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  1. While acknowledging that they are still working on the landscaping, I wish that they would plant some more trees. Looks like they had planted some shrubs on one of the last turns but shade would be awesome. Aside from that, I cannot wait to make the drive up there to try it out. Looks like an amazing coaster.
  2. Blunderbusse Beer: Refers to the weapon that Gaston carries. The blunderbuss was an early musket. The second refers to the three blondes in the movie who were drooling all over themselves for Gaston. I am sad that I know this information.
  3. Let's look at the layout objectively. Outside of the first drop, which was okay, it was two helixes to the left, straighten out for an inordinately long brake run, drop into the loop (smoothest part of the ride) and then two more helixes to the right. The grand finale was a forceless extended right turn with drops that provided no air time. All the way through the ride, you're getting sledgehammered, particularly in the "rose bowl". In other words, boring layout while being extremely rough. No nostalgia from me at all. Sadly, I logged a little over 30 rides on the blasted thing, convinced that maybe I was approaching it wrong. Every time, the ride brutally reminded me that my perceptions were not in error. Here's hoping a nice wooden coaster from TGG or maybe a giga from Intamin or B&M takes the area over. I rode Voyage, Legend, and Raven at Holiday World and lamented the fact that each was superior (by a long way) to the SOB for a fraction of the total cost.
  4. I rode this coaster in the front seat (pure agony) middle (this hurts quite a bit), and the back (my money's in my shoe, please just make it stop!!!!!). Aside from the very first year of operation, this coaster hurt any and everyone. Plus, the design was pitiful. Aside from the first drop, which never felt that big, and the drop into the loop, it was just a couple helixes. The coaster was great to look at but that was where the enjoyment ended (a little like Mean Streak). I can only hope that they use the 12 acres wisely as that area needs a little more punch. Maybe a giga with a drop like Expedition GeForce (I love the look of the turn into the drop). Shoot, I'd take a Megalite and be perfectly happy. Plenty of terrain to work with. Interesting to me are the additional footers that one could see under the SOB's station. They weren't used and I never knew if they were accidents or not. With my general opinion of the ride, the idea that they were accidents is much more funny than any other explanation.
  5. I'm guessing that the scariest ride in the UAE right now is the elevator to the top of the Burj Khalifa. They probably turned off the coasters after the tower took over the ride arena.
  6. Right. Again, it's nice to have a great ride being added to Kings Island. Since Cedar Fair purchased the Paramount parks, KI has received Firehawk, Diamondback, and now Windseeker. Those are all great additions. Again, I just want to submit that the mean ol' SOB receives the business of a wrecking ball. Such a pretty coaster for such a boring and brutal ride.
  7. I live in Cincinnati but grew up two hours north. Since moving down here, I have found that a lot of people in Cincinnati (hesitant to say majority although that would characterize my co-workers) don't know about or care about Cedar Point. They have a great amusement park just up the road, so to speak, and Cedar Point doesn't advertise down here as much. When I convinced a group from Cinci to road trip up to Sandusky, they were blown away by the fact that there was another great amusement park in Ohio. So, having two Windseekers in the same state won't cause much impact either way. Plus, four hours doesn't seem like that long of a drive until you have a car packed with kids and you have the alternative of a 20 minute drive. I was still hoping for a Son of Beast replacement but would actually accept a Halloween marshmellow roast over its timbers.
  8. The CP website has the new ride. It's an Intamin flume ride with two lift hills and plenty of "getting soaked" opportunities. As I recall from the TPR trips, this ride would not be "Dan Approved".
  9. Okay, my pathetic worklife is shown by living for lunch to check out the latest trip reports. Thanks so much for the updates. I live vicariously through the antics of the Theme Park Review roadies.
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