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  1. I don't know if your getting on ME because on Screamscape its said it is closed down for repairs so.
  2. Come on! They gave him a certificate and jacket. If I were Knotts I would've just given him a cookie and maybe a buy one get one free coupon for something.
  3. ^Just to tell you that, that support is there. Later after built they had some structure problems and added that support between the two supports. And yes very good attempt but that top hat just looks extremely weird because its very wide.
  4. The last pop I drank is a 2L bottle of Presidents Choice Cola because the damn thing fell off my shelf and broke the cap off so I couldn't put it to waste and drank it. Tyler "My dentist is going to be pissed at me next month" Danby
  5. That there is probaly the best knex lift hill I have ever seen. Mad props to you Jogumpie and keep up the good work. I am extremely excited to see how it turns out.
  6. That track isn't that bad but, there was a couple of moments that you could see people screaming in pain and some of your banking needs to be worked on. I like that one element though with the banked left turn and than a banked right turn. I think that was about halfway through your track. I may have to use it sometime.
  7. I'll give you some brownie points if you can make it actually spin. I think you forgot your release in there somewhere because when I rode it it definitely didn't spin.
  8. I did not ask for one thing the Christmas and I think this is the best Christmas I have had with everything I got being complete surprises. Toys: Knex Vertical Vengenance Ipod Nano Guitar Hero 2 (officially ranked number 1 game in my books) Food: Jelly Belly's Terrys Chocolate Orange Beef Jerky $10 Gift Certificate for the Bulk Barn Appliances: Toaster Oven Magic Bullet DVD's: Beavis and Butthead Season 2
  9. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I want to go back there and definately have stayed in Chateau Laurier with the most ballin' pool ever. I felt like king swimming in a pool with chandeliers hanging over and fake oil burning lamps on the wall.
  10. These pictures bring back memories because I have been to the haggard Big Apple a couple of times but the last time i was like 9 and in that picture with the jet in Bellevile I stayed in that hotel in the background with my hockey team when I was like 11. Cant wait to see more pictures, I freaking love Ottawa.
  11. I have to say this project looks like a load and doesnt really seem like its going to go anywhere other than pictures and really bad renderings. After looking at the No Limit videos of the coasters on the website I feel like im awesome at No Limits. Hey at least I add supports.
  12. I dig the whole science ascpect and all the behind the scenes look at it all. Im one of those people that doesnt care what happens on the outside, but wants to see whats actually happening on the inside. And also for the rush and the forces.
  13. One of the best things for no friction is using Pledge Anti-Dust Spray or Furniture Polish on the rails. Ive used it on a couple of my models and also have you ever sprayed that stuff by accident on the floor. WOW. Ive almost cracked my head open from falling a couple times.
  14. I love my Dreamcast. I also Decked it out with LEDs and paint. They were some of the most comfortable controllers ever and extremely light too. I might have to pull it out and play some Quake.
  15. To tell you the truth 1.5 and 1.6 editor are the exact same except 1.6 has a really bad smoothing tool.
  16. Ya it was a while ago I dont remember what the areas were but it sounds like it was the Burley. All I remember was being in the woods and having the worst sunburn from swimming in the better of the Great Lakes Huron.
  17. I definately have been to the Pinery but we tried to stay in the Dunes but they were full so we stayed in the Pines (i think thats what it was called) That is very funn good camping and you have to go canoeing when you go.
  18. I remember seeing this house on the show Popular Mechanics for Kids when I was like 10. All the command rooms are shock resistant. Its pretty gangster.
  19. ^^HAHAHAHA. Not many people at my school play paintball so it not very talked and its just something I have been doing just for something to do and have a good time. I have jersey but thats because I bought my hopper online and it came with a free jersey. (to tell you the truth I usually where my t-shirt anyways). I have to say is that it seems like the obsessive paintball players are easier to get out. Heck like a week ago I just went and played 200 paint and the first 3 seconds of the game I got out 2 crazy guys that were all out. I remember after the game they got all packed up and left. I just thought to myself suck my Spyder you Ion goofs.
  20. Wicked Stuff there phazen. I just got an HPA tank for my Spyder Electra and I recommend you get a electric hopper. I have an egg that works great because I cant out shoot the thing. I am now researching on a new gun to buy though. Maybe a Diablo Wrath or a Smart Parts ION. I love now my brother got a job at a paintball place in Toronto so hes getting a bunch of stuff so im probaly going to buy his Vents goggles off of him. Good luck with your first game with your new gun. And gog someone for me.
  21. Definately do the back first. Me and a buddy went there first and got a ride on Millenium and the first 2 rides of the day on Skyhawk. Than no wait on Cedar Creek Mine Train and Mean Streak. All in about 1 hour.
  22. Im not exactly down for that but.. I could definately see Benzo all over this one. Heck he probaly come back for seconds.
  23. Mad Props to GURZU for trying to pull this off. It was by far from perfect but better than what I could do. But to tell you the truth to everyone who likes this thing all it really is, is the same old elements repeated and doing the same things over and over again. Extremely boring and doesnt look too exciting.
  24. In August I went to CP and TTD was going great with fast dispatches and Millenium Force did break down more than TTD. The only time I did see TTD take a bit of a break is because somebody drooled all over the seat and stuff so they sterlized it and cleaned it. But it was running like GOLD.
  25. One of the craziest times I have only greyed out was the bottom of Millenium Forces first drop because I didn't eat all day and thats what I think because in the morning I was perfect but it felt 2 times worse on that night ride.
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