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  1. I am way late to this discussion - but something like that happening is one of my worst nightmares. (Seriously, I have dreams about that stuff happening all the time, I am a little sick in the head)
  2. Bosco sticks, are you 'effing me? I used to devour those things daily.
  3. everything I have seen, it looks like a big improvement. Don't understand all the hate its getting, IOA needed something new very badly.
  4. I don't mind getting really wet (though I don't love it either) My last trip I made to Cedar Point with the rest of my family in 2007 the younger members really wished there was some sort of log ride, because many of the coasters were still a little too intimidating for them at that time.
  5. Very nice - hold the Pg down button and watch the rides in motion
  6. Pretty much agreed on both of these points. Patriot is ok, nothing to write home about. Timberwolf is bad, but not quite god awful.
  7. This might help: http://www.thepointol.com/crowds.html have fun! According to that you are basically screwed. (line wise)
  8. Did not play any games at WoF this year. I can't even remember the last time I played games at an amusement park. Maybe when I was little @ the Adventure Dome in las vegas What the hell am I supposed to do with a gigantic monkey or a basketball ? Bounce it around and annoy the hell out of people? Or maybe I am just a cheap ass who doesn't know how to have real fun, dunno.
  9. Just called my family, they are going to Dollywood tomorrow. Sucks, I haven't been there since before Thunderhead/M. Mine were built. Really really really wish I could have gotten off of work.
  10. Agreed on Riddler's, my favorite at MM, but Viper sucks.
  11. 100. Manhattan Express 200. Powder Keg 211. Prowler (most recent)
  12. As long as El Toro is open, I'd still go. KK is probably 3-4th best ride in the park IMO
  13. 2.5 days is plenty of time assuming rides are running the majority of the time. If things are going good @ the park, even on a busy day you can get on most rides. First day Maverick opened in 2007 I still got on pretty much ever ride except 3 coasters (Woodstock, Disaster Transport, Wicked Twister). 2nd day I was there hit everything else, and as you said hit the best rides again.
  14. I have small case of OCD when it comes to locking doors, so if I ever had a job as a ride op I would probably say "check" to myself even if it wasn't required Woodstock Express has had those stupid seatbelts for a few years now, annoying, but once you get the credit not exactly worth riding again.
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