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  1. Sell some Frisbees and some Tops Spins here and there and they will be as good as gold just like McSweeney pepperettes you get at 7-11's.
  2. When we goto Myrtle Beach we see signs for the place in Virginia which is still like 9 hours away. This place looks horrible but after reading one of the other PTR's the guy said that this used to be the place to visit till it got dated.
  3. 4/10. The only ones I got right were the Katun one, The mobius one and i forget the other two. I just guessed on those other two.
  4. My full name is: Turd Ferguson If you have ever seen Celebrity Jeoprady you'll know where that come from but my name is: Tyler Danby
  5. I was going to go there with my dads Company Picnic but im happy I didnt because I wouldnt of lasted there for the whole day but I still wanted the credits. Looks like you guys are having a good time and... I was wondering if you're going on the new Clifton Hill Ferris Wheel?
  6. Its $44.99 because its one of Shapiro's unreal, unwritten plans that will help Six Flags get out of debt. And after just looking though SFEG is (what seems to be) the biggest park in Colorado in front of Lakeside so if I were a person wanting to go for a thrill I would be willing to pay that money to fulfill it.
  7. Awesome Shirt Derek, Whammy is the stuff. BIG MONEY, BIG MONEY, BIG MONEY, STOP.
  8. Why are you freaking out? It doesn't sound that bad, With the way you described it it just sounded like it was stuck at the last brake run into the station. Its not like it valleyed or anything like its friend X.
  9. Because the moon is made of cheese. Why did they ruin the Big Gulp with the Double Big Gulp?
  10. ^^That sounds right. Removing of trains because wheel assemblies get to much stress sounds pretty good.
  11. To Hershey818: If someone says that they have been on the tallest and fastest just say no you haven't. And they say ya and than say wanna bet? I made mad money off this one kid. It was like 5 Bucks which is pretty good for something so stupid.
  12. What a bad-ass song. Thats the theme song for every beer drinker. I got that CD just for that song and PLUH
  13. ^^^I have watched the first part of that series and the security and cops caught them but the second part (which is the next season) that I have posted they don't get caught so, I have no idea where security was. The park didn't go without a fight.
  14. I see that you loved Tornado but couldn't you imagine doing it on Rollerblades. (Same video posted in Random Video Thread)
  15. I thought this thread was based on the Speed Sensation as in when something isn't going as fast as what you would think.
  16. Here in Hamilton I start I think on September 4th.
  17. What I cant believe but the sensations of speed on Vekoma SLC's are just plain awesome. When you do the station fly by it feels awesome. But my head doesn't.
  18. That thing looks Bad-Ass. Its a coaster I will probaly never get to ride. There is one thing I like is how all the people clap when the train comes back and theres no chanting. It sounds like everyone is a Gentleman with unbelievable manners.
  19. ^And her head. Awesome but im waiting for something other than I got back.
  20. Intamin T-Bars and Ejector Air Time make scrotem Say No No
  21. ^^I don't think so because I havent heard it happen yet and if it did it would take a bit to get it back to the station because they would probaly disassemble the trains instead of pushing back through that element which means you would be guarenteed to hear it here or on scream scape or something. Tyler"If something valleys you always hear it here."Danby
  22. With that flat ride, We had a thread based on it and it actually did look good. Is that the one where it spins and than the disc sord of hops up and down and than at one point it stops spining and just hops around? Good TR. Very enjoyable to see parks that I will never visit.
  23. Mine is just to sexy as in Slit your Wrists sexy so I can't show it. All I know is im getting a new one and thats all that matters.
  24. If you read up on Jimmy Yoshi's tutorial it is awesome how good of a job is and he will give you definitions of everything in the AHG. Just follow the stuff that he says and you will be making tracks like crazy. Good Luck.
  25. Good Ol' Fast Food I like The Dirty Bird (KFC) every once in a while. I like any Sub thats less than $7.50 like this place around here called Mikes Subs that makes a hero which is a Assorted Sub but x2 so its 2 subs in one and its the most unbelievable thing ever. Which means Quiznos is out of question because I ain't paying a full paycheck for a sub. Wendys Chicken Strips with the old Chipoltle Sauce or their Buffalo Ranch sauce is the only thing I will eat at Wendys. And I guess thats the only fast food I will eat.
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