount (actually, I also get corporate discount due to a deal my company has with them )
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